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Films Produced and Acquired by the Bester Family
Series Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1935
End Date:
31 Dec 1987
Tasmanian Archives
Creating Agency:
01 Jan 1865
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Copyright in the films in this series is assigned to the State Archivist
Series notes:
This series contains material shot by Jeffrey and Bob Bester. This series of films can be distinguished from the series NS4432 in that the subject matter here more broadly relates to the private interests and activites of both men outside of their normal business activities with Ash, Bester and Co.



Locations: Tasmania's west coast

Mount Murchison

McIntosh [sic

Mackintosh] River

Lake Margaret

King River

Henty River


Ocean Beach

Mount Lyell


Lake St. Clair

River Derwent

Scenes: *captioned*

barren hills

smelter outbuildings

road to King River

Stan and Bonnie Tilley and kids

ore bucket railway

XM Falcon station wagon driving across the Henty River Bridge

long shot mountain scenery

Jeff with kids on the bridge

turbulent river

small waterfalls

Murchison Highway under construction [opened 13 December 1963]

harbour views


Tilley family

Bester family

Jeff Stan kids piggy-back race

Derwent Scottish Pipe Band


blast furnaces

pouring slag

tapping copper





Locations: Queenstown

Lake Margaret power station

Port Arthur

Scenes: pouring blister copper

red Vauxhall rail car exteriors and interiors

power station

rotating the rail car on the turntable

inside the power station

view from atop the penstocks looking down to the power station

the rail car in motion

Stan Tilley in the rail car

long shot of the smelter works

opening scallops

baby in the bath


Locations: The Gorge Launceston

Coles Bay

Glen Huon

27 Hinsby Road Taroona

Mount Wellington



Battery Point


Tasman Peninsula

Port Arthur


Meander River

Liffey Falls

Great Western Tiers

Pavilion Point

Cambrdige aerodrome


Huon River

Elizabeth Street Hobart


Sleeping Beauty

Alexander Battery Sandy Bay

Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

Bell Street New Town

Scenes: fixing wheel on vehicle

family scenes


view of the bridge

oast houses

bush fire

snow-capped mountain

Jeff mowing lawns

Violet & Bob's garden and produce

township buildings and bridge

beach headlands

Jones' Pier

paper mill

steam train

Australian Paper Manufacturing company

ferry SS Lurgurena

Lenna hotel


Tasman Arch

historical ruins

hop fields


church interiors

fishing trout


Fay Bester and Violet

Neil Bester

Great Western Tiers longshot

golden carp in pond



Pavilion Point steam train



Bester family on the beach

red pedal car

Ash, Bester & Co. shopfront

picking apples

Bob Fay & Jeff

Grand Hotel and bridge

Violet Jeff and Fay on the swings

general scenes

snow fight

Fay & friends picnic

men's field hockey

Billee chiraroscuro


Locations: 31 Hinsby Road Taroona


Constantia Nek

Cape Town

Alexandra Battery

Hobart city

Hinsby Beach

Queen's Domain Hobart

River Derwent

Taroona Bowls Club



Royal Hobart Showgrounds Glenorchy

Domain Hobart

Scenes: sheep paddock

Santa has been caption

train platform

Japan temples


disembarking ship port


coast resort



fishing boats

sea port

onboard passenger vessel

equator crossing ceremony

tea rooms


man & woman in snow holding baby

toddler in pram

mother & baby at beach

city streets

St. David's Cathedral

motor racing

wedding party arriving

Japanese gardens

Jeff & Billee & kids


lawn bowls

Japanese schoolchildren




life on the river

aboard the cruise ship


scooters Vespas racing

man rolling a cigarette smoking reading a book

royal visiti Queen Elizabeth


Locations: Mumbai India

Port Said










Banbury Oxfordshire

Piccadilly Circus

Versailles Gardens


Scenes: unnamed people





