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Amateur Films
Series Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1926
End Date:
31 Dec 1929
Tasmanian Archives
Creating Agency:
01 Jan 1879
How to Use:
The films made by Mr Boddam are not regarded as dramatic works, so as cinematograph films, they are out of copyright in Australia as they were made before 1 January 1955.

The purchased films, items 3 and 4, are still in copyright.
Series notes:
This series comprises silent films shot by E. T. Boddam, in black and white. They show some interesting footage of Hobart street scenes and events and some sporting footage (golf and fishing).

Family and friends are included.

The fishing party at Great Lake shows Fred House, Ted Parkes and others who are not identified.

These records are part of the holdings of the Tasmanian Archives

Film - BODDAM E T FILMS - Royal Hobart Regatta, Hobart Zoo, first Miss Australia, Duke and Duchess of York, military personnel - street decorations - Hadleys Hotel - Royal Party in Murray Street and arrive/depart St David's Cathedral, - 16 fps silent
Film - BODDAM E T FILMS - includes Fishing, Great Lake, Tasman light - Hugh Hadley and his mother Beryl at the cottage, Nutgrove Beach, sailors, golf, beach scenes Sandy Bay and Kingston bathing cottage (38m 00s).
Film - BODDAM E T - purchased films - tennis - William Tilden - golf - includes local footage as home movies, plus a training film purchased from Kodak includes Bobby Jones USA and D Parnham - 16 fps silent - (condition poor - 16m 00s).
Film - BODDAM E T - purchased films - Felix the Cat cartoons - (black & white, 16 fps silent, 16m00secs)