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W E L H Crowther Collection
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Start Date:
01 Jan 1825
End Date:
31 Dec 1981
William Crowther (1788-1839) arrived in Hobart with his young family in 1825. Unable to secure an official post, he established a private medical practice and was involved in the early stages of the movement to end the transportation of convicts to Van Diemen's Land. 
Successive generations of Crowthers - William Lodewyk (1817-1885), Edward Lodewyk (1843-1931), and William Edward Lodewyk Hamilton (1887-1981) - practised medicine. William Lodewyk Crowther and his son Edward Lodewyk Crowther both entered politics, the former serving a short term as Premier in 1878-9.
William Lodewyk Crowther was a controversial figure, now most widely remembered as the surgeon who took the skull of the recently deceased Aboriginal man William Lanne. His extensive business interests included a fleet of whaling ships, and the lease for guano mining on Lady Elliot Island.
William Edward Lodewyk Hamilton Crowther served at Gallipoli and on the Western Front during the First World War. Knighted in 1964, he donated a large collection of books, manuscripts, pictures and other artefacts to the State Library of Tasmania.
The Crowther manuscript collection includes records of other notable Tasmanian indiividuals and businesses as well as the Crowther family itself. Cataloguing is ongoing: items will continue to appear during 2020.

Information Sources:
Kathryn Evans, Guide to the Crowther Family Papers (State Library of Tasmania, 2006)
Series Created By Agency:
CRO33 W E L H Crowther Bookplate Collection01 Jan 180431 Dec 1969

CRO89 Letters and Sermons01 Jan 181006 Jul 1838

CRO60 Miscellaneous Historical Documents01 Jan 181001 Jan 1970

CRO85 Diary12 Aug 1812

CRO32 Crowther and Blyth Family Documents01 Jan 181301 Jan 1954

CRO82 Ships' Logs03 Jan 181301 Jan 1931

CRO83 Business Records24 Jul 181619 Jul 1852

CRO8 Scrapbooks relating to W E L H Crowther01 Jan 182531 Dec 1978

CRO86 Business Records01 Oct 1826

CRO42 John Walker - Business and Personal Records27 Dec 182601 Jan 1870

NS4978 Convict Bank Accounts01 Jan 182830 Jun 1851

NS4979 Derwent Bank - General Correspondence01 Jan 182831 Dec 1855

CRO43 Stephen Adey - Financial Records01 Jan 182831 Dec 1837

CRO23 Presbytery Disputes07 Oct 182831 Dec 1870

CRO29 Business Records of James Kelly01 Jan 182914 Sep 1931

CRO93 Business Records of George Stokell (Crowther Collection)29 Jan 182931 Aug 1843

CRO53 Diary of Thomas Lewis14 Oct 182917 Mar 1830

CRO25 George Fordyce Story - Personal and Professional Records01 Jan 183031 Dec 1865

CRO24 Letterbook of Charles Swanston01 Jan 183031 Dec 1850

CRO40 Day Books01 Jan 183101 Jan 1841

CRO44 Van Diemen's Land Life Assurance Co. - Administrative Records16 Jul 183214 Nov 1832

CRO31 Charles Swanston - Miscellaneous Correspondence01 Jan 183331 Dec 1851

CRO45 Thomas Anstey - Business and Personal Letters01 Jan 183431 Dec 1849

CRO95 Land Maps - Stokell Properties19 May 183530 Dec 1870

CRO88 Farm Notebooks01 Jan 183601 Jan 1874

CRO50 Separation of Protestant and Catholic Education01 Jan 183631 Dec 1867

CRO90 Letters14 May 183711 May 1854

NS5774 Maps01 Jan 1838

CRO51 Marriage Licences22 Nov 183806 Nov 1850

CRO72 Account Book - Jerusalem Park01 Jan 183901 Jan 1847

CRO18 W L Crowther - Personal and Business Records01 Jan 183931 Dec 1885

CRO52 O'may Albums01 Jan 184001 Jan 1960

CRO76 John Montagu Manuscript07 Feb 184217 Oct 1842

NS676 Microfilm of the Log Books of the Eleanor, Great Britain, Eliza Jane and the Esperanza27 Apr 184614 Oct 1862

CRO61 Farm Records01 Jan 184901 Jan 1866

CRO5 E S Hall - Drawings, Diagrams and Text Panels used in Medical Lectures01 Jan 185031 Dec 1855

CRO6 Scrapbooks relating to W L Crowther01 Jan 185031 Dec 1930

NS512 Union (Hobart : 1850)01 Nov 185031 Dec 1850

CRO9 Specimens of Mosses and Liverworts01 Jan 185231 Dec 1854

CRO22 Lavington Roope - Diaries01 Jan 185331 Dec 1855

CRO62 East Coast Steam Navigation Company Correspondence02 Sep 185406 Jun 1855

CRO36 Personal Effects of Molesworth Jeffery25 Feb 186011 Sep 1971

CRO94 Stokell Family Letters04 Jun 186115 Aug 1886

CRO34 Railway Plans - Section of Derwent Valley Line Extension Westerway to Tyenna01 Jan 1862

