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W.R. Rolph and Sons Pty Ltd
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Start Date:
01 Jan 1897
End Date:
30 Sep 1994
W.R. Rolph & Sons Pty Ltd had its beginnings in 1897 when William Robert Rolph (1865-1948) and Alexander Tuck Young (1846-1916) purchased The Launceston Examiner newspaper from Henry Button. In 1912 Rolph bought out Young, and in 1918 formed a partnership, W.R. Rolph & Sons, with two of his sons Gordon Burns Rolph (1893-1959) and Robert Stewart Rolph (1894-1965). W.R. Rolph & Sons Pty Ltd was incorporated in December 1925. W.R. Rolph died aged 83 on 23 January 1948.

In 1951 Edmund Rouse married Dorothy, the youngest daughter of G.B. Rolph, and joined The Examiner. He became managing director in 1959. On 1 July 1969 Northern Television Ltd (TNT9) merged with W.R. Rolph & Sons Pty Ltd. The company became Examiner Northern Television. In 1982 after a merger with Tasmanian Television Ltd, Hobart, the change was made to ENT. In September 1994 ENT Limited was taken over by WIN Television. The papers were donated by David McQuestin.
Information Sources:
Brian Clark, "ENT: A Corporate History"
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