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Methodist Church in Tasmania
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Start Date:
01 Jan 1820
End Date:
31 Dec 1977
The Methodist Church was organised on a Circuit basis. A Circuit usually included one central church plus several smaller congregations in the same district. The smaller churches had their own records for Trust meetings, ladies meetings, youth groups, and Sunday Schools.The main administrative records such as Quarterly Meeting Minutes, Members Rolls, and records of baptisms, marriages and burials were maintained by the main church in the Circuit.
Circuit boundaries have changed over time and churches have been moved from one Circuit to another. Broadly Circuits have existed in: Hobart/Sandy Bay; Kingborough Channel/Hobart South; Huon; New Town; Glenorchy; Launceston (South, East and North); Lilydale; Beaconsfield/George Town ; Longford/Bracknell; St Marys/St Helens/Campbell Town; North East (Scottsdale/Derby); Westbury; Deloraine/Mole Creek; Sheffield; Devonport/Latrobe; Ulverstone; Penguin/Burnie; Wynyard/Stanley; and the West Coast (Queenstown/Strahan). 

Wesley Church, Melville Street (Hobart Circuit, Hobart Central Mission), Davey Street. formerly a Wesleyan church. 1902 in Hobart Circuit, 1949 to Sandy Bay Circuit, 1958 to Hobart Central Mission, 1965 to Hobart South Circuit, 1972 to Hobart Central Methodist Mission. 1973 closed. Sandy Bay. formerly a Primitive Methodist Church. 1904 in Hobart Circuit. 1929 Sandy Bay Circuit excised.1965 to Hobart South Circuit. 1972 to Hobart Central Mission.
Kingborough Channel: Circuit - Kingston. 1902 Home Mission Station.1905 to Woodbridge Circuit. 1916 to Hobart Circuit. 1929 to Sandy Bay Circuit. 1965 to Hobart South Circuit. 1975 Kingborough Circuit. Woodbridge (Peppermint Bay). Kingborough Channel Circuit - Woodbridge 1905 Woodbridge Circuit. 1934 to Home Mission Station. 1947 became Channel Circuit. 1948 Home Mission Status resumed. 1955 Huon Channel Circuit. 1960 Channel Circuit. 1961 reduced to Home Mission Station. 1965 Hobart South Circuit. 1972 Kingborough.
Huon Circuit formed 1949. 1955 Huon channel Circuit, 1960 Huon Circuit. Franklin - 1902 Franklin Circuit. 1949 to Huon Circuit.1955 to Huon Channel Circuit. 1960 to Huon Circuit. Port Cygnet Circuit formed 1902, 1911 Circuit reduced to Home Mission Station. 1918 Cygnet Circuit. 1925 Cygnet Home Mission Station.1949 in Huon Circuit. Ranelagh. 1905 in Franklin Circuit. 1908 Ranelagh Home Mission Station. 1946 Ranelagh Circuit. 1949 to Huon Circuit.1959 to Huon Channel Circuit.1960 Huon Circuit.
New Town Circuit formed 1902 - Swan Street. High Street Wesleyan Chapel.1832 - 1902, High Street Methodist Chapel. 1902 - 1905, Swan Street Methodist Church. 1905 - 1977,1902 in Hobart Circuit.1954 to New Town Circuit.
Glenorchy Circuit. 1902 in New Town Circuit, Glenorchy Circuit excised 1965.
Launceston Circuit - churches in Patterson Street and Frederick Street which was, along with a church at Mulgrave Street Youngtown a Primitive Methodist Church. Frederick St Church closed in 1942.
Launceston South Circuit. 1917 excised from Launceston- Included Margaret Street, Lawrence Vale and Hadspen. 1947 White Hills and Breadalbane added 1957 Youngtown added. 1960 White Hills to Launceston East.
Launceston East Circuit - formed in 1960 - excised from Launceston Circuit. Evandale Home Mission Station. 1916 Excised from Launceston Circuit and Mathinna H.M. Station. 1947 H. M discontinued. White Hills and Breadalbane transferred to Launceston South. 1960 White Hills to Launceston East.
Launceston North Circuit: Name changed from Invermay to Launceston North in 1958 Includes Invermay,Newnham, Lilydale, Mowbray and George Town. (1960 - 1969) Invermay 1902. In Launceston Circuit.1921 Invermay Circuit formed.1958 to Launceston North. Lilydale. 1902 Lilydale H.M. Station.1914 Lilydale Circuit.
1942 Lilydale H.M. Station. 1960 Included in Launceston North Circuit.
Beaconsfield - Wesleyan and Primitive Methodist Church prior to 1902. 1902 Beaconsfield Circuit included Holwell, Frankford, Sidmouth Supply River, Richmond Hill, Sandy Beach. 1958 George Town H.M. Station added. In 1960 Beaconsfield amalgamated with Launceston Circuit.1969 to Lower Tamar Circuit.1972 to West Tamar River Pastorate of Launceston Circuit. George Town; c.1880 was part of the Lefroy H. M Station. 1911 Lefroy and George Town H.M. Station formed. 1920 George Town H.M. Station. 1958 Beaconsfield Circuit. 1960 Launceston North.1969 Lower Tamar Circuit.1972 George Town Circuit.1973 Joined Presbyterians. Exeter & Rosevears: Rosevears Pastorate in Launceston Circuit. 1914-1918 
Longford Circuit formed 1902. 1924 changed to Longford and Bracknell Circuit. 1941 Circuit divided. Bracknell and Mountain Vale added to Westbury. Remainder known as Longford Circuit. 1968 Campbell Town Circuit discontinued. Ross church included in Longford Circuit.
In 1902 St Marys Circuit, St Helens Home Mission Station and Campbell Town Circuit were created. 1949 St Marys - St Helens Circuit. 1958 St Marys - Campbell Town Circuit. 1960 separated and Campbell Town closed in 1968. 1960 St Marys Circuit. 
North Eastern Circuit: formed 1971 with the amalgamation of Scottsdale and Derby Circuits. Scottsdale Circuit: Originally a Wesleyan Church - Scottsdale and Ringarooma Circuit. Derby Circuit: - 1903 Derby H.M. Station - excised from Scottsdale Circuit. 1911 H.M. to Circuit Status. 1971 amalgamated with Scottsdale.
Westbury and Bracknell Circuit - 1902 Westbury Circuit. 1941 Bracknell and Mountain Vale excised from Longford and Bracknell Circuit and added to Westbury Circuit.
Deloraine Circuit 1902 - 1925 Deloraine - Mole Creek Circuit. 1930 Deloraine Circuit. 1967 Deloraine - Mole Creek Cicuit. Mole Creek Circuit - 1905 to Deloraine Circuit. 1925 in Deloraine - Mole Creek Circuit. 1930 Mole Creek Home Mission Station.1945 Mole Creek Circuit. 1967 Deloraine - Mole Creek Circuit.
Sheffield Circuit - 1879 Kentishbury Circuit excised from Mersey Circuit.1902 Kentishbury Circuit.1904 name changed to Sheffield.
Devonport - Latrobe Circuit - The Mersey Circuit of the Wesleyan Church orginally included the North West Coast from the West of Deloraine Circuit Later Kentishbury and Forth Circuits were created. In 1888 the Latrobe Circuit and the Mersey Circuit, consisting of Torquay Formby and Wesley Vale were created. In 1969 Devonport and Latrobe Circuits amalgamated.
Ulverstone Circuit - 1850 Forth Wesleyan Circuit. 1902 Forth Circuit.1906 Forth - Ulverstone Circuit.1915 Ulverstone - Forth Circuit.1944 amalgamated with Preston. H.M. Station and became Ulverstone.
Penguin Circuit - Primitive Methodist Circuit - Penguin was the Headquarters of the N.W. Coast Mission. 1902 Penguin and Burnie Circuit. 1911 Penguin Circuit. Burnie Circuit - Wesleyan, Primitive and United Free Methodist Churches were in Burnie prior to 1902. 1902 Penguin and Burnie Circuit formed. 1911 Burnie Circuit created.
Wynyard Circuit - Prior to 1902 both United Methodist and Wesleyan churches. 1889 Wynyard separated from Burnie. 1902 Wynyard & Stanley H.M
Information Sources:
Tasmanian Methodist 1820-1975.
Legislation Administered:
Tasmanian Wesleyan Methodists Act 1888, Methodist Church Act 1911.;;;;(Also known as 52 Vict. Number 4 and 2 Geo. V Number 8).
Functions Performed:
Controlled Agencies:
Horton College (NG588)01 Jan 185531 Dec 1927

