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Recording of "Fire on the Snow"
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01 Jan 1978
End Date:
31 Dec 1978
Tasmanian Archives
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The play is in copyright. Copyright in the recording (not the play) has been retained by the depositor until 2020 but the State Archivist can make a copy available for preservation and access. The digitised copy may only be listened to in the History Room, 91 Murray Street, Hobart and at Launceston Library (see staff at Level 1 Service point, Launceston Library).
Series notes:
The recording of "Fire on the Snow" was made in the Davis Station radio room in the evenings during the 1978 Australian National Antarctic Expedition. One expeditioner had a copy of the play and a group decided to read and record their production. It took several weeks to complete the project and the play was then broadcast in the station recreation room during the mid-winter period. The recordings were made as each reader became available and the radio technician, Ken Hanson, combined each to produce a final version. This was done on reel to reel tape and then cassette copies were made for each performer. Hanson also included sounds of the blizzards as background. The director was Trevor Cowell (carpenter). The cast comprised: The Announcer - Philip Barnaart (officer in charge), Scott - Brian Kurtzer (diesel mechanic), Wilson - Jim Lowe (carpenter), Oates - Denis Carroll (station chief), Bowers - Charles Cosgrove (electrician) and Evans - Lloyd Fletcher (medical officer). Opening and closing announcements were made by Greg Hoffmann (foreman carpenter and deputy officer in charge).

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Recording of "Fire on the Snow"