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Helene Chung Martin
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20 Jan 1945
Helene Chung is a Tasmanian-born Chinese Australian journalist and author. 
A fourth-generation Tasmanian, Helene Chung (He-LANE CHUNG as in HUNG) grew up in 1950s Hobart, where she and her sister, Lehene (Lay-HEEN), were the only Chinese Australians for almost all their years at St Mary's College. 
Chung is an Honours graduate and Master of Arts in history of the University of Tasmania.
As an undergraduate she was active in campus theatre through the Old Nick Company. In 1968 as a postgraduate student she recorded her first interview - with a butcher who claimed to have sighted the extinct Tasmanian tiger - and it was broadcast on ABC radio's national flagship, AM.
Rejected as an ABC trainee because she was 'a girl', she freelanced in Hong Kong, Britain and Egypt and in 1971 at Buckingham Palace scooped the first radio interview granted by Princess Anne.
Back in Australia, she joined ABC Sydney's AM/PM team. In 1974 she returned to Tasmania to join 'This Day Tonight' as the first non-white reporter on Australian television. 
She transferred to Melbourne to be with her partner, history lecturer John Martin and, much later, his death would be the subject of her book, 'Gentle John: My Love My Loss'.
As Beijing correspondent 1983-86 Chung was the first female posted abroad by the ABC. In this capacity she also freelanced for BBC, CBS, NPR, NZBC and Hong Kong radio.
Her first book, 'Shouting from China', was written as Edward Wilson Fellow in Journalism at Deakin University, Geelong, where she would later teach journalism while a specialist reporter on North Asian affairs at the Overseas Service, Radio Australia, Melbourne. She also presented the daily International Report on Radio National.
In 1998 she began fifteen years as an adjunct research fellow at Melbourne's Monash Asia Institute, which assisted her in writing 'Lazy Man in China' and her autobiography, 'Ching Chong China Girl: From fruitshop to foreign correspondent'. 

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Helene Chung
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