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Christian Brethren Assemblies [Tasmania]
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01 Jan 1869
The Christian Brethren church (Assembly of Christian Brethren / Plymouth Brethren) are an evangelical Protestant church. Originating in Ireland and England in the 1820s, the church established itself in Tasmanian from 1869 through revival meetings. These meetings encouraged the establishment of fellowships in Hobart, Launceston, the Huon, Circular Head, and the Sheffield area, Wynyard, Burnie and Scottsdale. The Church has two main groups - 'open' and 'exclusive'. The majority of groups in Tasmania are associated with the 'open' group. The Church is operated by lay members with no ordained ministry. 
In Tasmania the Church has operated and held meetings at Gospel or Bible Halls. Examples include the Launceston Gospel Hall (66A Elizabeth St), the Hobart Gospel Hall (127 Murray Street), and the Wynyard Gospel Hall (35 Hogg Street). Since 2000 many of these buildings have been sold.
The Tasmanian movement was known historically for its large annual Bible conferences, particularly in Circular Head, Burnie and Sheffield. Other than joining together for conferences, different fellowships operated independently. From 1961 to 1995 a bi-monthly magazine, Assembly Challenge, circulated in Tasmania. Youth camp sites were developed at Camp Clayton (Ulverstone) from 1950, Blue Lagoon (Dodges Ferry) from 1961, and Riverbend near Smithton from the 1970s. Children's homes have operated in Ulverstone (Glenhaven) and Hobart (Hillcrest), and an aged care home in Launceston.
Information Sources:
E Wilson, 2006, 'Christian Brethren', in The Companion to Tasmanian History, 2006.
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