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Clark Family History Committee
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Start Date:
01 Jan 1994
End Date:
31 Dec 1995
James Clark (then known as Peves) married Alice Gangell at Sorell in 1836. His parentage is unknown. Alice was the daughter of William Gangell, a Royal Marine who arrived with Governor Collins and was the first person to be married in the new colony. From two marriages Gangell had many children. His daughter Alice and her husband James raised sixteen children of their own. In 1842 they left the Forcett area and relocated to the Derwent Valley, settling finally in the small hop-growing township of Ellendale where many of their numerous descendants still live. 

These descendants formed the Clark Family History Committee in 1994 with the aim of documenting the genealogy of the family, contacting descendants, organizing a family reunion at Ellendale in November 1994 and later publishing a book 'The Clarks of Ellendale'.

Their history is typical of the lives of many early free settlers in Van Diemen's Land who led modest lives in small farming communities, kept contact with goverment and social institutions to a minimum and often inter married with those who had been transported as convicts. They worked hard, lived simply and tried to keep out of trouble.
Information Sources:
Shayne Clark, Jenny Tucker, Maureen Austin, Deanna, Keith and April Clark (Mrs Bromfield), Murray and Judy Limbrick, Beverly Evans, Merle Cantrell, Andrew and Kim Jarvis, Peter Evans, Dot Holmes, Edna Wall, Michelle Evans, other members of the Comittee and Clark descendants.
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Arts and culture