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Genealogical Research Notes
Series Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1950
End Date:
31 Dec 1969
Tasmanian Archives
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07 Jan 193111 Mar 2000
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Series notes:
This series comprises a set of notebooks in which Geoffrey recorded his research into various Tasmania families, including his own.

These are written into notebooks, some with titles. Some material is crossed out and some notations and additions made.

This original research was done pre-compter days and reflects Geoffrey's detailed investigation and study.

These records are part of the holdings of the Tasmanian Archives

"Genealogical record of the family collected by GTS vol. 2" (contains a contents page)
"Book of dates of Family Births, Deaths and Marriages, Jan 1955, GTS" (organised in months)
Stilwell family tree
Travers family tree
Families - Travers, Lindsay, Ingram
Family of John Travers
Families - Stilwell and Francomb (including Dendy, Stevens and UK family)
Families - Gibson, Hutton, Stilwell, Archer, Kermode, Nicholas, Lindsay
Families associated with Stilwells - Pakenham, Stevens, Wapshare, Sykes - UK material transcriptions and some marked out
Families associated with Stilwells - Tindal, Stevens, Wapshare
Families - Amos, Lyne, Tilney, Cotton, May, Meredith, Boyes, Nash, Spong
Families - Bisdee, Nairn, Kermode, Archer, Vicary, Grubb, Archer, Gellibrand, Dobson, Sharland
Families - Archer, Chapman, Gibson, Foster, Kermode, Lord, Sharland, Dumaresq
Families - Kermode, Gibson, O'Connor, Parker, Page, Devereux, Watchorn, Cotton; contains some headstone transcriptions possibly New Town Congregational ; trancription of diary - possibly William Archer - 1847-1868; transcriptions Roman Catholic
Headstone transcriptions - Corneilan Bay, Bothwell, Buckland, Campbell Town, Devonport, Ulverstone, Waratah, Westbury
Headstone transcriptions - New Town Congregational
Headstone transcriptions - New Town Congregational and possibly others
Headstone transcriptions and genealogy
Genealogical transcriptons from Hobart Town Courier 1851-1854 (possibly the basis for cards in series NS2825)
Genealogical transcriptons from Hobart Town Courier 1854-1856 (possibly the basis for cards in series NS2825)
Genealogical transcriptons from Hobart Town Courier 1847-1850 and Hobart Town Gazette 1816-1827 (possibly the basis for cards in series NS2825)
Tindal family