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Anglican Parish of Oatlands
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1837
This parish comprised the following churches over various years: St Peter's Church in Oatlands, St Mary's Chapel in Baden (formerly known as Rumney's Hut), St James' Church in Jericho, St John the Evangelist in the Lower Marshes, St George's Church Parattah, St John's Church Rose Hill, St Oswald's Church Tunbridge, St Michael's Church Bagdad and churches at York Plains, Lemont and Woodbury.
Information Sources:
Copyright in all material retained by the Anglican Church, Diocese of Tasmania
Functions Performed:
Controlling Agencies:
Anglican Diocese of Tasmania (NG373)01 Jan 1809
Series Created By Agency:
NS71 Papers relating to the Establishment of St Peter's Church, Oatlands24 Oct 183601 Nov 1848

NS2334 Burial Register, St Peter's Anglican Church, Oatlands01 Mar 183719 Jul 1990

NS6139 Offertory Book - St Peter's Church Oatlands06 Jan 187812 Jan 1897

NS6147 Register of Services - St James' Church, Jericho18 Oct 189124 Sep 1944

NS2338 Register of Baptisms, St John's Anglican Church, Lower Marshes13 Sep 189307 Nov 1982

NS2337 Register of Marriages, St John's Anglican Church, Lower Marshes05 Oct 189502 May 1945

NS6149 Register of Services - St George's Church, Parattah07 May 189906 Dec 1985

NS6148 Register of Services - St Oswald's Church, Tunbridge25 May 189901 Feb 1958

NS6154 Register of Services - St Peter's Church, Oatlands03 Dec 189928 May 1933

NS6152 Register of Services - Woodbury21 Dec 189918 May 1936

NS6153 Register of Services - All Centres01 Jan 193219 Sep 1982

NS6150 Register of Services - St Mary's Chapel, Baden23 Jan 193212 Jun 1955

NS6151 Register of Services - Lemont24 Jan 193229 Apr 1950

NS6157 Marriage Registers - All Centres, Parish of Oatlands07 Mar 193206 Jul 1963

NS2335 Baptism Register, St Peter's Anglican Church, Oatlands10 Dec 193319 Sep 1971

NS6155 Confirmation Register - Parish of Oatlands11 Oct 194409 Nov 1955

NS6138 Minutes of Meetings - Vestry, Annual General Meetings and Parish Council, St Peter's Church Oatlands13 Jul 195204 Sep 1968

NS2336 Marriage Register, St Peter's Anglican Church, Oatlands10 Jan 196413 Oct 1979

NS6156 Marriage Register Certificate Butts - St Peter's Church, Oatlands and St Oswald's Church, Tunbridge05 Apr 197513 Dec 1975

NS2339 List of Burials in the Cemetery of St Peter's Anglican Church01 Jan 198331 Dec 1983