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01 Jan 1987
Chauncy Vale Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the oldest private conservation areas in Tasmania. Most of the reserve (337 of the present 380 hectares) was gazetted on July 3rd, 1946, as a private wildlife sanctuary under The Animals and Birds Protection Act 1928 following application by the owners, Nan and Anton Chauncy.

Chauncy Vale is located 40km north of Hobart and 4km east of the township of Bagdad. It is the top end of a narrow valley running east-west between the Midland Highway and the Coal River Valley.

The sanctuary was bequeathed to the local council (now the Southern Midlands Council) by Anton Chauncy in 1988, with a later gift of the house and home paddocks by his and Nan's daughter, Heather.
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Anton and Nan Chauncy (NG1270)01 Jan 1900
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