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Edward Foord Bromley
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01 Jan 1777
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29 Jun 1836
Edward Foord Bromley (1777-1836), naval surgeon and civil servant, served as a surgeon in the Royal Navy in 1795, then was employed as a surgeon to several convict ships over the next thirty-five years. He first arrived in Australia as a surgeon in the Calcutta in 1803. On a later visit he sought a colonial appointment, in November 1818 the secretary of state appointed him Naval Officer at Hobart Town. Edward Foord Bromley later became a magistrate and a foundation shareholder in the Bank of Van Diemen's Land, and was accused of misappropriation of colonial funds, discovered in 1824. He returned to England on a bond in 1829, leaving his wife and three small children behind. He went on to make further voyages as surgeon in convict transports from England. Eventually he returned to England where he was admitted to the Marine Infirmary, Woolwich, suffering from epilepsy. Edward Foord Bromley died on 29 June 1836.
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Australian Dictionary of Biography, viewed online November 15, 2019.
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