CRO19 E L Crowther - Personal and Business Records01 Jan 186431 Dec 1931

CRO71 Letters and Diaries of J W Robinson01 Feb 186418 May 1873

NS50 Lease issued to W L Crowther for Lady Elliot Island01 Apr 1866

CRO54 Margaret Cleburne - Commonplace Book07 Aug 1867

CRO69 Newspaper Cuttings03 Oct 186701 Jan 1950

CRO84 Logbook - George Robinson06 Feb 1869

CRO37 Medical Notes of William Edwin Crowther03 May 186901 Apr 1933

CRO39 Sketches of Tasmanian Scenes - Artist unknown01 Jan 187231 Dec 1878

CRO77 Arthur Bingham Crowther - Certificates and Testimonials05 Apr 187306 Mar 1882

CRO66 Frondilegium01 Jan 1874

CRO15 Scrapbook relating to the Life and Naval Career of Thomas De Hoghton01 Jan 187531 Dec 1920

CRO57 Scrapbook of Adeline Mcintyre01 Jan 1876

CRO16 Scrapbooks Compiled by W a Dawson01 Jan 187631 Dec 1922

CRO7 Scrapbooks relating to E L Crowther01 Jan 187731 Dec 1931

CRO80 Certificates and Medals17 Jan 187911 Jun 1977

CRO59 Alfred Bingley Robinson Notebooks and Diaries01 Jan 188016 Jul 1892

CRO20 Henry Lucas Crowther - Business Records01 Jan 188831 Dec 1902

CRO67 Frederick Smithies Photographs01 Jan 189030 Jan 1978

CRO10 Scrapbooks Compiled by a W Hume01 Jan 189016 Feb 1925

CRO41 Tasmanian Archaeology Field Notes01 Jan 189703 Sep 1938

CRO46 Glass Plate Negatives and Lantern Slides01 Jan 1900

CRO12 Newspaper Cuttings Volumes - Miscellaneous Subjects01 Jan 190031 Dec 1950

CRO21 Stereoscopic Photographs01 Jan 190001 Jan 1903

CRO56 Terence Campbell Butler - Family Photographs01 Jan 190001 Jan 1969

CRO38 Exercise Book of Miss Victoria L Green01 Jun 190024 May 1901

CRO70 Christmas Cards01 Jan 191001 Jan 1972

CRO1 Correspondence and Subject Files Compiled by W E L H Crowther01 Jan 191031 Dec 1985

CRO13 Postcards - Topographical and Miscellaneous01 Jan 191001 Jan 1970

CRO17 W E L H Crowther - Diaries01 Jan 191131 Dec 1972

CRO11 W E L H Crowther - Historical Newspaper Cuttings01 Jan 1911

CRO35 Papers of Jane Emmely Mcelroy (J E Mcelroy)01 Jan 191206 Feb 1943

CRO14 First World War Postcards and Photographs01 Jan 191531 Dec 1918

CRO87 Manuscripts of James Sprent the Younger01 Jan 191501 Jan 1944

CRO2 W E L H Crowther - Records relating to Military Service01 Jan 191502 Oct 1974

CRO30 Roy Clark - First World War Photographs04 Sep 191509 Jan 1916

CRO3 First World War Photographs - Western Front01 Jan 191731 Dec 1919

CRO4 W E L H Crowther - Photographs of Western Front 1917-191801 Sep 191731 Aug 1918

CRO63 Emily Pennington Commonplace Book06 Aug 191829 Nov 1921

CRO68 Manuscripts and Typescripts01 Jan 192001 Jan 1950

CRO75 Lantern Slides01 Jan 192701 Jan 1935

CRO92 Photographs of Banzare Voyages01 Jan 192901 Jan 1931

CRO48 Whaling Reminiscences01 Jan 192931 Dec 1994

CRO58 Photographs collected by Jessie Luckman01 Jan 193001 Jan 1946

CRO74 Scrapbooks - John Kennedy01 Jan 193001 Jan 1930

CRO91 Letters and Reports on Banzare Voyages02 Dec 193023 Dec 1932

CRO55 National Health Scheme01 Jan 193701 Jan 1941

CRO64 George Mackaness Manuscripts01 Jan 1943

CRO65 Arndell Neil Lewis Papers10 Oct 1943

CRO27 Ships Logs - Typed Transcripts and Summaries01 Jan 1960

CRO28 W L Crowther Library Administrative Files01 Jan 1964

CRO26 Crowther Family Chronicle01 Jan 1967

CRO79 Slides09 Aug 196701 Jun 1981

CRO81 Photographs - Coreen01 Jan 197001 Jun 1981

CRO78 Literary Manuscripts09 Jul 198024 Aug 1984