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Webster Ltd
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Start Date:
01 Jan 1856
In 1856 Alexander George Webster (1830 - 1914) who had arrived in Tasmania with his parents in 1839, joined the general merchant business C T Smith in 1850. After Smith retired, Webster and ran the business for a few years in partnership with John Tabart and it was known as Tabart and Webster from 1856 to 1879 until Webster acquired sole interest. Later, Alexander Webster took his sons Charles Ernest and Edwin Herbert into partnership as A G Webster and Sons.
The business grew and in addition to general merchandise and trade in wool, grain, and other produce the firm imported agricultural machinery and implements, windmills, pumps, boilers etc., and acted as agents for the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company and the Sun Insurance Office of London. There were branches in Launceston and Devonport and agents in most towns.
A G Webster and Sons ran from 1880 to 1910, after which it became A G Webster and Sons Ltd. In 1956 after the merger with the Tasmanian Wool Growers Agency Company Ltd, the business was registered as A G Webster and Woolgrowers Ltd (1956-1975). In 1976 the name changed to Websters Ltd.
In summary the business existed as: 1. Tabart and Webster (1856-1879); 2. A G Webster & Son (1880-1910); 3. A G Webster & Sons Ltd (1910-1956); 4. A G Webster and Wool Growers Pty Ltd (1956-1975); 5.Websters Ltd (1976-present).
Also at various times there were associated companies such as Webster F & G Pty Ltd (established 1972) and Websters Machinery (c. 1973) among others and also relationships with businesses which were absorbed by Websters.

Functions Performed:
Tasmanian businesses
Series Created By Agency:
NS4173 Miscellaneous Series of Agreements01 Jan 185031 Dec 1993

NS4596 Material relating to Alexander G Webster's Role As Vice Consul and Consul of the Usa04 Feb 187410 May 1901

NS4088 Customer Ledgers01 Jan 188631 Dec 1912

NS4084 Register of Securities01 Jan 188731 Dec 1937

NS4570 Record of Wool Sales27 Jan 188807 Feb 1890

NS4572 Consignment Book01 Oct 188831 Dec 1889

NS4169 Photographs01 Jan 189031 Dec 1988

NS4569 Client Register01 Jan 189131 Dec 1897

NS4172 Numerical Documents07 Jan 189402 Nov 1937

NS4571 Journal - Annual Profits and Losses01 Jun 189731 Jul 1920

NS4594 Stock Register01 Jul 189931 Oct 1903

NS4101 Photograph Albums01 Jan 190031 Dec 1906

NS4113 Correspondence and associated Material01 Jan 190231 Dec 1979

NS4578 Letter Book26 Mar 190630 Apr 1910

NS4110 Printed Material16 Oct 190718 Jul 1990

NS4086 Inventories01 Jan 190831 Dec 1950

NS4167 Secrecy Declarations and Transfer Agreements01 Jan 191031 Dec 1911

NS4081 Share Register01 Jan 191031 Dec 1942

NS4581 Letterpress Copies of Invoices02 Aug 191003 Jun 1915

NS4583 Memorandum and Articles of Association05 Aug 191031 Dec 1956

NS4003 Minutes of Meetings of the Directors20 Sep 191022 Jun 1999

NS4037 Minutes of Meetings of Shareholders21 Oct 191024 Nov 1981

NS4102 Annual Reports and Addresses01 Jan 191131 Dec 1990

NS4111 Wool Catalogues01 Jan 191131 Dec 1939

NS4597 Ephemera16 Oct 191131 Dec 1925

NS4580 Letterpress Copies of Invoices (Wool Growers)07 Oct 191320 Oct 1959

NS4170 Register of 'a' Documents01 Jan 191731 Dec 1982

NS4171 'a' Documents08 Sep 191701 Sep 1982

NS4100 Scrapbooks and Cuttings01 Jan 192231 Dec 2003

NS4592 Journal Analysis for Various Offices01 Dec 192231 Dec 1933

NS4091 Ledgers01 Jan 192531 Dec 1982

NS4591 Company Historical Material01 Jan 193031 Dec 1990

NS4087 Cash Receipt Book - Launceston01 Jan 193231 Dec 1942

NS4582 Property Books01 Jan 193231 Dec 1985

NS4085 Deposit Accounts01 Jan 193331 Dec 1959

NS4082 Miscellaneous Trade Account Purchases and Stock01 Jan 193331 Dec 1935

NS4574 Record of Staff Superannuation - Wool Growers' Agency Employees01 Jan 194631 Dec 1966

NS4040 Minutes of Meetings of Subscribers to the Superannuation Fund19 Oct 195121 Sep 1965

NS4041 Minutes of Meetings of the Administrators of the Superannuation Fund01 Apr 195218 Dec 1962

NS4083 Asset Register01 Jan 195431 Dec 1970

NS4104 Documentation about Merger - Tasmanian Woolgrowers with Websters01 Jan 195531 Dec 1956

NS4090 Register of Bills Receivable and Payable01 Jan 195531 Dec 1965

NS4026 Minutes of Meetings of the Northern Board of the Company23 Oct 195616 Jun 1964

NS4099 Ledger of Motor Vehicles01 Jan 196731 Dec 1972

NS4096 Private Ledger01 Jan 196731 Dec 1981

NS4112 Employee Newsletter01 Jan 196831 Dec 1991

NS4573 Record of Staff Superannuation01 Jan 196931 Dec 1987

NS4094 Register of Deposits and Loans01 Jan 196931 Dec 1975

NS4043 Minutes of Meetings of the Board and Executive of Webster - F&g Pty Ltd17 Jan 197313 Oct 1977

NS4042 Minutes of Meetings of the Directors of Websters Machinery04 Jul 197318 Sep 1986

NS4105 Documents about Merger - Farmers and Graziers Co-Operative Society and Websters01 Jan 197631 Dec 1976

NS4072 Minutes of Meetings of the Woolgrowers Management Committee11 Feb 198205 May 1986

NS4064 Minutes of Meetings of the State Rural Supplies Committee12 Nov 198511 Nov 1986