dhobis handwashing clothes in concrete sinks outdoors



view of city


large swell while at sea

Fay Bester running toward camera

Port of London Authority building

Fay & friends

The White House restaurant


Winchester Cathedral

Windsor Castle

Fay with dogs

polo match

sea baths

Cambridge University

Trooping the colour

Tower Bridge

HM Queen Elizabeth II on horseback

thatched roof houses

Fay with another older woman

Fay with an older couple

Fay with another woman

view from cable car cabin

assorted city street scenes

mannequins in shop windows


train station



Locations: Pearson's [sic

Pierson's] Point Tinderbox toward North Bruny Island Coningham Electrona

Waterworks Reserve

46 Taroona Crescent

Taroona beach



Cloudy Bay Bruny Island

Wrest Point long shot

Sandy Bay to Mount Wellington panning left to right

Tilley home Birngana Avenue Sandy Bay

Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania

Scenes: Canon camera test

Billee Bester

Bolex B8 test


Billee Kim Robert

Kim being fed

Robert with Kim

Billee with Kim

Robert with Bob Bester

Neil Bester?

Bester children at the beach

Jeff with kids on swings

kids at the beach

heavy swell rolling in

Southern Car Club Domain Hill Climb open-wheeler sedan racing

regatta yacht racing

kids with Stan Tilley

Billee watching the kids swim

Jeff in inflatable raft

Tasmanian Government Railways train

Royal Hobart Regatta

Billee with kids at Tilley home

view of around Tilley home with unsealed roads and few houses

Jeff Billee Robert Kim with Ken loading up the dinghy for a picnic

view from on the water

kids playing on the beach

Christmas morning Fern with Heather Billee Robert

on the beach


Locations: Hobart

Royal Showgrounds Glenorchy

Hobart waterfront

Bellerive Quay

Lower Sandy Bay

River Derwent foreshore Hobart

31 Hinsby Road

Rose Bay Esplanade

Scenes: Billee and kids in carriage TGR train from the city terminus view of Tasman Bridge through window

Royal Hobart Show

Last Days of Bellerive Ferry caption

M.V. Derwent ferry

good shots of mountain waterfront bridge shoreline city

kids handing out milk in bottles to classmates

Christmas morning

Bester family enjoying Christmas lunch Billee Bob & Violet Bester Neil Bester Robert Kim Heather

opening the presents

SS Risdon last vessel to pass through lifting section of Hobart floating pontoon bridge

*excellent shots of the section raising and lowering and close-up of vessel passing through*

camera in vehicle driving on Hobart floating pontoon bridge

*excellent longshot of traffic on both bridges from near Pavilion Point westerrn side of river*

view of both bridges from eastern shore

Billee with some other people

tugs removing the Hobart floating pontoon bridge shot from eastern shore vantage point

*excelllent footage of a section being removed*


Wineglass Bay

The Hazards

Mosquito Creek

Glen Huon

Scenes: view from the shore of yacht


yacht again

Billee with another woman

Billee making Robert a sandwich

the family car

Billee Jeff Robert boiling the billy

Billee with Bonnie [Tilley]

Heather with Robert on swings

picnic on the beach

walking up the mountains

distant view of the bay


lunch by the lake

kids in the inflatable raft

kids everywhere



out in the dinghy


Locations: view of River Derwent Hobart from Domain regatta grounds

Hinsby Road Taroona

Scenes: boats at the regatta

RAN flagship HMAS Voyager

regatta grounds

surf-lifesaving crews

RAAF Central Flying School first official aerobatic team formed in 1962, the Red Sales, using De Havilland Vampire jet fighters [predecessor to The Roulettes]

RAAF Canberra bomber

more sailing

boats tied up at wharf gasometer can be see in background

US navy vessels

boys playing on the pontoon

crowd gathered around the cenotaph ANZAC Day *double exposed*

Jeff mowing the lawns cigarette in mouth


kids on swings

kids playing with wet cement

baby William?

