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National Trust of Australia (Tasmania)
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01 Jan 1960
The Trust is a non-government member based community organisation which worked to identify and conserve Tasmania's heritage. The Trust has operated in Tasmania since 1960 and was formed to acquire 'The Hollies' ('Franklin House'), a Georgian house built in 1838 at Franklin Village on the outskirts of Launceston.

The Trust's major activities include the management of heritage properties, the Community Heritage Program, co-ordination of the Tasmanian Heritage Festival, and identifying and documenting places of heritage significance.

The National Trust of Australia (Tasmania) Act 1975 was enacted to establish a body corporate to be known as the National Trust of Australia (Tasmania).

According to the National Trust Act 2006, the objects of the Trust are:

(a) acquiring, promoting or ensuring the preservation and maintenance for the public benefit of places and objects of beauty or that have a historical, scientific, artistic, architectural or cultural interest

(b) encouraging and promoting, among the public, knowledge of, interest in and respect for those places and objects

(c) promoting or ensuring the provision and maintenance of amenities and services to facilitate the enjoyment by the public of those places or objects

(d) protecting and preserving the natural features of, and conserving the fauna and flora on, any place referred to in paragraph (a) and acquired by, or under the control of, the Trust

(e) encouraging and promoting public appreciation, knowledge and enjoyment of, respect for and interest in any land, buildings, works, structures or articles

(f) cooperating with the Crown or with any corporation, body or society, either within or outside Tasmania, having objects wholly or substantially similar to the objects of the Trust, in promoting the objects of the corporation, body or society or the Trust.
Information Sources:
The National Trust of Australia (Tasmania) web site, National Trust of Australia (Tasmania) Act 1975, National Trust Act 2006
Legislation Administered:
National Trust of Australia (Tasmania) Act 1975, National Trust Act 2006
Legislation Creating:
Companies Act 1962