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Photograph Album - World War One
Series Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1914
End Date:
31 Dec 1918
Tasmanian Archives
Creating Agency:
21 Dec 189031 Dec 1981
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Series notes:
Album of photographs taken by Dudley Ransom during World War One. The photographs include ones taken during his time training at Claremont, family photos sent to him while away, aeroplanes, locations overseas as well as photographs he collected of Gallipoli.

These records are part of the holdings of the Tasmanian Archives
System of Arrangement:
This series comprises one physical album but the photographs have been processed as individual items for the purposes of identification and retrieval.;;The item level descriptions are derived from the captions in the album. Consequently, abbreviations used by Mr Ransom may appear in these titles - for example "ARVO" - this refers to one of the world's first aircraft builders, A.V. Roe and Company.;;

Photograph - "Colombo" - man in photo is Leo (Leicester) Butler [Sri Lanka]
Photograph - "Tel -El- Kibir. Eric Johnson and Leo Buller at one of Napoleon's irrigation channels" [Egypt]
Photograph - Man dressed in ladies apparel [Tasmania]
Photograph - Princess Melikoff (Pauline Curran) [Tasmania]
Photograph - Dudley Ransom and two unidentified women [Tasmania]
Photograph - Aeroplanes - Crashed "Arvo" [England]
Photograph - Aeroplanes - Crashed "Arvo" [England]
Photograph - Aeroplanes - "Parked Machines" [England]
Photograph - Aeroplanes - Crashed "Arvo" [England]
Photograph - Aeroplanes - Crashed "Arvo" [England]
Photograph - Aeroplanes - "200 HP Bentley" [England]
Photograph - Aeroplanes - Crashed "Burnt Arvo" [England]
Photograph - Aeroplanes - 'Fancy Design" - dragon painted on aeroplane chassis [England]
Photograph - Aeroplanes - "Baby Hantey Page" (Handley Page) [England]
Photograph - Aeroplanes - "Burnt Arvo" [England]
Photograph - Aeroplanes - in warehouse [England]
Photograph - Aeroplanes - "New Aero Works Devises" [Devizes, Wiltshire, England]
Photograph - Aeroplanes - "Damaged Vickers Scout" [England]
Photograph - Aeroplanes - "Henri Smash Lt Mitchell" [England]
Photograph - Aeroplanes - parked plane, "Farman" written on tail [England]
Photograph - Aeroplanes - "Bingham's Melcombe, Dorset" [England]
Newspaper Article - March 20 1917 - "Flying Men, The Chivalry of the Air"
Photograph - Central Flying School - snow scene [England]
Photograph - Aeroplane - "BF 2C, 12 Cylinder RAF Engine" [England]
Photograph - Central Flying School - Portrait of D. Rawson RFC [England]
Photograph - Aeroplanes - "C2C Vickers Gun Bay 1916" [England]
Photograph - "Upavon Wiltshire, a typical Wiltshire lane" [England]
Photograph - "Lounge Central Flying School Mess" [England]
Photograph - "Bingham's Melcombe, February 1917" [England]
Photograph - Aeroplanes - "BE & Henri Farman" [England]
Photograph - Aeroplanes - "Crashed Henri Farman - Lt Mitchells unusual method of landing" [England]
Photograph - Aeroplanes - "Vickers Smash" - named in photo Lt. Niven (Joburg. S.A.) and Cap. Bentham [England]
Photograph - Aeroplanes - "Arvo. Lt Cullen" [England]
Photograph - Aeroplanes - "R.E. 7 capable of lifting heavy weights" [England]
Photograph - Aeroplanes - "D Ransom in F.E.7 Scout (110 Mono)" [England]
Photograph - Manor house [England]
Photograph - "Upavon Wilts" [Wiltshire, England]
Photograph - "Bingham's Melcombe, Dorset. Taken from Henning Hill" [England]
Photograph - "Wells Cathedral" [England]
Photograph - Aeroplanes - Group Portrait - "Officers under instruction at the Central Flying School" [England]
Photograph - Aeroplanes - "Crashed De Havilland Scout - Lt. Jennings struck wire fence in landing" [England]
Photograph - "Lieutenant Davis (Killed) - in Henri Farman" [England]
Photograph - Group portrait titled "A Canadian Instructor" - photo loose on reverse men are named - J. Chapman, R.P. Ford, Leo Bolter and W.W. Baker
Photograph - Land Girls on a "Fordson Tractor" [England]
Photograph - two men standing on "Zeebrugge Mole" [Belgium]
Photograph - "Fords towing a plane in Mespot" [Mesopotamia]
Photograph - "Land Girls" women working in a field [England]
Photograph - "Boats on Tigris" [Mesopotamia]
Photograph - Fords crossing a stream, possibly Mesopotamia
Photograph - "Rhodes House, SA" [South Africa]