view of cliffs



blue pedal car


rocking horse


Locations: near Bicheno

River Derwent Hobart

River Derwent New Norfolk


Scenes: blow hole

getting into the car

on the beach

Jeff loading up the car Morris Minor 1100 mini traveller station wagon


kids eating lamb chops

getting the sailboat Sea Falcon into the water

sailing racing

Stan Tilley in wetsuit about to water-ski

view of Stan taken from the boat

more water-skiing

Jeff Bester water-skiing


Locations: River Derwent New Norfolk

Hinsby Road Taroona

Hinsby Beach

Scenes: Tasmanian Water-skiing Championships *good slo-mos*

baby Sam comes home

Sam with Bill [William] at Gumledge

finish of Sydney-Hobart yacht race Pen Duick III

pouring concrete for the driveway

Kim Heather Robert Bill at the house site

penguin on Hinsby Beach

Sam's 3rd birthday

SS Risdon



Locations: Sandy Bay

River Derwent and foreshore Hobart

Hinsby Beach Taroona

31 Hinsby Road Taroona

Hobart waterfront

Scenes: Heather at 3-4 months

regatta scenes



Royal yacht Brittania sailing up the river

Royal Australian Navy Bristol Sycamore helicopter overhead partially constucted bridge in distance

regatta flagship HMAS Quickmatch

more Brittania

HM Queen Elizabeth II and HRH Duke of Edinburgh leave the regatta

more regatta activities

HMAS Melbourne aircraft carrier

Cartela ferry

TGR train

HE Governor and Lady Rowallan met by Governor Sorell and Sally

longshot government house

crew aboard HMAS Melbourne

more Brittania as she leaves

kids on the beach

riding ponies at Taroona High School

various scenes at home with the kids

sailing Stella

Jeff in the row boat

Heather at Gumledge

Robert with camera


Robert Kimbra Heather with Jeff Billee at wharves

English-Speaking Union Cup for Dragon yachts

Sandy Bay Primary break up

Heather walks up the drive

Robert driving his billycart

Christmas turkey prepared by Billee

Stan Tilley trying to get into a Canadian canoe



Elwick Racecourse Glenorchy

Marion Bay

National Park

Queen's Domain


Alexandra Battery

Scenes: putting speed boat into the water

shots from onboard

Stan tilley and two other chaps having lunch and a can of Foster's lager

Stan tinkering with the engine

views from onboard

having a cup of tea on the beach

horse racing

punters placing bets

the crowd in the grandstand

riders and their mounts leaving the yard

the race

returning to the mounting yard

presentation of the Hobart Cup?

