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Joan Hatton and Lionel Harrison
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20 Nov 1916
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01 Mar 1999
Joan Hatton Harrison (~1915 - March 1999), was an actor in Tasmania in the 1950s. After her marriage in England on 21/5/1944 and return to Tasmania in 1947, Joan immediately obtained registration as a nurse but both she and Lionel soon found work at a new textile factory in Derwent Park. She became the secretary to Orlando Alcorso who with brother Claudio founded Silk and Textile Printers. Lionel worked in maintenance. She appeared in many plays such as Jane my Love (1951) and Ladies in Retirement (1952). Joan Harrison and Peter Marshall were named as the best perfomance at the Jubilee Drama Festival in Launceston on 9 April 1951. She also wrote and produced plays.
Lionel Harrison worked as a photographer for the Mercury newspaper . He was a very keen bushwalker and in 1933 he and two friends formed the Beach Canoe Club. Lionel was the Secretary and unofficial photographer, the clubhouse was at Long Beach.
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