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Aerial Photographs
Series Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1921
End Date:
31 Dec 1935
Tasmanian Archives
Creating Agency:
01 Jan 189208 Apr 1960

01 Jan 189231 Dec 1973
How to Use:
Digital images of this series are available to view online by clicking on the item links below to get to the Item Details pages. Items in this series may be freely used. When using or sharing the images, please ensure that clear attribution is made to the Tasmanian Archives, Libraries Tasmania.
Series notes:
Aerial photographs of Tasmania, taken from aeroplanes flown by Fred Huxley.

Items 1-6, 9-10, and 13-92 are pasted into an album with pages annotated with brief descriptions. These photographs are the work of Herbert King, a pioneering aerial photographer operating in the 1920s. The album was either compiled by Huxley from a set of King's images, or may have been a gift from King himself. An extensive collection of King images is held by QVMAG, including duplicates of images from this set.

The remainder of this series (items 7,8, 11,12, and 93 - 123) are loose photographic prints. Titles for these photographs are taken from annotations of the reverse of the prints. Most of the loose prints are likely to be the work of H J King. Where a different photographer's name has been written or stamped on the back of the print this has been noted after the title.

The only date provided is 1921' written on several of the loose photographs.

These records are part of the holdings of the Tasmanian Archives
System of Arrangement:
A disbound album with card cover pages and 88 printed photographs; 35 loose photographic prints.
Information Sources:
Historian Nic Haygarth, Feb 2020

Photograph - Launceston - Nurses Home in the foreground
Photograph - Top of High Street, Launceston [includes Eslaforde, 125 High Street, cnr Mary street]
Photograph - South Esk River above the Powerhouse
Photograph - Hadspen
Photograph - Rocky Cape
Photograph - Stanley
Photograph - Wineglass Bay, The Hazards, East Coast Tasmania (Notes on back )
Photograph - Cradle Mountain and Lake Dove
Photograph - Stanley
Photograph - Highfield at Stanley
Photograph - Road going up Mount Wellington Hobart / J J Barnett (photographer) stamp on reverse
Photograph - Hobart and Mount Wellington / J J Barnett (photographer) stamp on reverse
Photograph - St Johns Church of England, Launceston
Photograph - Cricket Ground Launceston
Photograph - Quamby Bluff
Photograph - Quamby Bluff
Photograph - Dry's Bluff Western Tiers
Photograph - Quamby Bluff
Photgraph - North East corner of Great Lake
Photograph - Mr Archers (property) [Woolmers, near Longfrod]
Photograph - North End Great Lake 9,000 feet
Photograph - Pine Lake
Photograph - Westbury
Photograph - Deloraine
Photograph - Longford
Photograph - Powerhouse Launceston
Photograph - Ben Lomond in distance
Photograph - Near Ben Lomond
Photograph - Cleveland
Photograph - Native Point South Esk River
Photograph - Timber Stack Launceston
Photograph - Pig Island Tamar River
Photograph - Tamar River, Launceston
Photograph - Tamar River, Launceston
Photograph - Mowbray Racecourse Launceston
Photograph - Invermay, Launceston
Photograph- New Town, Hobart
Photograph - Government House, Hobart
Photograph - Richmond
Photograph - East Coast Hills
Photograph - Moulton Lagoons
Photograph - East Coast Tasmania
Photograph - St Marys
Photograph - Millbrook
Photograph - Killymoon (Kilbrymoon?)
Photograph - Ben Lomond in distance
Photograph - Avoca
Photograph - Unidentified
Photograph - Forth
Photograph - West Devonport
Photograph - Train along track
Photograph - Ulverstone
Photograph - Three Sisters [Off coast at Penguin Point, between Ulverstone and Penguin]
Photograph - Burnie
Photograph - Rocky Cape
Photograph - Burnie Breakwater
Photograph - Ross
Photograph - Mona Vale
Photograph - Sandy Bay
Photograph - Hobart
Photograph - Elwick Racecourse
Photograph - Mount Direction
Photograph - Launceston near Tamar
Photograph - Freelands Aerodrome
Photograph - Launceston
Photograph - Cataract Gorge and First Basin Launceston
Photograph - Launceston
Photograph - Launceston
Photograph - Constitution Hill
Photograph - Bridgewater
Photograph - Lake's Sorell and Cresent
Photograph - Near Spring Hill
Photograph - Above the Clouds Millers Bluff
Photograph - Clouds
Photograph - Clouds
Photograph - Longford
Photograph - Hobart
Photograph - Hobart
Photograph - East Coast Tasmania
Photograph - East Coast Tasmania
Photograph - East Coast Orford
Photograph - East Coast Tasmania
Photograph - East Coast Hills
Photograph - Towards East Coast
Photograph - Derwent River
Photograph - Derwent River
Photograph - Cadburys
Photograph - Derwent River Towards Mount Wellington
Photograph - Zinc Works Hobart
Photograph - Derwent River
Photograph - Tamar Heads
Photograph - Hagley and Westbury
Photograph - Launceston
Photograph - Government House, Hobart
Photograph - Derwent River and Price of Wales Bay, 12,000 ft Aerial View, Hobart
Photograph - Launceston Aerial View
Photograph- Mt Gould, Lake Marion, Du Cane Range
Photograph - Seven Mile Beach and Aerodrome Cambridge Aerial / J J Barnett (photographer) stamp on reverse
Photograph - Mt Field West
Photograph - Tasmanian Highlands
Photograph - Du Cane Range
Photograph - Top of Ben Lomond
Photograph - Mt Field West
Photograph - River Derwent, Pittwater and Maria Island
Photograph - North West Tasmania looking West of Ulverstone
Photograph - Clouds Aerial View North Tasmania
Photograph - Clouds over Tamar River
Photograph - Mt Field West and Lake
Photograph - Infra red of Frenchmans Cap from West Coast Road
Photograph -Mt Ben Lomond, 5145ft, taken from 7000ft
Photograph - Barn Bluff Aerial
Photograph - Mona Vale Aerial
Photograph - Tamar River Aerial
Photograph - Cradle Mountain looking South
Photograph - Mt Pelion East and Mt Ossa
Photograph - Launceston Aerial View [from 6000ft taken from north looking south - Aerodrome 7 to 8 miles south of Launceston]
Photograph - Forth River NW Tasmania looking East
Photograph - Road to top of Mt Wellington
Photograph - Latrobe NW Tasmania Aerial
Photograph - Ulverstone Aerial
Photograph - Tasman Island SE Tasmania
Photograph - Seals on Reeds Rocks South of King Island / M F Nichols, Burnie (photographer) stamp on reverse
Photograph - Cape Rowle SE Tasmania / J J Barnett (photographer) stamp on reverse