Davey Street Methodist Church Trust (NG3361)24 Jul 192403 May 1974

Joint Ownership Trust (NG828)01 Jan 196031 Dec 1977

Bridport Fellowship Centre (NG2586)11 Aug 196104 Oct 1999

United Church Bookroom (NG2473)01 Jan 196203 Jul 1994

Glenrowan Homes for the Aged (NG2581)01 Jan 1969
Harry Vincent Glengyle Turner (NG2835)01 Jan 190029 Aug 1976

Pastor John Fullarton (NG2593)01 Jan 1940
Series Created By Agency:
NS3160 Items removed from Display in the Wesley Museum01 Jan 179031 Dec 1949

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LMSS338 History of the Launceston South Circuit01 Jan 183631 Dec 1970

NS1627 Transcription and Historical Account of the Wesleyan Cemetery by Andrea Gerrard01 Jan 184031 Dec 1871

LMSS392 Copies of Church Registers for Westbury11 Jun 184828 Mar 1948

LMSS236 Copies of Deloraine Circuit Church Registers18 Oct 185730 Oct 1983

LMSS393 Copies of Church Registers for Longford and Bracknell30 Jan 187019 Dec 1976

LMSS234 Copies of Kindred Methodist Church Records12 Jan 187230 Mar 1980

NS4707 Register of Trustees of Wesleyan Methodist Church for Tasmania01 Jan 188031 Dec 1977

NS3329 Deeds and Agreements01 Jan 188831 Dec 1982

NS4721 Launceston North Circuit - Turners Marsh - Minutes of Wesleyan Sunday School Meetings15 Nov 189713 Dec 1916

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LMSS233 Copies of Church Registers for Mole Creek08 Dec 194621 Oct 1972

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