more scenes from the race day

kids paddling

Billee and kids

Robert Kimbra Heather


Bill Robert Kimbra Billee

football on the beach


Commonwealth Day celebrations

Heather Robert Kimbra at school enjoying the celebrations

Kimbra with her Australian flag and hat

the wood stackers at the Bester home

the kids helping Jeff with the wood

Queen's birthday salute

man in row boat

kids on the swings

Bob Bester on the seesaw with Heather Robert Kimbra

Kimbra with her toy koala in the pram

Heather 2nd birthday


Locations: Brady's Lake central Tasmania

Scenes: competitors competing in the Australian Slalom Canoe Championships event


Locations: Canberra

Glasshouse Mountains



Scenes: aerial shots from passenger plane

landing & takeoff

more aerials

Parliament House

Australian War Memorial

the kids playing


commercial butter production


Robert bushwalking with an older man

harvesting bananas from the back yard



piglets feeding

kids on the slippery slide


at the swimming pool

river cruise

at the beach

hitching a ride on the back of a truck


Locations: Cambridge Tasmania

Bruny Island

Darlington Maria Island

Gordon River

Sarah Island

Scenes: Piper PA-32 Cherokee Six light aircraft taxiing after landing

Stan Tilley climbing aboard the aircraft

taxiing to takeoff

view from onboard

aerial views

laning on the island and disembarking

views on the ground

coming in to land



Arcadia II

view from onboard Billee Robert Kimbra

views further up the river from onboard

more views of Arcadia II

exploring the island

convict ruins

Billee with Sam

back on board

shot of the skipper

view of the harbour

sand dunes


Sandy Bay

Scenes: Kimbra? unwrapping presents *underexposed*

Sam? birthday

kids digging on the beach

cleaining mud of shoes

William's birthday

Robert playing the organ

Christmas Day unwrapping presents

Christmas lunch

Sam's birthday

Hamlyn hot air ballon Wrest Point casino opening day


Locations: River Derwent Hobart

Scenes: quad scull coxed fours race

regatta flagship HMAS Parramatta DE46

diving from the high platform

ferry Cartela

more high diving

ambulance taking away an injured person

powerboat race

view of the foreshore from the water

yacht racing

closeup of HMAS Parramatta

more yacht racing

Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania sheds

onboard Bushranger

Billee Robert Heather Kimbra William Sam

SS Lurgurena passing in the background

general activity aboard the boat

sailing home


Locations: Castray Esplanade

31 Hinsby Road Taroona

Scenes: finish of the Sydney to Hobart annual yacht race

shots from onboard Bushranger

quad sculls coxed fours rowing

*excellent scenes shot from onboard*

Robert with Bill riding a bicycle


Locations: Tarraleah

Scenes: Billee Sam William Heather feeding wallabies


wallaby with joey in pouch

hydro power scheme

Clark Dam

Butler's Gorge power station

playing in the snow


the family makes a snowman

putting the boat in the lake

Narcissus Hut

Lemonthyme Hut

putting the boat back on the trailer

Robert kayaking

Kimbra's birthday


Locations: Lowlands Richmond

The Lea

St. Helens

Scenes: Scout camp

Sam swimming

Heather kayaking

Jeff in the inflatable canoe

canoe slalom demonstration

Robert Bester P. Kerrison George Reid Peter Hall performing Eskimo rolls

scouts long weekend regatta

kayak race


Locations: River Derwent

Sandy Bay



Scenes: various local sailing regattas

sailing shot from onboard Bushranger

*approximately 60 seconds of black screen*

Billee with Kimbra in the dinghy

more sailing


The Gorge Launceston

Zeehan Teepookana

Trial Harbour

Lake St. Clair

Scenes:Sam with William riding billycarts

Sam with William playing with rope swing

the boys photographing one another

the kids playing on an Emu Bay Railway carriage/locomotive

ABT railway Mount Lyell

mining museum

Stan Tilley preparing the Cessna 172 for flight

Bester family and friends exploring the bush

everyone in the Kombis

crossing Iron Bridge over the King River

view of the swirling waters from the bridge

the family having their evening meal

the beach

Billee organising a picnic

everyone enjoying the picnic

climbing sand dunes

siphoning fuel out of the Kombi the old-fashooned way

heading home

bogged boat trailer pulled out by tractor

Billee making lunch



Locations: Brady's Lake central Tasmania

Football ground Nubeena Crescent Taroona

Scenes: competitors competing in the Australian Slalom Canoe Championships event

boomerang throwing

Girl Guides

pitching a tent




Burrinjuck New South Wales


Scenes: sailing

taking the dinghy ashore

hydro electric scheme

car in vehicle

Robert with bust of A.B. Banjo Patterson

Jeff with the kids

everyone climbing aboard the red Kombi



Hippolyte Rocks

The Lanterns

Cape Hauy

Tasman Island

Scenes: Christmas Day

all the kids sitting around talking

Biil with Sam playing with the train set

family picnic

Bonnie & Stan Tilley

Gordon Dam under construction

family barbecue


kayakers practicing Eskimo rolls


Kimbra and friends playing hide-and-seek


waves coming ashore


Kimbra Heather


washing the pomeranian dog

fishing for tuna onboard Wilparina

more horses


JAYKAYBE FILMS PRESENTS: Sailing in the Antipodes

onboard Julie F. fishing


Locations: [Iron] Pot Bay

Ho[p]e Island


Last harbour race

boats becalmed

Jeff onboard the boat

Billee with the kids fishing from the boat

Robert in the dinghy


Iron Pot

Scenes: sailing Wilparina

shots onboard

Jeff steering the boat


*some scenes out of focus*

back to the sheds


Locations: River Derwent

Scenes: Royal Hobart Regatta


coxed eights rowing

powerboat racing

riding ponies

The Red Sales [predecessor to The Roulettes] RAAF aerobatics team flying De Havilland Vampire jet fighters

regatta flagship HMAS Parramatta F05

good view from onboard back toward foreshore showing the size of the crowd the regatta pavilion and nearby fuel depot

