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Kerr, Bogle and Co (Alexander, Kerr and Co)
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1832
End Date:
31 Dec 1856
About 1832 John Bogle and James Alexander established the firm Bogle, Alexander & Co. in Glasgow, Scotland and in London. With Robert Kerr they also established in Hobart a firm by the name of 'Kerr, Bogle, Alexander & Co.' Alexander withdrew from the company, leaving 'Kerr & Bogle & Co', he remained in business in London however. 'Kerr, Bogle & Co' was managed in Hobart through the agent Mr Askin Morrison.
John Bogle and Robert Kerr moved to Van Diemens land around 1834 and established a Launceston headquarters. Amongst a range of operations, the firm bought wool, whale bone, bark, kangaroo skins hides and other raw products. John Bogle returned to Glasgow in 1839, where he continued to manage the Glasgow business. Alexander McNaughtan managed the Launceston branch from 1842 to 1846. Robert Kerr, who managed the Hobart office, died on 15 January 1846 aged 37. McNaughton closed the Launceston office in 1847 to take over Hobart operations as Partner.
McNaughtan wound up his involvement in the company in 1855. Mr J M C Browne, who had worked as a clerk for the company, and Mr R W McArthur a junior partner from Glasgow, wound up Kerr, Bogle and Co's Tasmanian operations in 1855/56.
Information Sources:
The Colonist, 3/8/1889, p.24; The Mercury, 22/7/1889, p.3; The Mercury, 9/6/1879, p.2.
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Tasmanian businesses
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