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Congregational Union of Tasmania
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1838
End Date:
12 Jun 1977
The Congregational church is a protestant denomination that dates back to the 16th Century Reformation. They are an independent Church which rejects any form of State Aid to religion. Henry Hopkins established the first Congregational church in Australia in Tasmania in 1822. Hopkins brought Englishman Rev. Frederick Miller to be the minister of the Brisbane Street Chapel in 1832, with Miller becoming the first settled independent Minister in Australia. Hopkins also gave land for the Berea chapel in Liverpool Street and in 1837 built the Collins Street chapel, Hobart, at his sole expense. The 'Congregational Union of Van Diemen's Land' was formally established in 1836. The Congregational Union was especially strong in the South of Tasmania. Prominent lay Congregationalists included the Waddell and Button families, James Fenton, Landon Fairthorne, Henry Jennings, and James Aikenhead. Records of the annual meetings of the Congregational Union of Tasmania can be found in the newspapers of the time (see online via TROVE). In 1977, most Australian Congregational churches belonging to the Congregational Union, joined with Methodist and Presbyterians to form the Uniting Church.
Records held by the Tasmanian Archives include Van Diemen's Land Missionary Society, records of Rev Frederick Miller, Sabbath Schools, the London Missionary Society and Tasmanian Council of Churches. Records from various Congregational Churches including the Independent Chapel, Brisbane Street, Memorial, Davey Street, Bellerive, Bellerive and Howrah United Congregations, Clarence District Congregational Church, Brighton, Green Ponds, Franklin, Huonville and Cradoc, Port Esperance, Geeveston, Dover, Cairns Bay, Devonport and Latrobe.
Information Sources:
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Functions Performed:
Controlled Agencies:
New Town Congregational Church (NG2573)01 Jun 1845

Joint Ownership Trust (NG828)01 Jan 196031 Dec 1977
Rev.Joseph Foote (NG352)01 Jan 1848

Esperance District Congregational Churches (NG2421)01 Jan 187701 Jan 1972
Series Created By Agency:
NS663 Records of Davey Street, Memorial, Clarence Churches, Rev Frederick Miller, Sabbath Schools and the London Missionary Society01 Jan 183001 Jan 1972

NS650 Baptism, Marriage and Burial Registers for the Independent Chapel and Memorial and Photo Albums and Records of Scholars at Davey Street08 Dec 183001 Jan 1973

NS369 Minutes, Files Membership Lists, Historical Notes and Printed Material associated with Davey Street Congregational Church01 Jan 183201 Jan 1973

NS477 Minutes of Church and Diaconate Meetings and associated Documents of the Memorial Congregational Church, Hobart12 Apr 183214 Feb 1973

NS638 Correspondence, Minutes of Meeting of Church Organisations and Records relating to Various Churches23 Oct 183231 Dec 1978

NS586 Records of Congregational Churches and Associations, the Tasmanian Council of Churches and the Howrah United Congregation.01 Jan 183812 Jun 1977

NS6300 Reverend Frederick Miller - Correspondence03 Jan 183903 Jan 1839

NS133 Records of the Davey Street Congregational Church and Sunday School (Formerly Independent Sunday School Collins Street)07 Jul 183930 May 1947

NS28 Records of the Brighton Congregational Church01 Aug 184010 Jul 1924

NS930 Register of Baptisms, Green Ponds Congregational Church01 Feb 184121 Apr 1963

NS1410 General Administrative Records and Photographs23 Feb 184131 Dec 1977

NS264 Records of the Davey Street Congregational Church01 Jun 184501 Jan 1945

NS578 Records of the Congregational Church, Brighton01 Jul 184601 Jan 1942

NS626 Records of the Congregational Church at Devonport23 Jul 184710 May 1977

NS1588 Records of the Congregational, United, Presbyterian and the Uniting Church.01 Jan 185031 Dec 1996

NS264/1 Minutes of Church Meetings of the Davey Street Congregational Church01 Jul 185701 Dec 1962

NS1168 Minutes, Correspondence and associated Records of the Davey Street and Memorial Congregational and Later Uniting Churches01 Jan 186331 Dec 1987

NS1389 Records of Geeveston Community Church and Congregational Church.01 Jan 187730 Jun 1986

NS1399 Records of the Devonport and Latrobe Congregational Churches01 Jan 188001 May 1974

NS6303 Property Documents19 May 188415 May 1915

NS1381 Records of the Huonville and Cradoc Congregational Churches01 Jan 189231 Dec 1990

NS752 Minute Books and associated Records of Hobart - Later Memorial Uniting Church - and Davey Street Congregational Churches01 Jan 189406 Feb 1977

NS577 Davey Street Congregational Church - Marriage Register01 Jan 189631 Dec 1909

NS1186 Records of the Congregational Church at Franklin, Huonville and Cradoc.01 Jan 191631 Dec 1973

NS1935 Marriage Registers of the Dover Congregational Church27 Jun 191821 Apr 1962

NS264/2 Minutes of Diaconate Meetings of the Davey Street Congregational Church.01 Oct 193101 Dec 1952

NS3356 Minutes of Meetings of the Congregational Youth Fellowship19 Jun 194501 Jan 1972

NS1602 Film of Activities of the Congregational Youth Fellowship Camp01 Jan 194831 Dec 1949

NS3351 Minutes of Meetings of the Young Peoples Department13 Oct 194809 Apr 1954

NS997 Minute Book of the Parkside Young People's Christian Endeavour , Davey Street18 Oct 195101 Feb 1957

NS3358 Sample of Newsletters, Bulletins and Magazines issued by the Congregational Youth Fellowship01 Jan 195231 Dec 1971

NS680 Baptismal Register of the Davey Street Congregational Church16 Feb 195810 Dec 1972

NS4737 Baptismal Register - Devonport Congregational Later William Street Uniting Church01 May 196626 Mar 1995

NS4293 Lindisfarne Congregational Church - Lessons - Intermediate Sunday School09 Feb 196909 Aug 1970

NS4740 Records of the Registrar of Burials01 Jan 197031 Dec 1973

NS594 Constitution of the Hobart Congregational Church Formed in 1973 and Minutes of Church and Diaconate Meetings20 Feb 197307 Dec 1976