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Bester Family
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01 Jan 1865
The Bester family in Tasmania begins with the arrival from England in 1857 at age 25 of Robert Bester and wife Sophia (nee Atkins), daughter Jane aged 2 3/4 and son John Bester, also 2 3/4. A 'tall strong man' according to the ship's indent Robert sought work as a farm labourer as the abolition of transportation to Tasmania created a shortage of "manpower". Their son George (b. 28 October 1865 d. 27 March 1950) married Emily Annie Voss (b. 1881 - d.1965) of Glen Huon. One of their ten children and third son Glynne Roy (Bob) Bester was born in 1907. 'Bob' Bester married Violet Elizabeth Standaloft (b. 1905) on 11 May 1933. The Besters had three children, Jeffrey [Jeff] Kevin (b. 23 April 1934), Fay (b. 30 March 1936) and Neil (b. 28 December 1944). Violet passed 25 November 1984 and Bob on 8 May 1992.

Jeff Bester has said that his father was called Bob because it was thought that the "R" in G.R. Bester stood for the name Robert whilst Bob always referred to Violet as 'Stanny'. Violet's brothers were Eric, Basil and Athol Standaloft and sister Rita married to Bert Askey. Ned Bowden was the Bester's neighbour next door to the holiday house at 31 Hinsby Road, Taroona. Their parents were Samuel and Miriam Louise Standaloft (nee Gibbons) the daughter of Henry and Margret Gibbons (nee Finney). Samuel passed 22 November 1925 and Miriam on 28 July 1948. Violet was the only one to have children of her own.

Jeffrey and his wife Wilma Jean (b.1935 - d. 2016), or "Billie" have 7 children Robert, Kimbra, Heather, William, Sam, Miriam and Elinor. The couple have 12 grandchildren and currently 1 great-grandchild. Billie's sister Bonnie married aviator Stan Tilley.
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