Photograph - Fords crossing a stream possibly Mesopotamia
Photograph - Ford towing a plane, Mesopotamia
Photograph - "Columbo" - Lighters transporting soldiers [Colombo, Sri Lanka]
Photograph - Dudley Ransom and Reed on camels in front of The Great Sphinx of Giza, with the Pyramid of Khufu in the background [Egypt]
Photograph - Aeroplanes - "Hanley Page engine" [England]
Photograph - Aeroplanes - "Hanley Page" [England]
Photograph - "Halton Camp" - snow scene three women on sled [England]
Photograph - Aeroplanes - crashed plane in field [England]
Photograph - "Blimp"
Photograph - "Village Somerset" - snow scene [England]
Photograph - Aeroplanes - two planes in field [England]
Photograph - Aeroplanes - two men standing with engine and propeller
Photograph - Aeroplanes - man working on propeller
Photograph - soldiers walking down a snowy lane, possibly Halton [England]
Photograph - "Halton Wood" [England]
Photograph - "Wiltshire, Devises [Devizes]" [England]
Photograph - "S.E.5 after going through a hanger" [England]
Photograph - "Liberty's Window" [England]
Photograph - "Halton Canal" [England]
Photograph - "Halton Park Rothschild's" [England]
Photograph - "North Camp" [England]
Photograph - "Air Ship Sheds" [England]
Photograph - "Skating Gloucester" [England]
Photograph - "Skating" [England]
Photograph - "Fordson Tractor" - two Land Girls ploughing [England]
Photograph - "Land Girls on tractor" [England]
Photograph - "Leaving Hobart on Paloona 23.3.16." - looking down on crowds from ship [Tasmania]
Photograph - "Chaplain Gaults Bible Class, Orontes" Group portrait on-board the RMS Orontes
Photograph - "Rough seas Australian Bight"
Photograph - departure - looking down from ship to crowd standing on docks, possibly Melbourne
Photograph - woman sitting in car
Photograph - "Leaving Port Melbourne 29.3.16" [Victoria]
Photograph - "Dickey and G.H."
Photograph - "Gwen Hughes & Dickenson, Orontes"
Photograph - "The Down House, Sir W.S. Marriott" [England]
Photograph - "Sweet water canal behind railway stn. Tel-el -Kebir" [Egypt]
Photograph - "Gizeh Bridge over Nile" [Egypt]
Photograph - "Egypt" - Dudley Ransom on camel in front of the Great Sphinx of Egypt
Photograph - "Citadel Cairo, showing fountain for washing feet before entering Mosque, also echoing well" [Egypt]
Photograph - "Cairo & Sultan Hassan Mosque. From the Citadel" [Egypt]
Photograph - "Egyptian band on its way to the Sultans Palace to relieve the guard. Taken from the Continental Hotel" [Egypt]
Photograph - "Date palms, Cairo" [Egypt]
Photograph - magazine article showing photograph titled "From The Top Of Cheops"
Photograph - "Old man & young boy in main street Cairo" [Egypt]
Photograph - "View from Cheops of native village and intense cultivation where irrigated" [Egypt]
Photograph - "Reid and D.R. at the Pyramids" [Egypt]
Photograph - "Mena House from Cheops showing old hoop lines and road to Cairo" [Egypt]
Photograph - "Leaving Alexandria" [Egypt]
Photograph - "R-L Leo Butler, Eric Johnstone, Self. Tel-el Kebir" [Egypt]
Photograph - "Interior of Mosque, Citadel Cairo" [Egypt]
Photograph - "Native village from Great Pyramid" [Egypt]
Photograph - "Alexandria" [Egypt]
Photograph - "Sea wall Alexandria" [Egypt]
Photograph - "Alexandria Harbour" [Egypt]
Photograph - "Cap. Keyser & Lieut. Green at 4.7 gun on stern of Ivernia"
Photograph - "On Ivernia French boat falling astern, Mediterranean" - men watching a boat from the deck of the SS Ivernia
Photograph - "Lieut. A. Green, Cap. Keyser & Lieut. Leo Butler" sitting on a bunk on SS Ivernia
Photograph - "Crossing the Mediterranean in 'Ivernia'. Sunk Jan 1st 1917" - soldiers relaxing on the deck
Photograph - " 'Ivernia'. Sunk Jan 1st 1917" - soldiers standing on the deck looking out to sea
Photograph - "Etaples, France" - soldiers at camp near a railway line
Photograph - "Railroad, France" - soldiers at camp near a railway line [France]
Photograph - "Sallie Cragie, Lamas Hall" [Norfolk, England]
Photograph - "Drive up to Lamas Hall" [Norfolk, England]
Photograph - "In the rose garden Lamas Hall" - shows Sallie Cragie [Norfolk, England]
Photograph - "Beech trees & Lamas Hall" [Norfolk, England]
Photograph - "At Oxney in Norfolk " - shows people about to punt on the river [Norfolk, England]
Photograph - "Blickling" [Norfolk, England]
Photograph - "Blickling Park"- with Sallie Cragie in the background [Norfolk, England]
