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Peter and Ann Elias
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Peter and Ann Elias were local historians and members of various community organisations that encompassed bushwalking, skiing and historical research.
Ann was born Caroline Ann in Hobart on 8 September 1933, the eldest child of Edward and Eileen Mulhearin-Lilley. She graduated from the University of Tasmania with a Bachelor of Arts, Honours, in 1953 and later acquired post-qualifications in librarianship. Ann and Peter married in December 1963.
Peter was a dental practitioner and member of the Dental Board of Tasmania. Peter was born in 1929 and died on 27 November 2003. Ann died shortly after on 27 July 2004.
Peter and Ann researched extensively and jointly edited the book, "A few from Afar - Jewish lives in Tasmania from 1804", published by the Hobart Hebrew Congregation in 2003.

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Newsletter of the Hobart Synagogue, Sept-Oct 2004
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