Australian Army Landing Ship Harry Chauvel AV1353

marching girls

DUKW amphibious landing craft

Billee holding William

shots from onboard


Locations: North Hobart Oval

Scenes: highlights Tasmania Military Tattoo


Bilton's Farm Brady's Marsh

Scenes: interview with men aboard the vessel

passing ships

fixing the tractor

riding the tractor

feeding Miriam

Kimbra playing guitar

William playing piano

heavy surf

lunch time


Locations: Waterworks Reserve

Simmons Plains

Salamanca Place

Claremont High School

Scenes: Miriam's birthday

Violet Bester

motorcycle racing

Miriam opening gifts

in the bush

Auntie's Gift performing

view out the window

Billee & Elinor

Association Football

Auntie's Gift


Locations: 31 Hinsby Road

Ted's Beach

Gordon Dam

Scenes: Elinor becomes mobile

Elinor's 1st birthday



bringing Wilparina back

having lunch on the road

walking down to the dam

Finn's 2nd birthday



Collins Street

Eaglehawk Neck

Brain's River

Hawley's Beach

Elizabeth Street


St. Helens

Binalong Bay

Boat Harbour

Muirs Beach

Queen Alexandra Hospital

7 Ashfield Street Sandy Bay

Cheverton Parade


Horseshoe Bay

Magnetic Island


Scenes: Bester family

Spencer Hospital


caption Clarendon Home

Ship Hotel


Queen Elizabeth II arrives


sailing Minerva

women's field hockey

ships on the river

Billee aboard Minerva

Jeff at the beach

Billee and others at the beach

view of the city

sailing with Billee


outside Ash, Bester & Co.

Bob Bester aboard vintage car Oldsmobile

Billee on the beach

Billee & Jeff on the beach

Robert at 11 months

Billee and Robert

concreting the driveway

boiling the billy on the beach

Jo Tony Billee Robert

Robert feeding

Shell service station

Tilley Bester picnic

Billee with Kimbra leaving hospital

arrival home

Bonnie Robert Stan

Vern Reid's amphibious light aircraft

view from Tilley's block

Robert with Jacalyn playing with the pedal car

Christmas Day with the Tilleys

Robert McIntosh Robert Kimbra playing

Billee with the kids


sugar cane train

punt crossing the river

various scenes near the beach

Kimbra Billee Heather


AIF Artillery League picnic


motorcycle stunts

clay-pigeon shooting

Cascade Brewery barrels

Burnie APPM

Forth River

children playing

Hinsby (colour)