Photograph - "Blickling" [Norfolk, England]
Photograph - Gardens probably at Blickling [Norfolk, England]
Photograph - "Sallie, Norfolk" portrait of Sallie Cragie in a punt [England]
Photograph - horse and cart, possibly Sallie Cragie in drivers seat [England]
Photograph - "Thames, Reading" punts on river [England]
Photograph - "Kings Beck, Lamas, Norfolk" [England]
Photograph - "Thames, Reading" [England]
Photograph - Postcard - "Norwich. Blickling Hall" [England]
Photograph - "Taken from Aeroplane, Cut in Chalk. White Horse, Marlborough. From 6000ft 1916" "Wilts. This is a very fine landmark and can be seen from many miles on a clear day. Five men can sit within the circle of the eye" [England]
Photograph - "Nether-Avon Aerodrome, Wilts. Taken with Mackenzie Wishaw aero camera form B.E.2C at 5000ft by D.R." [England]
Photograph - "' Arvo' taken from another machine in flight by D.R." [England]
Photograph - " Lamas Church, Norfolk" [England]
Photograph - " Punting, Reading" [England]
Photograph - "Mill at Buxton, Norfolk" [England]
Photograph - "No.1 A.G.H. Hospital, Cairo, Egypt"
Photograph - "Flying Officers dismissed from early morning parade. Wantage Hall, Reading" [England]
Photograph - "By Cavasham Bridge, Reading" - shows two officers in a punt [England]
Photograph - "Wantage Hall, Reading" [England]
Photograph - "Christchurch College, Oxford" [England]
Photograph - "A favourite punting stream. Christchurch Grounds, Oxford" [England]
Photograph - "Late afternoon, Thames, Oxford" [England]
Photograph - "At side of Christchurch College, Oxford" [England]
Photograph - "Straight, Oxford" [England]
Photograph - "Thames, Oxford" [England]
Photograph - "Junction of Canal, Oxford"- punts on river [England]
Photograph - "On Thames at evening, Oxford" - punts on river [England]
Photograph - "At the Canal, Oxford" - punts on river [England]
Photograph - "The Straight at evening, Oxford" - punts on river [England]
Photograph - "Magdelan Tower & Bridge, Oxford"- punts on river [England]
Photograph - Aeroplanes - "B.E.2C. taken from F.E.8 at 6000 feet up by D.R."
Photograph - "R.A.M.C. Orderly, Upavon" [England]
Photograph - "Canadian Flight Lieut" [England]
Photograph - "Christchurch grounds, Oxford" [England]
Photograph - "Lieut. Jennings & D.R. arranging map of cross-country flight" [England]
Photograph - "Lieut. C.H. James in billet, Central Flying School" [England]
Photograph - "C.F.S. [Central Flying School] Nov 1916" [England]
Photograph - "Sunken Road, Upavon" [England]
Photograph - "Lieut. Roberts (Canadian, Killed), C.H. James (Aust), Jas Gardener (Scotland Killed)" Central Flying School [England]
Photograph - "Central Flying School Mess, Lt. Dodson Killed on B.E.2C. Showing mess buildings & instruction quarters, Upavon" [England]
Photograph - Aeroplanes - Crashed "De Hav. Scout. Lt Jennings" [England]
Photograph - "Stonehenge, Salisbury" [England]
Photograph - Aeroplanes - "Lt. Garnett Killed. All that was left of an 'Arvo' machine, Lieut Garnett, Sub Commander, Alpine Climber & competent pilot got into a spin at 500 feet" [England]
Photograph - Aeroplanes - "Lt. Niven. Vickers gun machine damaged landing" [England]
Photograph - "Bath, Somerset" [England]
Photograph - "Lewis Gun Practice, C.F.S. The nacelle of an aeroplane let into ground and mounted with Lewis gun for practice" [England]
Photograph - Aeroplanes "Arvo - Lt Garnett Killed, Central Flying School" [England]
Photograph - "A Dorset dew pond with Dorset sheep & beech wood" [England]
Photograph - "Moat round Bishops Castle Wells" [England]
Photograph - "Drawbridge at gate over moat Bishops Castle Wells" [England]
Photograph - "Bingham's Melcombe, the old house on stone foundations is well below the level of the lawns" [England]
Photograph - "Bingham's Melcombe, Lady Grogan's Home" [England]
Photograph - "Bingham's Melcombe, showing Rectory & Chapel" [England]
Photograph - "Glastonbury Abbey, burnt and smashed in the time of the reformation" [England]
Photograph - "Glastonbury Abbey" [England]
Photograph - "Ruins Glastonbury Abbey, Dorset. The grounds (about 3 acres) & ruins have been sold over thirty times, the last time in 1908. The C of E brought it for 36,000" [England]
Photograph - " Binghams Melcombe" - show lady standing in front of gates [England]
Photograph - "Stonehenge" [England]
Photograph - "Hamilton-Jackson"- Portrait in front of aeroplane [England].
