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01 Jan 1830
William Shoobridge (1781-1836) arrived in Van Diemen's Land in 1822 on the Denmark Hill. His wife and three of their children died on the voyage out. The surviving children were: Mary (born 1806), John (born 1808), Lydia (born 1810), Elizabeth (born 1813), Richard (born 1818) and Ebenezer (born 1820).
Richard Shoobridge and his father cultivated hops on their farm at Providence Valley (named Providence Valley because of William's fortuitous escape from a bushranger and was later North Hobart). He later developed lime kilns in West Hobart and then moved to 'Clydesdale' Glenorchy. Richard had a large family - one daughter Mary from his first marriage to Mary Johnson and 14 children from his second marriage to Mary Wood.
Ebenezer Shoobridge (1820-1901) purchased Bushy Park, an estate of some 2000 acres in 1865. He introduced hop growing (hops having been first introduced to Tasmania by his father William Shoobridge) and fruit orchards, principally apples. There was also a dairy farm and some grain and root crops. 
His eldest son William Ebenezer Shoobridge (1846-1940) pioneered irrigation, built hop kilns, cottages etc. and experimented with methods of pruning fruit trees, introducing the "pyramid principle" which allowed the sun to shine on all fruit equally. Both father and son were J.P.s and served on local councils and committees and supported the Wesleyan Church.
Robert Wilkins (1847-1936) took over the estate of Valleyfield near New Norfolk, producing apples. He was an active member of local government.
George Wood Shoobridge (born 1848), entered the Church of England and was ordained in 1872. He officiated as curate at St. Johns, Hobart, and next as incumbent of Green Ponds parish from 1872 to 1876. He was assistant curate of Holy Trinity Church, Hobart from 1876 to 1880, and then succeeded the late Archdeacon Davenport as rector. He remained rector of the parish from 1880 to 1911 when he retired. For years he had been a Bishop's chaplain and Canon of St. David's Cathedral since 1897. He was also a regular visitor to the Hobart Boy's Home and H.M. Gaol.
Louis Manton Shoobridge (1851-1939) was elected in 1921 to the Tasmanian Legislative Council as the Independent member for Derwent, serving until his retirement in 1937. He was an agriculturist and farmer, exporting apples from his Glenora estate. He was responsible for the early preservation of land near the later proclaimed Mt field National Park and involved in the planting of the Pioneer Avenue of trees between Hobart and Oatlands.
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