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Glass Plate Negatives - Sea Captains
Series Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1920
End Date:
31 Dec 1929
Tasmanian Archives
Creating Agency:
01 Jan 192631 Dec 1973
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Items in this series may be freely used as the copyright has expired.
Series notes:
This is a discreet series of lglass plates which comprise both original negatives and copies of original photographs or lantern slides of people in the maritime industry, largely captains, masters or ship-builders. The negatives were probably made by, or for, Harry O'May, either from photographs he had in his collection or had borrowed from other sources. In some negatives the original photographs can be seen pinned to a board in order for the copy to be made. Harry often gave public presentations using lantern slides for illustration e.g. "Ships of Other days: Talk to the Hobart Rotarians", Mercury (TAS), 20 July 1934.

A number of the original negative boxes were labelled "sea captains" and there are some negatives of general interest included.

These records are part of the holdings of the Tasmanian Archives

Photograph - Captain Folder, whaler on "Asia"
Photograph - John Bull
Photograph - Captain James Hurburgh, pilot Pearson's Point
Photograph - Captain Edward Lucas
Photograph - Captain Hill
Photograph - Captain C. Matthews
Photograph - Alexander McGregor
Photograph - Captain Condon "Propontus"
Photograph - Captain Westbrook
Photograph - Captain James Horne
Photograph - Captain Leslie, "Harriet McGregor"
Photograph - Captain Sam Lindsay
Photograph - Captain H. White, Lost, Tasmanian Steam Navigation Company's steamer "Southern Cross "-Nth Coast Tasmania
Photograph - John Hayle, Served on:- Swordfish, Southern Cross Barque, Clematis. Mary Blair, Acacia. Joined Marine Board Hobart and served for 50 years."
Photograph - Captain Young
Photograph - Captain James McGregor
Photograph - Unidentified, Copy of Anson Brothers photograph
Photograph - Captain C. B. [Charles] Chessell, shipbuilder, Paddock Point Hobart; built "Maria Orr" afterwards went to Melbourne 1837
Photograph - Captain J. C. Jones "Asia"
Photograph - Captain J. White, "Flying Childers"
Photograph - Capatain Herbert Simo, N.S.S.A "Niagra"
Photograph - Captain Frank Hodgman, buried at sea? Southern Cross Barquentine
Photograph - Captain James Smitti, Guiding Star
Photograph - Captain Kennedy Barque Asia 128 - Drawer
Photograph - Captain Tom Fisher
Photograph - Captain James Staines Taylor; Master and owner for 40 years of Ferry P. S. Kangaroo
Photograph - Captain Lulham; Barque Windward
Photograph - Bill Hawkins;South Bruni Light
Photograph - Captain Phillips, "Natal Queen", Agnes and Jessie
Photograph - H White
Photograph - Eliza Walch Oldham (Mrs N)
Photograph - E. L. Sargeant
Photograph - Lady Evans (1 of 2) and E.M Evans (2 of 2)
Photograph - E. M. Evans. (Lady) J.W. Evans
Photograph - J.L. Evans
Photograph - Lila Evans
Photograph - Lila W. Evans
Photograph - Nancy Crok
Photograph - Eliza Walch Oldham
Photograph - Mrs. A. P. Burrows
Photograph - Unidentified [ sawmill/mine construction ? Recherche or Lune River]
Photograph - Unidentified [ sawmill/mine construction ? Recherche or Lune River]
Photograph - Coal mine and camp Recherche
Photograph - Unidentified seaman 212-16
Photograph - Unidentified woman 179-14
Photograph - Unidentified man 181-14
Photograph - Unidentified [timber train line ?Recherche/Lune River]
Photograph - Unidentified [construction of mill/mine ?Recherche/Lune River]
Photograph - Unidentified [construction of mill/mine ?Recherche/Lune River]
Photograph - Unidentified [construction of mill/mine]
Photograph - Unidentified [construction of mill/mine/railway]
Photograph - Unidentified mill [with ship in background]
Photograph - Unidentified [construction of mill]
Photograph - Unidentified [milling machinery]
Photograph - Unidentified [milling machinery]
Photograph - Unidentified [milling machinery]
Photograph - Unidentified [milling machinery]
Photograph - Unidentified [milling machinery]
