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Alex Clark and Son Ltd
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1842
End Date:
01 Jan 1960
Alex J Clark was a well known Hobart funeral company, that operated for more than 100 years. Its founder, Alexander Clark (snr) originally worked as a cabinet maker who specialised in coffin-making before establishing an undertaking firm in the early 1840s. After his death in 1900 his eldest son, Alexander James Clark took over the business, renaming it Alex Clark & Son Ltd. By 1911 the company had expanded and was located in Collins Street, Hobart and in Huonville. Alexander James and his wife Sarah parented four sons, including Alexander Joseph Clark (born 1873), who remained with his father's company, James Purcell Clark (born 1876), who became a barrister, and two brothers, William (1878) and Eaton (1880) who broke away from the family business in 1910 and formed a rival funeral company, Clark Bros. Alexander James died in 1923, after being knocked down by a car. Alexander Joseph Clark, meanwhile, erected Hobart's first crematorium at Cornelian Bay in 1936 and was appointed cremation authority by the State Government. Shortly after Alexander Joseph's death in 1959 H.C Millington Pty Ltd bought Alex Clark & Son Ltd. He was survived by a son, Alexander Joseph Clark, a.k.a 'Sonny.' Sonny died in 1996, without having ever married.
Information Sources:
'Undertakers of Hobart, Volume II: Index to Alex Clark & Son Funeral Records' Compiled and published by Tasmanian Family History Society, November 2002 and the Tasmanian Names Index (online).
Queenborough Cemetery Company (NG1406)01 Jan 187331 Dec 1917

Tasmanian Cremations Ltd. (NG3584)01 Nov 193501 Jul 1961

Tasmanian Cremations Ltd (TA1842)01 Jul 196131 Dec 2001
Series Created By Agency:
NS6044 Funeral Ledger23 May 186728 Sep 1961

NS6051 Workbook21 Mar 189613 Apr 1907

NS6042 Funeral Books17 Nov 190712 May 1961

NS6040 Queenborough Cemetery Account Register07 Jan 191329 Jun 1927

NS6038 Index to Funeral Books09 Aug 191713 Sep 1961

NS6048 Cremation Index01 Jan 193601 Jan 1954

NS6037 Inscriptions, Niches - Crematorium01 Nov 194212 Oct 1943

NS6036 Funeral Orders13 Jun 194928 Sep 1961

NS6041 Register of Names - Wall of Remembrance01 Jan 195001 Jan 1962

NS6058 Portrait Painting01 Jan 1980