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Joseph and Mary Morton Allport and Family
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26 Feb 1804
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25 Apr 1960
This registration covers members of the Allport family, descendants of Joseph and Mary Morton Allport. Joseph Allport and his family settled in Van Diemen's Land in 1831. From that time, members of the Allport family played an important role in the artistic, cultural and social development of the colony and the state of Tasmania. 
Born at Aldridge near Birmingham, Joseph Allport (1800-1877), a lawyer, married Mary Morton Chapman in 1826 and came to Van Diemen's Land in 1831. The Allports settled in the Broadmarsh district but soon moved to Hobart, where Joseph joined a legal partnership. He was an enthusiastic gardener, a keen historian and was involved in the Anti-Transportation movement and the Tasmanian Public Library.
An accomplished artist and musician, Mary Morton Allport (1806-1895) continued her artistic pursuits in Hobart, advertising in 1832 that she could undertake painting and copying of miniatures on request. She also tried her hand at etching and lithography. The Allports lived at Aldridge Lodge in Elboden Street - the house stayed in the Allport family until it was demolished in 1968 and replaced by Jane Franklin Hall.
This collection also documents the correspondence, interests and family documents of several additional members of the Allport family, including items from Curzon Allport (1837-1899) ; Curzona Francis Louise (Lily) Allport (1860-1949) ; Claudine Miriam (Daisy) Allport (1888-1964) ; Dudley Francis Curzon Allport (1863-1906) ; Eva Mary Allport (1872-1941) ; Dr. Evett Gordon Allport (1863-1935) ; Hannah Curzon Allport (1759-1842) ; John Allport (1799-1854) ; Mary Anne Allport (1790-1865) ; Mary Louise Allport (1833-1871) ; Mary Marguerite Allport (1856-1912) ; and James Russell Allport (1869-1914).
For additional prominent Allport family members see separate registrations under Morton Allport (1830-1878), Cecil Allport (1858-1926), and Henry Allport (1890-1965).

Information Sources:
Who were the Allports? Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts webpage, viewed 24 May, 2019.
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Arts and culture
Family archives
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ALL14 Allport Family Papers26 Feb 180425 Apr 1960

ALL32 Birtha Betts Journal01 Feb 182201 Feb 1822

ALL15 Papers of Joseph Allport13 Feb 182320 Oct 1876

ALL16 Papers of Mary Morton Allport01 Jan 182431 Dec 1890

ALL44 Ann Floyd Chapman Journals05 Nov 183403 Jun 1839