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Ash, Bester and Co
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01 Jan 1937
Ash, Bester & Co had its origins in the chemist and druggist business established by Edward Ash in about 1860. The Ash family continued the business until 1932 when it was sold to Glynne Roy (Bob) Bester. Gordon Ashcroft was one of the first employees hired by Bob.

In 1933 Bob was advertising as Ash, Bester & Co, chemists, and in 1936 they were advertising trading at 102 Elizabeth Street that sold still, movie and 'talkie' photographic materials and accessories. Bob served his pharmacist apprenticeship under F.B. Willkinson who owned the veterinary medicine business at 106 Elizabeth Street, a couple of doors up from Ash Bester's. A company was established in 1937 as Ash Bester & Co (1937) Proprietary Ltd, and later traded as Ash Bester Wholesale Proprietary Ltd with Bob Bester as managing director. There was a hiring library of film material set-up within the company.
Bob Bester's son, Jeffrey succeeded him as Managing Director. Jeff's son, William set up STS (Scientific & Technical Service) which provided medical photography services mostly for the Eye Clinic. William also did colour photographic processing of Ektachrome transparencies.
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