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Cecil Allport
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01 Jan 1858
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31 Dec 1926
Morton John Cecil Allport (usually known as Cecil), (1858-1926), was only 19 when his father died suddenly in 1878, leaving him responsible for the family. His grandfather, Joseph Allport, had died one year earlier. For the next twenty years Cecil worked hard at his career as a lawyer, while coping with family crises and managing the family investments. 
Cecil Allport was admitted to the Bar in 1881, and became senior partner in Dobson, Mitchell & Allport and a director of several prominent Tasmanian companies. Around 1900, some shrewd investments gave him the means to indulge his interest in Tasmanian history and collect rare books on exploration and Australian history as well as pictures by Tasmanian colonial artists. He treasured Australian paintings, books and manuscripts, and built up an impressive collection, which became the nucleus of the family library.
Upon Cecil's death in 1926, his sole surviving son, Henry Allport, inherited the collection. Henry filled his house in Sandy Bay, Cedar Court, with English and European decorative arts, as well as building on his father's collection of rare books and Tasmanian art. Upon Henry's death in 1965, Henry Allport bequeathed the entire collection to the people of Tasmania as a memorial to the Allport family.

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