Photograph - "Watching looping the loop. Central Flying School" [England].
Photograph - "Joy rides, Tel-el-Kabir" [Egypt].
Photograph - "Tel-el-Kabir" - soldiers camp [Egypt]
Photograph - "Victorian Troops, Colombo"- men being transported by boat [Sri Lanka]
Photograph - "Canal, Tel-el-Kabir. Felukas waiting for the lock to open" [Egypt].
Photograph - "Native thrashing corn, Tel-el-Kabir." [Egypt].
Photograph - "Tasmanian Troops, Colombo"- men being transported by boat [Sri Lanka]
Photograph - "Mediterranean. 'Ivernia'"
Photograph - "Native graveyard, Tel-el-Kabir" [Egypt]
Photograph - "Opposite Grand Oriental Hotel, Colombo" - local standing in street [Sri Lanka]
Photograph - local men in boat.
Photograph - "Hotel, now French officers hosp., La Touquet, France" [France]
Photograph - "Going from Alexandria to Marseilles, H.M.T. Ivernia" - men on deck
Photograph - "Soldiers Graveyard, France. Taken in 1916 this had 1400 in it, two to a grave except officers & sisters" [France]
Photograph - "This now has some 3,000 in it" - graveyard [France]
Photograph - "Hospital train. France" [France]
Photograph - "Hospital train. France. Princess Pat's Hosp. train passing camp at Etaples & my tent door. The train passed up or down this line ever 3 mins day & night" [France]
Photograph - "Leaving. Hobart 23.3.16" - crowd on dock [Tasmania]
Photograph - "Early morn. troops tired out after an all night march. Leaving Camp at 8PM with full pack we marched to Berck Plase 20 miles by 3AM turned into a hay field." [France]
Photograph - "D.R. 1916" - Dudley Ransom in uniform
Photograph - "Water Eaton, Oxfordshire" [England]
Photograph - "Water Eaton Manor, Oxfordshire" [England]
Photograph - "Marcia Brace, Water Eaton Manor" [England]
Photograph - "Margaret Webb, Mrs Brace, Miss Williams & Jamie Worthington" Water Eaton Manor [England]
Photograph - "D.R. in FE8 Scout. Leaving Water Eaton in Sparsey Meadow the morning after my 200 mile flight. This type of machine I afterwards took up to 15,00 feet over Portsmouth." [England]
Photograph - "Water Eaton" [England]
Photograph - "Diana Gurney, Lieut. Lucas, Phillipa Gurney, Sara Cragie (Bride), Capt. G. Lucas (Bridegroom), - Lawrence, - Currie" [England]
Photograph - "W. Berry, A.F.C. Central Flying School 1916" [England]
Photograph - Aeroplanes - "B.E.2C. taken at 6,000 from De Havilland Scout, by D.R."
Photograph - Aeroplanes - "Vickers at 6,000 feet by D.R."
Photograph - "Mrs Alex McGregor" [Tasmania]
Photograph - group portrait of women under a tree [Tasmania]
Photograph - "Mrs Boyes, Mrs McGregor, Grace Douglas & Pauline Curran. Hobart 1916" [Tasmania]
Photograph - group portrait in orchard. [Tasmania]
Photograph - man standing in water and two women dangling their feet in the water from boat, all in bathing costumes [Tasmania]
Photograph - two women and a man on the beach with a dog [Tasmania]
Photograph - "Cap Sarson, Miss Herring & Cap Keyser. Tennis. Orontes" [RMS Orontes]
Photograph - "Orontes" - group portrait nurses and officers [RMS Orontes]
Photograph - "Rough sea Australian Bight" [RMS Orontes]
Photograph - "Orontes Ships Team" - men engaged in tug of war [RMS Orontes]
Photograph - "Orontes Officers Team- winners" - men engaged in tug of war [RMS Orontes]
Photograph - "Tel-el-Kibir, Drawbridge on sweetwater canal" [Egypt]
Photograph - "'Orontes' leaving W.A." - portrait of a man and woman [Western Australia]
Photograph - "'Port Adelaide S.A." [South Australia]
Photograph - "Leaving Tasmania 23.3.16" - group portrait Dudley Ransom and Lt Brownell with relatives [Hobart, Tasmania]
Photograph - "S.S. Paloona leaving Hobart 16 & 12 Btn. 23.3.16" - men on deck [Tasmania]
Photograph - "D.R., old Mrs Roberts & Lt. Brownell" [Tasmania]
Photograph - "On the beach near Boulogne Lieut. Ford, Chapman and Hilton. France 1916" [France]
Photograph - "St Gabriel Rd France. Result of wearing new boots" [France]
Photograph - "Ruins of Hotel. St Gabriel France" [France]
