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Mersey Parish of the Uniting Church
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jul 1977
End Date:
31 Dec 1997
Parish comprises former Methodist and Congregational Churches at Steele Steet and William Street Devonport and at East Devonport.
Functions Performed:
Controlling Agencies:
Uniting Church in Australia - Synod of Tasmania (NG1245)01 Jan 197721 Jun 2002
Previous Agencies:
Methodist Church in Tasmania (NG499)01 Jan 182031 Dec 1977

Congregational Union of Tasmania (NG586)01 Jan 183812 Jun 1977
Series Created By Agency:
NS4805 Minutes of Meetings of the Devonport Methodist Church01 Jan 191617 Oct 1990

NS5000 East Devonport - Minutes of Meetings01 Jan 196016 Oct 1991

NS4737 Baptismal Register - Devonport Congregational Later William Street Uniting Church01 May 196626 Mar 1995

NS4735 Marriage Register - Devonport - Latrobe Circuit - East Devonport and Wesley Vale Pastorate.28 Jul 197318 Feb 1984

NS4796 Wesley Church, Devonport - Minutes of Meetings of Trustees Later Property Committee28 Aug 197430 Jun 1997

NS4802 William Street - Minutes of Congregational and Elders Meetings11 Jul 197726 Jun 1996

NS4808 Mersey Parish - Minutes of Finance Committee02 Aug 197718 Jul 1980

NS4807 Minutes of Meetings of Parish Council including the Annual Meetings.03 Aug 197722 Oct 1997

NS4817 Roll of Baptised Members and Adherents - East Devonport01 Jan 198031 Dec 1990

NS4797 Wesley, Steele Street Congregation - Minutes of Elders Meetings30 Jan 198001 Aug 1996

NS4738 Baptismal Register - Steele Street06 Apr 198004 Jan 1998

NS4801 William Street - Minutes of Property Board Meetings19 Jun 198028 Jan 1991

NS4804 William Street - Minutes of Meetings of the Fellowship Group22 Feb 198431 Jul 1996

NS4806 Minutes of Meetings of Council of Elders05 Jul 198429 Oct 1997

NS4736 Marriage Registers - Wesley /steele Street Church08 Feb 198607 Jan 1995

NS4811 General Files re Property01 Oct 198631 Dec 1999

NS4803 William Street - Members Roll01 Jan 199031 Dec 1996

NS4799 Wesley, Steele Steet - Minutes of Fellowship Meetings26 Feb 199017 Oct 2001

NS4798 Steele Street - Record of Congregational Meetings09 Aug 199209 Jul 1997

NS4800 Minutes of Meetings of the Devonport Uniting Church, Steele Street, Organ Restoration Fund.07 Oct 199811 Apr 2000