Photograph - Unidentified [No. 1 Hauler B, milling machinery]
Photograph - Unidentified [constructed railway]
Photograph - Baby G & big tree W.40 [childrenx2 in forest]
Photograph - Unidentified [tree cutting]
Photograph - Hauling log onto skids
Photograph - Captain Walter Rogers
Photograph - Captain J.W. Evansnow Sir John Evans
Photograph - Captain P.J. Hughes
Photograph - Captain J.W. Wilton
Photograph - Captain J.R. Gourlay
Photograph - Captain Ward "Galatea"
Photograph - Captain Bob Harris
Photograph - Captain Jack Fisher
Photograph - H.F[?J] Armstrong owner Nautilus Fairy Rock
Photograph - H.H. McFie
Photograph - Mills, Mate of "Mary Blain"H Boon Master
Photograph - Captain R. Adams, Schooner "Eclipse" Port Albert trade
Photograph - Captains H Bowden, Soan, Andrews, H Boon
Photograph - J. C. Howard Wharfins[g]h
Photograph - Captain Leslie, "Harriet McGregor"
Photograph - The Right Reverand Dr Bromby, The new Bishop of Tasmania
Photograph - Franklin Election, 1 Watkins, Ben, Authorised by R. T. Young, 135 High St, Sandy Bay
Photograph - Unidentified 89-7 [group photo]
Photograph - George Augustus Robinson
Photograph - Unidentified [men and ships]
Photograph - Unidentified [mill activity]
Photograph - Unidentified [mill activity]
Photograph - Unidentified [horse drawn logging]
Photograph - Dr Scott
Photograph - Anthony Fenn-Kemp
Photograph - Smith Obrien
Photograph - Dr Milligan
Photograph - James Backhouse
Photograph - William R Allison
Photograph - Captain T Gray
Photograph - Unidentified [group of 3]
Photograph - Unidentified [Male]
Photograph - Huon Watchorn
Photograph - Mr Nat Oldham
Photograph - Unidentified - milling activity
Photograph - Unidentified - milling activity
Photograph - Unidentied - 'Welcome to Queensborough' - [decorated gateway]
Photograph - Dr. Storie
Photograph - Clive Lord
Photograph - Rev. Dr. John Lillie
Photograph - W. T. Hooker
Photograph - Captain Clinch
Photograph - Unidentified - [wagons and people in costumes]
Photograph - Unidentified - [woman with child and dog]
Photograph - 84. Marsupial Wolf [Thylacinus cynocephalus]
Photograph - Unidentified - [log hauling train]
Photograph - Unidentified
Photograph - Unidentified - [tall timber stand with horse rider]
Photograph - Unidentified - [tree felling]
Photograph - Unidentified -[log hauling with horses]
Photograph - Unidentified - [railway bridge]
Photograph - Unidentified - [building railway]
Photograph - Unidentified - [sign ' Tasmanian Consumptive Sanatorium']
Photograph - Blackfish (Whales) Cloudy Bay Lagoon 126 - 10
Photograph - Unidentified - [logging railway]
Photograph - Unidentified - [bridge construction]
Photograph - The First Church (now St. Andrew's School Hall) Opened September 1824
Photograph - 33, 32 Group of Halfcastes. Negative by Bishop Montgomery
Photograph - Honorable E. T. Miles - Minister of Lands 1899. Honorable W. Hartnoll [portrait incomplete] - Minister of Lands 1892, elected Commonwealth House Reps 1901
Photograph - R. M. Johnston
Photograph - Unidentified - [group of small rowing boats]
Photograph - Captain Bill [William] Smith, whaling barque 'Marie Laure'
Photograph - Tom, John and Frank Moore, Shipbuilders
Photograph - Capt. Garth
Photograph - Unidentified [male]
Photograph - Captain Walker, lost at Bird Island in Brig 'Wahienne'
Photograph - John McGregor
Photograph - Alex McGregor
Photograph - Mrs A. Leslie, Wife of Captain Leslie, "Harriet McGregor"
Photograph - Captain De Frese
Photograph - Old Whaling Station, Port Davey
Photograph - Captain Shaw
Photograph - Captain Cairncross
Photograph - Captain James Rogers
Photograph - Hurburg, Pilot Pearsons Point
Photograph - John Watson, Shipbuilders
Photograph [film neg.] - Crew of wooden 'Ethel' - 556 tons. Capt. Ross. Rundown in English Channel
Photograph [film neg.] - Captain Seabourne
Photograph [film neg.] - Unidentified - [sailboat and bridge]
Photograph [film neg.] - K. S. Harcourt
Photograph [film neg.] - Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Evans & A. J. Harcourt
Photograph [film neg.] - A. J. Harcourt and S. & G. Evans