Photograph - "St Gabriel, France" [France]
Photograph - "St. Gabriel, France" [France]
Photograph - "Fontenbleau. A most beautiful scene on the Marseilles to Paris line the old home of Josephine" [France]
Photograph - "N.Z. Troops going to boat stations of Sardinia. Ivernia sunk 1.1.17" [SS Ivernia]
Photograph - "Boat stations Ivernia" [SS Ivernia]
Photograph - "A typical French road scene, wonderfully pretty. La Touquet, France" [France]
Photograph - "A beautiful peep from the train north of Paris" [Montereau, France]
Photograph - "Washed down by the encroachment of the sea. From here is a splendid view of the Channel & English coast. It was owned by the Germans" [St Gabriel, France]
Photograph - "Colombo" [Sri Lanka]
Photograph - "A load of stone. Tel-el-Kabir" - camel carrying rocks [Egypt]
Photograph - "Colombo" [Sri Lanka]
Photograph - "Abdul Mohamet, Alexandria" [Egypt]
Photograph - "Binghams Melcombe. This main house dates from 1000AD & is one of the finest type of old homes in Dorset" [England]
Photograph - "Binghams Melcombe. Interior of the Hall. 1917" [England]
Photograph - "Binghams Melcombe 1917" - Interior of the Hall [England]
Photograph - "Binghams Melcombe 1917, view of hedges 14ft thick" [England]
Photograph - "Tennantrees, Dorset. Col Edgerton's Estate" [England]
Photograph - "Tennantrees" [Dorset, England]
Photograph - "Horne Been Walk. This sort of path extended for a mile" [England]
Photograph - "Limes, Down House" [England]
Photograph - "Milton Abbey, Sir Edward Hamborough" [England]
Photograph - "Cosham, in winter" [England]
Photograph - "F. Till, R.N.A.S. who captured a German mine layer Submarine" [England]
Photograph - "Cosham" - portrait of three people and a cat [England]
Photograph - "Sister Edwards, Russian Hospital" [London, England]
Photograph - "Self and T.S. Russian Hospital" [London, England]
Photograph - "Faith Ward. Russian Hospital. Part of the old ballroom" [London, England]
Photograph - "Hope Ward. Russian Hospital." [London, England]
Photograph - "Hope Ward. Russian Hospital." [London, England]
Photograph - "H. Walker. Russian Hospital." [London, England]
Photograph - "M.W. Water Eaton" [England] - portrait of Mary or Margaret Webb in boat.
Photograph - "Cosham House. Home of the Webbs outside Portsmouth" [England]
Photograph - "Hope Ward. Russian Hospital" [London, England]
Photograph - "Mary & Margaret Webb. Cosham" [England]
Photograph - "A walk in the Water Eaton Garden" [Oxfordshire, England]
Photograph - Mary & Margaret Webb [England]
Photograph - "Empress of Asia and Hampshire. Keeling Island 1914"
Photograph - Group portrait, Dudley Ransom center. [England]
Photograph - "Lieuts: J. Chapman, R.P Ford, Les Butler (Killed), M.W. Baker (Killed)"
Photograph - "1917" - Woman with dog [England]
Photograph - "Short Seaplane" [Plymouth, England]
Photograph - "Old Eddystone Light House" [Plymouth, England]
Photograph - "Embarking for Australia. Devonport" [Devon, England]
Photograph - "Plymouth Sound" [Devon, England]
Photograph - "Plymouth" [Devon, England]
Photograph - Two men in fencing uniforms holding rifles [C. McVilley & Ray Sherwin] [Claremont, Tasmania]
Photograph - "Salisbury.1916. Taken to show railway Station with M.W. aero camera at 6000feet by D.R." [Salisbury, England]
Photograph - "Light Cruiser. Devonport" [Devon, England]
Photograph - "Old type cruisers" [Devon, England]
Photograph - "HMS Courageous" [Devon, England]
Photograph - "Service ANZAC Day. HMT Themistocles"
Photograph - seagulls flying past ship
Photograph - "Russian Cruiser Ascold"
Photograph - "Hooe Church, Devon" [England]
Photograph - "Hooe, Devon" [England]
Photograph - "Oreston Castle, Devon" [England]
Photograph - River scene with Pyramids in distance [Egypt]
Photograph -"Devon" [England]
Photograph -"Alexandria" [Egypt]
Photograph -"Cairo" [Egypt]
Photograph -"Tel-el-Kabir" [Egypt]
Photograph -"Esbekien Gardens, Cairo" [Egypt]
Photograph -"Cairo" [Egypt]
Photograph -"Ferry post" [Egypt?]
