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John Tydde
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01 Jan 1920
John Tydde came to Hobart in 1950. By then he had been involved in radio and stage work for 25 years. He trained in Sydney during the 1930s with the Australian Academy of Dramatic Art. His interest in acting brought him to Hobart where he became Director of the Theatre Royal Drama Company, a position he held for 4 years before being appointed Adult Education Board's Drama Director
Information Sources:
Information taken from his files on various Stage Productions that were transferred with the papers of K G Brooks who was the Director of Adult Education.
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Arts and culture
Kenneth Gethley Brooks (NG1747)01 Jan 190906 Dec 1994

Adult Education Board (1) (TA54)01 Jan 194829 Feb 1976
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NS3555 Production Files01 Jan 196031 Dec 1970