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Blackmans Bay Historical Exhibitions
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21 Nov 2004
End Date:
31 Mar 2017
"Blackmans Bay Shacks: Images and Owners" was a public exhibition held between 21 and 28 November 2004 at the Blackmans Bay Primary School Hall. The exhibition showed photos of part of 'old' Blackmans Bay with homes/shacks and stories from their current owners or tenants. The exhibition was funded by grants made available through the State Government and the Kingborough Council.
"The Changing Face of Blackmans Bay" was a month-long exhibition held in March 2017 at the Kingston Library. It included personal stories, photos, maps, and other texts that depicted the changes in the suburb since 1822. Some of the content from Blackmans Bay Shacks: Images and Owners Exhibition was repeated or updated for the 2017 display.
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Arts and culture
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NS4675 Exhibition Records21 Nov 200431 Mar 2017