Photograph -"Sweet water canal, Gizeh" [Egypt]
Photograph -"Cairo" [Egypt]
Photograph -"River Somme" [France]
Photograph -"Doulon" [France]
Photograph -"Plymouth Hoe from old Eddystone Lighthouse" [England]
Photograph -"Sister Gordon & Grand Hotel in distance. Plymouth Hoe" [England]
Photograph -"Convalescent soldiers on grass. From Old Eddystone Lighthouse. Plymouth Hoe" [England]
Photograph - "Trawler patrol boat. Note the 2.7 Gun in the bows & bombdroppers astern for submarines"
Photograph - "Showing museum, old fortifications & seaplane station. Plymouth Hoe" [England]
Photograph - "Church Plymouth" - shows Sister Gordon [England]
Photograph - "H.T. Themistocles" - shows two men seated
Photograph - "ANZAC" - looking down toward landing point [Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey]
Photograph - "ANZAC" - looking down toward beach [Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey]
Photograph - "ANZAC" - Ambulance Station on beach [Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey]
Photograph - "ANZAC. Shells Bursting" [Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey]
Photograph - "ANZAC" - looking across beach [Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey]
Photograph - "Gallipoli" - graveyard [Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey]
Photograph - "Walkers Ridge, ANZAC" [Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey]
Photograph - "Dressing Station ANZAC" [Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey]
Photograph - " ANZAC Beach looking toward Suvla Bay" - panorama of the beach [Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey]
Photograph - " Anzac" - show supplies on beach [Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey]
Photograph - "Turkish prisoners being taken off. Showing launch sunk by shell fire" [Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey]
Photograph - "Dugouts" [Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey]
Photograph - "Taking troops ashore. Anzac" [Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey]
Photograph - "Dugouts" [Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey]
Photograph - "Dugouts" [Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey]
Photograph - "Dugouts" [Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey]
Photograph - "Native well, Egypt" [Egypt]
Photograph - "Father Neptune, Cairo" [Egypt]
Photograph - "Native mounted police" [Egypt]
Photograph - "School children, Egypt" [Egypt]
Photograph - "Leaving Egypt for Gallipoli" [Egypt]
Photograph - "From Citadel showing Sultan Hassens Mosque" [Egypt]
Photograph - "Donkey born on Gallipoli"
Photograph - "Pompies pillar" [Pompey's Pillar, Alexandria, Egypt]
Photograph - "'Kiwi' Egyptian bootblack" [Egypt]
Photograph - "Putting on shoes before going into Mosque at Citadel" [Egypt]
Photograph - "Underground passage supposed to lead from Alexandria to Cairo" [Egypt]
Photograph - "Cairo Zoo" - shows giraffes [Egypt]
Photograph - "Waterseller, Cairo" [Egypt]
Photograph - "Sierra Leone"
Photograph - "Observation balloon going out of Plymouth sound on T.B.D. to look for Submarines" [England]
Photograph - "Sierra Leone"
Photograph - group of locals [Sierra Leone]
Photograph - "Entrance to Sierra Leone"
Photograph - "Native women in Sunday clothes, Sierra Leone"
Photograph - "H.T. Themistocles"
Photograph - "Sacred cow, Sierra Leone"
Photograph - "Freetown harbour showing H.M.S. Kent & some of the convoy" [Sierra Leone]
Photograph - "Freetown, West Africa" [Sierra Leone]
Photograph - "Village pump Freetown"- 2 photos joined [Sierra Leone]
Photograph - "Willie (the guide) in Sunday clothes" [Sierra Leone]
Photograph - ""Turkish prisoners" [Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey]
Photograph - ""Turkish prisoners" [Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey]
Photograph - ""Prisoners passing H.Q.S" [Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey]
Photograph - "No.3 Gun 9 Btl in Action" [Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey]
Photograph - "Trench Tas. Post" [Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey]
Photograph - "Anzac Cove" [Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey]
Photograph - "Unexploded Turkish shells" - 3 men sitting [Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey]
Photograph - "Walkers Ridge" [Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey]
Photograph - "Left Flank" [Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey]
Photograph - "Stores Anzac" [Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey]
Photograph - "Lieut Chirnside" [Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey]
Photograph - "Native Village" [Egypt]
Photograph - Portrait of man reading 'The Weekly Courier' [Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey?]
Photograph - "Major Pybus & Col Pleasant" [Egypt]
Photograph - "Old gun Alexandria" [Egypt]
Photograph - "9th Bty in Action" [Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey?]
Photograph - "Observation Post" [Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey?]
Photograph - "Alexandria sea wall" [Egypt]
Photograph - "Sierra Leone" - view of convoy in harbour
Photograph - "Sierra Leone" - Street scene
Photograph - "Sierra Leone"
Photograph - "Sierra Leone" - Street scene
Photograph - "Observation balloon on T.B.D. Plymouth" [England]
Photograph - "Freetown from harbour" [Sierra Leone]
Photograph - "General Christian" - sleeping in deck chair [HMT Themistocles?]
Photograph - "Sailors off HMS Australia and boy in fancy dress" [HMT Themistocles?]