flower garden

Jeff Bester

men and women changing and inflating a tyre

Violet, Fay and Jeff picking and eating raspberries

burning off scrub at Hinsby

fishermen with their catch at Hinsby


Jeff & Billee sailing on the River Derwent


These records are part of the holdings of the Tasmanian Archives

Film - Bester and Tilley families Easter excursion to Tasmania's west coast - produced by Jeff Bester and Bonnie Tilley
Film - Bester and Tilley families Easter excursion to Tasmania's west coast - produced by Jeff Bester and Bonnie Tilley
Film - Bester family general views Ross Burnie Tasman Peninsula Huon River Grand Hotel Coles' Bay men's field hockey - produced by Jeff Bester
Film - Japan | sailing over the equator | Hinsby | Domain hill climb yachting racing Vespers - produced by Fay Bester and Jeff Bester
Film - Jeff and Billee Bester world tour - produced by Jeff Bester
Film - views of north Bruny Island | baby being fed | kids playing | car racing | regatta | views of beach and mountain | family picnic | Christmas - produced by Jeff Bester
Film - train ride from city terminus | Hobart bridge construction seen through train windows | Royal Hobart Show | ferry ride aboard MV Derwent | milk in school | Bester Christmas | Risdon last vessel through lpontoon bridge - produced by Jeff Bester
Film - Bester family Christmas | Easter holiday | general views - produced by Jeff Bester
Film - regatta | blackberry picking | ANZAC Day celebrations | lawn mowing | kids playing | Yashica Umatic & e/zoom test on AGFA stock | Robert & Kim 2nd birthday | Kathleen or Francis | Kimbra | rocking horse - produced by Jeff Bester
Film - Bester family holiday | sailing | yacht race | Stan Tilley water-skiing - produced by Jeff Bester
Film - Tasmanian water-skiing championships | Bester family | Finish Sydney to Hobart yacht race | pouring house foundations | penguin on beach | Risdon passing under lift span pontoon bridge last time - produced by Jeff Bester
Film - regatta | Queen Elizabeth arrives aboard Brittania | Governor of Tasmania | kids at the beach | at home | onboard Stella | sailing | Christmas Day - produced by Jeff Bester
Film - boat trip | horse racing | echidna | kids at the beach | Bester home | Commonwealth Day | stacking wood | Queen's birthday big gun salute | seesaw | birthday - produced by Jeff Bester
Film - Australian Slalom Canoe Championships - produced by Jeff Bester
Film - Bester family annual holiday to Caloundra - produced by Jeff Bester
Film - Bester family holidays - produced by Jeff Bester
Film - Bester family - produced by Jeff Bester
Film - regatta | sailing | cruising - produced by Jeff Bester
Film - sailing season | various regattas | Sydney-Hobart race finish | race - produced by Jeff Bester
Film - Bester family holidays - produced by Jeff Bester
Film - scouting year | camps | ceremonies | regatta - produced by Jeff Bester
Film - sailing regattas - produced by Jeff Bester
Film - light aircraft take off and landing | scenery | picnic | boating - produced by Wilma "Billee" Bester and Robert Bester
Film - Australian Slalom Canoe Championships | sailing | boomerang throwing | camping - produced by Jeff Bester
Film - sailing various races | hydro electric scheme | general views - produced by Jeff Bester
Film - Bester family activities | tuna fishing | Sailing in the Antipodes | blue water sailing | Bester family Christmas | ANZAC Day | regatta - produced by Jeff Bester
Film - sailing | sailing Wilparina - produced by Jeff Bester
Film - sailing Wilparina | sailing
Film - sailing | regatta
Film - military tattoo
Film - Bester family on the farm | sailing
Film - birthday celebrations | the family home | football match | band performance at market
Film - circus performers trapeze | Christmas celebrations | sailing | kids
Film - Bester family Spencer Hospital Ship Hotel Malleys Queen Elizabeth field hockey
Film - Bester family Christmas - produced by Jeff Bester (no viewing copy but has been digitised)
Film - Mt. Isa, Fern & Lindsay's wedding, Lake Moondara, Rifle Creek dam, Hobart Airport Llanherne - produced by Jeff Bester
Film - Bester family holidays at Coles' Bay - produced by Jeff Bester (NO VIEWING COPY)
Film - Bester family anniversaries, Royal Hobart Show, family holidays, floating bridge Hobart, family Christmas -produced by Jeff Bester (NO VIEWING COPY)
Film - Bester family holidays to Caloundra Queensland - produced by Jeff Bester (NO VIEWING COPY)
Film - Bester family activities, family Christmas - produced by Jeff Bester (NO VIEWING COPY)
Film - Bester family activities - produced by Jeff Bester (NO VIEWING COPY)
