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Dorothy Henry Greener - Correspondence and Memorabilia
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Start Date:
16 Apr 1951
End Date:
01 Jul 2014
Tasmanian Archives
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20 Jan 1945
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Closed till deaths of Helene Chung Martin, Dorothy Henry Greener and Helene Chung nephew
Series notes:
This series comprises letters, cards and memorabilia received from friends and family. Additional comments against each item provided by Helene Chung Martin at time of deposit.

These records are part of the holdings of the Tasmanian Archives

Eileen Brooker - painted Dorothy's oil portrait, reveals disappointment in not winning 1948 competition (3 letters)
Thelma Carter, artist. 2 Christmas cards - original art work
Pamela Caldwell - Uni friend of Helene and John Martin ( 2 letters)
Beverley Cornish - daughter of Dorothy's German shepherd breeder friend, Mrs "Mum" Badcock
Deborah and Phillip Chung and family ( 5 chiildren) - Dorothy's favourite nieice Yum Yum, one of Brother Gordon's 7 daughters married son of Dorothy's 1st husand, Charles, by 3rd wife Mollance. 11 items
Chung Gon family led by Edward "Teddy" and Gladys of Hobart's Pekin Gift Store. Thank you card following death of Gladys
Robert Edwards - on Leslie Greener and Gold of Pharaohs Exhibition
Donald Finlay - thank you card
Peter Frank, Sydney Business man - introduced to Dorothy by Rolf and Roma Barme, Bellevue Hill, Sydney c 1947 when D was a paying guest of the Barme's. Rolf was chauffeur to conductor Eugene Goosens, while studying dentistry. Goosens gave D a lift 2 items
Guy Greener - "Pot" - Dorothy's stepson, incl Huon Drafting plans, photographs
Gillian and John Gregory, Gill is half-sister to John Martin, with same mother, Marcia Laing. 3 items.
Lester Henry, brother of Dorothy, Lehene his favourite neice. Second Marriage to Janice produced Jan-Marie and Raymond. (5 items)
Mary Imlach Hodgson - lifelong class mate of Lehene, lawyer for Dorothy in Hobart
Jean Innes, Clairvoyant with healing powers
Eileen Johnson, acquaintance and Friends School music teacher. Dorothy met Eileen at a Chinese luncheon
Renate and Bob Kamener, friends of Helene and John Martin, who delievered eulogy at John's funeral; Bob their Doctor, Later Dorothy's too
Martin Kerr met Helene at Uni Melbourne pool and became close friends for time after John's death
Hazel Laird - wife of photographer Norman Laird
Jennifer Laird, professional carer, Melbourne
Marcus Laycock, son of Pamela and nephew of Terry Foster, an Anglican and then Catholic Priest.
Trevor and Ruby Lee - of Hobart's Chinese Community - wedding invitation
Frances Lee Bennett, Dorothy's niece, daughter of sister Joyce.
Madeleine Lovell, Dorothy's niece and daughter of brother Gordon
Francis Lymburner, artist whose nude of Dorothy disappeared from suitcase when she stayed with strict Catholic sister Joyce.
Egypt - Robert Merrilles, co-author of Living With Egypt's Past in Australia, Geoffrey Martin - Egyptologist
Jessie Miller
Laurence Pollinger - Leslie Greener's agent in London
Helen Richards - ABC Sound Librarian answering query on Three Gymnopedies
Margaret Roxburgh - long time artist friend who suffered from health issues
Peter Rumney - one-time boyfriend of Lehene, later briefly of Helene, who saw Dorothy as a mother figure
Reginald Scott, spiritualist with healing powers and wife Sarah
Peter Shaw of Jaguar Car Club of Tasmania
Shivaram, Indian Dancer whom Dorothy saw in 1950. Les Greener as Director of Adult Education and choreographer Louisa Mary Lightfoot. D. dressed as Janaki at artists ball. Eileen Brooker as Shivaram
John Sinclair, Melbourne Herald music critic who replied to Dorothy's fan letter 13 years later
Judy and Neville Smith, Sandy Bay acquaintances
Diana Stead (nee Hood) - friend of Dorothy's since early 1950s
Sylvia - Sai Baba follower
Kenneth von Bibra - friend through Leslie Greener
Sue Walden - was married to Peter Walden, Rex Walden's younger son with whom Dorothy enjoyed close mother - son relationship.
Mabel Wang - childhood friend of Dorothy, after their fathers Gen Chung Henry and Wing Dan met aboard a ship to/from China. Widow of former Melbourne City Councillor David Wang
William Yang, photographer met Dorothy at Dragon Boat Palace, Melbourne, talk by H. on Shouting from China in 1990. Asked to interview Dorothy for a TV series that did not eventuate, Helene's home for the interview. Said D more intersting story than H.
Get well messages received by Dorothy when in Epworth Hospital - double by-pass after heart attack - surgery caused stroke.
Get well messages received by Dorothy when in Freeemasons Hospital after an haemorrhagic stroke caused by fall 4.00am 30/9/2013
Invitations to Art Exhibitions
Defence Department on Leslie Greener's military Service and Legacy Invitation.
Funerals - Leslie Greener, Gin/Gen Chung Henry or Gordon Henry (?)
Gordon Henry and family - head of Henry family after Father's death - funeral, cards, wedding invitations, thank you notes.
Legal including Leslie Greener's estate, 3 Lambert Avenue,
Living Will, Images under glass of bedroom desk at Nova 1406
Receipts for household furniture, furnishings and China
Medical incl. Helene's doctors at time of MG car crash, Dorothy's tear duct operations, macular degeneration etc.
Motoring and maintenance - incl - Dick Crawford, Jaguar Car Club of Tasmania (all prizes and memorabilia donated to JCCT in Mar 2014)
Travel - incl. to see Lehene when ill 1998, 2000
Religious and Spiritual - incl. acupuncture, Carmelite Monastery (x4) Unification Movement, Ridgmont Healing Trust, Sai Baba's Ash, Theosophical Society, Vic Spiritualist Society.
Max Angus, Hobart artist for whom Dorothy modelled from c 1950. Dorothy did his wife, Thedda's hair, incl pencil drawing of Dorothy C 1972, with letter - catalogues and christmas cards
Terry Foster, special friend of Dorothy from mid 1980s, introduced by his mother, Lorrie, across Road from D at Lambert Ave. Lorrie did not approve of him seeing Dorothy but nonetheless wrote wrote thank you notes. Incl Max Angus catalogue featuring D.
Leslie Greener, incl. The Vanished Tasmanian film script
Norman Laird with whom Dorothy enjoyed special relationship after Leslie's death. Leslie and Norman collaborated on Ross Bridge book.
Lehene's son - adopted out at birth, re-united in 1997. Photos and cards of family.
Rex Walden - radio announcer - met Dorothy in Sydney - moved to Hobart and lived together from 1955
Folder of clippings and photographs - Guy Greener and Lehene's son.