Photograph - "Native woman" [Sierra Leone]
Photograph - "Cap. J. Osbourne" [HMT Themistocles]
Photograph - "Cap Jim Osbourne & Col Duigan" [HMT Themistocles]
Photograph - "Cap Yeoman? (Vic.) Lt Berry (AFC) N.S.W., Col Dean S.A. o/c of HMT Themistocles
Photograph - "Lt. Rickwood & Sister Love" [HMT Themistocles]
Photograph - "Table Mountain, Cape Town" [South Africa]
Photograph - "Lieut. Osbourne" [HMT Themistocles]
Photograph - "Horse for concert, made up horse training" [HMT Themistocles]
Photograph - "Hippo Cairo Zoo" [Egypt]
Photograph - "Zoo" - Hippo yawning [Egypt]
Photograph - "Statue of Garibaldi" [Rome, Italy]
Photograph - "Palermo" [Italy]
Photograph - "Street Monreal, Palermo" [Italy]
Photograph - "Church Festival, Malta"
Photograph - "Church Festival, Malta"
Photograph - "Alexandria Harbour" [Egypt]
Photograph - "Malta"
Photograph -"Sliema Ferry" [Malta]
Photograph - "Submarine, Valetta Harbour" [Malta]
Photograph - "Sliema" [Malta]
Photograph - "Scenes in Malta"
Photograph - "Terraces" [Malta]
Photograph - "Match-seller Valetta" [Malta]
Photograph - "Valetta" [Malta]
Photograph - "Valetta Station" [Malta]
Photograph - "Sliema" [Malta]
Photograph - "French Festival, Cairo" [Egypt]
Photograph - "French Officers & their (or someone else's) wives" [Egypt]
Photograph - 379A "French Festival" [Egypt]; 379B Officers and men who laded on Gallipoli on HMAS Thermistocles July 1917
Photograph - "Cairo" [Egypt]
Photograph - portrait of two men [Australia?]
Photograph - "Lieut L Brownell" [Australia?]
Photograph - a man dressed in ladies apparel [Tasmania]
Photograph - man skipping on beach [Tasmania]
Photograph - factory or farm [Tasmania]
Photograph - boat on the River Derwent [Hobart, Tasmania]
Photograph - two women on a veranda [Tasmania]
Photograph - a woman holding a posy [Tasmania]
Photograph - the cliffs at Devils Kitchen [Tasmania]
Photograph - "C. McVilley & Ray Sherwin, Claremont" - men in fencing uniforms holding rifles [Tasmania]
Photograph - men in fencing uniforms practicing hand to hand combat [Claremont, Tasmania]
Photograph - "D.R., Mollie Counsel, D.R." [Tasmania]
Photograph - "Browns River"- shows pier and cars [Kingston, Tasmania]
Photograph - "D.R., Jessie Campbell, Stewart, Grace Douglas, Geoff Payne, Adela Campbell, Nurse Smith" [Plenty, Tasmania]
Photograph - "Picnic Plenty" [Tasmania]
Photograph - "D.R. in sleeping bag, Mt Nelson" [Tasmania]
Photograph - "On Derwent" [Tasmania]
Photograph - "Remains of tent in which Cap. Vincent was burnt" [Tasmania]
Photograph - "Sandy Bay range" - gun range [Tasmania]
Photograph - " Cap Payne, Darby, Leo, Nurse Smith, Knight" [Tasmania]
Photograph - "J.D. Foster" [Claremont, Tasmania]
Photograph - "Cap Patterson, Leiut McInnis, Cap Mc Villey " [Claremont, Tasmania]
Photograph - "Claremont" - Soldiers on a train [Tasmania]
Photograph - "View from Mt Nelson" [Tasmania]
Photograph - "Trench" [Claremont, Tasmania]
Photograph - "Striking camp" [Claremont, Tasmania]
Photograph - "Claremont" - trenches and fortifications [Tasmania]
Photograph - "Claremont" - trenches and fortifications [Tasmania]
Photograph - "C. Hinman, C. McVilley, A. McKinnon" [Tasmania]
Photograph - "Marjorie Walkers Wedding" [Tasmania]
Photograph - a group of people having tea [Tasmania]
Photograph - "Claremont Camp 1915" [Tasmania]
Photograph - "Picnic 1916" [Tasmania]
Photograph - woman elegantly firing a pistol [Tasmania]
Photograph - "J.D." - woman in bathing costume [Tasmania]
Photograph - a group of people picnicking [Tasmania]
Photograph - "M. Hunter, Sallie. Norfolk" [England]
Photograph - "M.W." - figure sitting on bed, possibly Margaret Webb
Photograph - "Capt Gordon Lucas"
Photograph - "Rose Walk Lamas Hall" [Norfolk, England]
Photograph - "Darby" - portrait of nurse Altman
Photograph - "Rainthorpe Manor, Norfolk" [England]
Photograph - two women in summer dress with a man in uniform, possibly Dudley Ransom
Photograph - sea cliffs
Photograph - group of people on a veranda
Photograph - a man and woman on the beach
Photograph - a group of people on a veranda
Photograph - a group of people walking toward the camera
