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Anglican Parish of St Helens
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01 Jan 1875
The first church erected at St Helens was in 1875. It was made of weatherboards. By 1884 it was replaced with a brick building with the foundation stone being laid 24 May 1884. Originally this parish was attached to Cullenswood Parish but it was too difficult for clergymen to perform services as they were also required to travel to Fingal. Other surrounding areas were neglected and a petition to the Bishop to divide the area into districts and provide a clergyman at St Helens was successful and the Parish of St Helens including George's River, Goulds Country, Blue Tier and Weldborough was formed. The first clergy appointed to the new parish in 1892 was Rev O.F. Jacson

St Paul's Church at St Helens encompasses Goshen, Pyegana, Gould's Country, Lottah, Poimena and Weldborough
Information Sources:
St Pauls Anglican Church St Helens, The first 100 years by Peter and Kathleen Burns.;;Copyright in all records retained by the Anglican Church, Diocese of Tasmania
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Anglican Diocese of Tasmania (NG373)01 Jan 1809
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NS3347 Register of Baptisms20 Mar 189201 Jan 1940

NS3348 Register of Marriages14 Dec 189231 May 1963

NS3349 Register of Burials30 Jan 190603 Jan 1989

NS3363 Publications01 Jan 198331 Dec 1983