Cover image for Paintings and Photographs Etc from Dorothy Henry Greener Collection and Lehene Chung Goodenday Collection
Paintings and Photographs Etc from Dorothy Henry Greener Collection and Lehene Chung Goodenday Collection
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Special Conditions - See Series Details
Start Date:
01 Sep 1944
End Date:
01 Jun 2013
Tasmanian Archives
Creating Agency:
20 Jan 1945
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Items NS4831/1/1-8, 10-14, 19-31, 33-39 are OPEN ON REQUEST to donor.

Items NS4831/1/9, 15-18, 32 are closed till deaths of Helene Chung Martin, Dorothy Henry Greener and Helene Chung nephew

The use of any material for documentation, transmission or publication requires written authority from the Donor or her Records Executor/ Nominee. Researchers are directed to the Contact page of website: (2015)
Series notes:
Paintings, photographs, poems, certificates.

These records are part of the holdings of the Tasmanian Archives

LC Child drawings x6
HC Child drawings
Child drawings; Portrait of Lehene (crayon and pencil, David Lloyd 1/2/62)
HC paintings behind glass
HC paintings behind glass - black background
HC paintings behind glass - purple
HC paintings behind glass - fingerprints
Copy x2 Lehene on graduation day, Open University, London
Copy Dorothy at Lehene and David's wedding reception, with Cousin Carol, 'Bunkers Dip', London, copy Lehene at Torquay (during holiday with son)
Grade 3 IIl classroom demonstration abstract 1953 x2
DL02 Dorothy at reception, David, Cousin Carol Henry, at 'Bunkers Dip', Hampstead Garden suburb
DL01 Lehene and David Goodenday on their wedding day, London
DL03 Lehene Graduation BA Open University London
DL04 Lehene and David Goodenday in livery at Painters and Stainers Hall, London
DL05 Lehene and newly reunited son with Helene at his Melbourne home.
DL06 Lehene's 54th birthday (w David) at Miramar, Port Crousty, France
DL07 Lehene on chaise longue at Torquay, Devon, UK (holidaying with son)
DL08 copy of DL07
DL09 Helene 'Anne's Sour on Yoghurt' Scene
DL10 Helene 'No racism', says TDT girl Helene, Sun
DL11 Helene, 'China an enigma to a Chinese,' Jan McGuinness, The Bulletin, (Kimbal Baker)
DL12 Helene ABC Radio National 1991 for International Report program
DL14 Norman Laird, Tasmanian Film Unit photographs - No. L 10906
Lehene Goodenday BA Open University Certificate
Lehene Goodenday Letter to The Times
Copy Lehene at piano 12 months x3
Pencil portrait Dorothy (likely by Leslie Greener) x2; Bird eating worm, kitten lapping milk
Maps for Shouting from China by Penguin Publisher
Copy Gordon Walters pencil portrait Helene sleeping c 1952 x3
Copies HC certificates BA, BA (Hons) x2
Bryony Marks' score for musical The Happiness Box
Lehene's 'Lehene and son' Images
DL13 Norman Laird, Tasmanian Film Unit photographs
HC Self Portrait, Yellow Abstract c 1954
HC MA certificate
Gordon Walters - Original pencil drawing Helene Asleep c 1952, framed behind glass
Lehene Chung: Poem to Lehene by John Lachal printed on hard board c 1970
Card farewelling Helene from Nationwide to China
Card farewelling Helene from Radio Australia