Photograph - a group of people
Photograph - a group of people in shadows in a sea cave
Photograph - a sea cave
Photograph - "T.B.D. Returning from patrol. Plymouth" [England]
Photograph - "H.M.S. Impregnable. Training Ship, Devonport" [England]
Photograph - soldiers being transported by a lighter
Photograph - Dudley Ransom and Reed on camels in front of The Great Sphinx of Giza, with the Pyramid of Khufu in the background [Egypt]
Photograph - Postcard - "Environs d'Hesdin" [France]
Photograph - Postcard - Cairo - "Sheapheard's Hotel" [Egypt]
Photograph - Postcard - "Trafalgar Square, London" [England]
Photograph - Water Eaton, Oxfordshire [England]
Photograph - "Street Old Cairo" [Egypt]
Photograph - "Standing to boat stations when German submarines was reported. Ivernia. Mediterranean"
Photograph - Postcard - "Thames Embankment & St. Pauls, London" [England]
Photograph - Postcard - 'Buckingham Palace and Queen Victoria Memorial" [England]
Photograph - Postcard- "Environs d'Hesdin" [France]
Photograph - Postcard - "Hesdin"
Photograph - Postcard - "Marble Arch, London" [England]
Photograph - Postcard - "Oxford, Christ College, Tom Quad" [England]
Photograph - Postcard - "La Foret d'Hesdin" [France]
Photograph - Postcard - "Etaples" [France]
Photograph - Postcard - "Hesdin" [France]
Photograph - Aeroplanes - parked plane
Photograph - "HMS 'Courageous' 1 Light Cruiser Squadron. Length 900 Ft. Speed 45 knots. 4 15 inch & 15 4 guns. 10 submerged torpedo tubes, carries seaplane. 50 mines. Burns oil. Crew 1100 men"
Photograph - "HMS Courageous"
Photograph - "Fountainbleau" [France]
Photograph - "Convoy off West Africa, 1917"
Photograph - "Main street, Cairo" [Egypt]
Photograph - "Some sea, some sailor"
Photograph - "Sandbags on bridge of 'Orontes' for protection against Turkish snipers on Suez Canal"
Photograph - "Concert on Themistocles, Plymouth" [England]
Photograph - "Porpoises, Indian Ocean"
Photograph - "Plymouth' [England]
Photograph - "Emden. 1914. Taken a few hours after the battle" [SMS Emden, grounded off the Cocos Islands]
Photograph - "Emden. 1914" [SMS Emden, grounded off the Cocos Islands]
Photograph - "Margaret & Mary Webb & Fred Till R.N.A.S. Cosham House 1917" [England]
Photograph - "F.Till R.N.A.S. Taken in dressing gown" [England]
Photograph - "Cosham" [England]
Photograph - "Cosham" [England]
Photograph - "Mary W." [England]
Photograph - "F.T. & M.W." [England]
Photograph - 'Rooks nests, Hants" [England]
Photograph - "Plenty, Salmon Ponds"- group portrait [Tasmania]
Photograph - "Salmon Ponds" [Tasmania]
Photograph - "Ray Sherwin" [Claremont, Tasmania]
Photograph - "Claremont 1915" - men swimming [Tasmania]
Photograph - "Plenty" - picnic scene [Tasmania]
Photograph - "Major Payne" [Claremont, Tasmania]
Photograph - "Cap. Brownell" [Claremont, Tasmania]
Photograph - "Plenty" - picnic scene [Tasmania]
Photograph - "Lieuts Hunt & Trenssidot?" - text partly illegible [Claremont, Tasmania]
Photograph - "Claremont, 1915" - men swimming [Tasmania]
Photograph - "Claremont, 1915" - men swimming [Tasmania]
Photograph - "Darby Altman & Adela Sampson?" [Tasmania]
Photograph - "Darby, Adela, Jessie, Laurie Brownell" [Tasmania]
Photograph - "D.R. 1915" - Dudley Ransom [Tasmania]
Photograph - "D.R., Darby Altman, Barclay, Miss Payne, Miss Smith, A Green, Leo Butler, Coulter, Suter. Sitting: Jessie Campbell, L. Brownell, Misses Knight, Downie" [Tasmania]
Photograph - "Lieuts Barclay, Butter, Suter, Green, Coulten, Sitting: Brownell, Ransom, Downie" [ Tasmania]
Photograph - "Hobart from Mt Nelson" [Tasmania]
Photograph - "Deagan?, Tachaberry, Harris" - text partly illegible [Tasmania]
Photograph - "Range finding, Claremont" [Tasmania]
Photograph - "Striking camp Claremont" [Tasmania]
Card - "With best wishes for a bright and happy New year from N.S.Os & men of the 26th Battalion to Lieut Ransom. 1916"
Photograph - Land girls in field [England]
Photograph - Postcard - "Groupe de Pecheuses de Crovettes"
Photograph - This is the 'Virtual Album' of the individually listed items 1-512 contained the in original hard copy album.