Film - Tasmanian Youth Orchestra and International Youth Orchestra, Woodville excursion - produced by Jeff Bester
Film - Miriam Bester - produced by Jeff Bester (NO VIEWING COPY)
Film - white wedding - produced by Jeff Bester (NO VIEWING COPY)
Film - Elinor Bester - produced by Jeff Bester (NO VIEWING COPY)
Film - Tasmanian Youth Orchestra concert - produced by Jeff Bester (NO VIEWING COPY)
Film - Bester family Christmas tree - produced by Jeff Bester (NO VIEWING COPY)
Film - Grafton Rockhampton Green Island Rocky Point Stewart's Creek Daintree Bester children playing in pool birds cane fire children swimming - produced by Jeff Bester (NO VIEWING COPY)
Film - Fremantle Western Australia - produced by Jeff Bester
Film - Andrew & Heather's wedding - produced by Jeff Bester (NO VIEWING COPY)
Film - Bester family holdiys in Queensland (?) - produced by Jeff Bester (digital copy created)
Film - Bester family Christmas - produced by Jeff Bester (NO VIEWING COPY)
Film - Tasmanian Youth Orchestra in concert - produced by Jeff Bester (NO VIEWING COPY)
Film - Miriam Bester's 3rd birthday - produced by Jeff Bester (NO VIEWING COPY)
Film - Tasmanian Youth Orchestra : Joseph - produced by Jeff Bester (NO VIEWING COPY)
Film - Western Australia - produced by Jeff Bester
Film - compilation of 50 foot reels : Sam's birthday Miriam's first steps and feeding Miriam's birthday and in the garden Tasmanian Youth Orchestra Waimea concert and breakup - produced by Jeff Bester (NO VIEWING COPY)
Film - compilation of shorter reels : Bill @9 years old boys and train Miriam Christmas 1973 family canoeing at Brady's Lake Cubs outing - produced by Jeff Bester (NO VIEWING COPY)
Film - Perth and regional Western Australia Norseman Kalgoorlie Ghan railway train whale processing - produced by Jeff Bester (digital copy created)
Film - various stage plays featuring Bester children - produced by Jeff Bester (NO VIEWING COPY)
Film - Girl Guides Bester family swimming at Hinsby Beach Taroona - produced by Jeff Bester (NO VIEWING COPY)
Film - compilation of 50 foot reels : Elinor newly born & feeding @8 weeks Elinor's 1st birthday - produced by Jeff Bester (NO VIEWING COPY)
Film - compilation of 50 foot reels : Cubs family day National Park Noumea aboard Oriana Sherwood mini-bike tunnel Bangkok Sherwood ox roast - produced by Jeff Bester (NO VIEWING COPY)
Film - compilation of shorter reels : Flying Lotars acrobatic troupe at Elwick showgrounds Elinor and grandmother Port Huon Christmas 1980 Sherwood Stan tilley in Cessna aeroplane Mr. Jimbie Christmas 1976 - produced by Jeff Bester (NO VIEWING COPY)
Film - Capriccio for orchestra Tasmanian Youth Orchestra rehearsal and concert in Melbourne Michaal Sloane flute concerto exerpt from Caucasian Chalk Circle stage play - produced by Jeff Bester (NO VIEWING COPY)
Film - Tasmanian Youth Orchestra - produced by Jeff Bester (NO VIEWING COPY)
Film - Bester family at Coles Bay wallabies Miriam and Bill at youth hostel - produced by Jeff Bester (NO VIEWING COPY)
Film - Bester family Christmas 1969 Sam & Bill on tricycle penguin on Hinsby Beach swimming at Wrest Point pool 1967 Bill's 6th birthday Bill on skates - produced by Jeff Bester (NO VIEWING COPY)
Film - Bester family holiday to Kiama NSW via Melbourne Glenrowan Burrinjuck Canberra Biltons & Elricks blowhole Port Kembla George's Basin Batemans Lakes Entrance Cannons Creek Goulburn Princess ferry Devonport - produced by Jeff Bester (NO VIEWING COPY)
Film - Ann Bester on holiday at Dover Tasmania Esperance River Lune River Ida Bay Brooks Bay Robert's raft Hastings Hartz Mountain Lake Esperance - produced by Jeff Bester (NO VIEWING COPY)
Film - Coral Sea week wreath laying McKercher's Bester children at home Heather & Kimbra birthdays Bill's 1st birthday Christmas 1965 @ Gumledge Robert's 8th birthday swimming HMAS Hobart waterskiing Meadowbank - produced by Jeff Bester (NO VIEWING COPY)
Film - Kimbra's 5th birthday William arrives Jacalyn & Kathleen Vic & Frances on beach Kim Kathleen Robert in water old bridge span Malcolm & Fern @ Gumledge William christening grandma Robert's 7th Amanda Cook - produced by Jeff Bester (digital copy)
Film - Girl Guides - produced by Jeff Bester
Film - Bester family on Hinsby Beach - produced by Jeff Bester (NO VIEWING COPY)
Film - Robert Bester as a baby - produced by Jeff Bester (NO VIEWING COPY)
Film - AIF Artillery League picnic Old Beach tug-o-war motorcycle stunts clay-target shooting Cascade Brewery barrels St Helens Burnie APPM Forth River Hinsby - produced by Bob & Jeff Bester
Film - Jeff and Billy sailing on the River Derwent - produced by Jeff Bester