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Huddart Parker
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01 Jan 1876
Huddart Parker Limited was a major Australian shipping company trading in various forms between 1876 and 1961. The company was started in Geelong on August 1st 1876 by James Huddart, T.J. Parker, John. Traill, and Captain T. Webb. Its shipping services included ports in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Hobart and Fremantle. It also traded with ports in New Zealand. It had a Hobart Office in Lower Davey Street, Hobart. It developed interests in many aspects of the coal and transport industries.
Ships owned, managed or jointly managed by Huddart Parker and others included: 'Tasmania', 'Tambo', 'Oonah', 'Elingamite', 'Coogee', 'Anglian', 'Warrimoo' and 'Miowera'
The Tasmanian Post Office Directory 1894-5 describes the business as 'Steamship owners and coal merchants'.
Information Sources:
Flotilla Australia website 2013;;Tasmania Post Office Directory 1894-1895 p. 51;;A large number of Huddart Parker records are also held at the University of Melbourne Archives
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