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Staff [History] Record, Mechanical Engineering Branch, Lexicographical Series
Series Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1937
End Date:
15 Nov 1997
Tasmanian Archives
Creating Agency:
01 Jul 187201 Jul 1939

01 Jul 193901 Mar 1978
Related Series:
TC1 Staff Files.01 Jan 193931 Dec 1996

P2146 Personnel Files, Railway Branch, Annual Single Number Series.31 Dec 193931 Dec 1963
Series notes:
This series consists of staff history records of the Mechanical Engineering Branch of the Tasmanian Government Railways. They were originally contained in hard covered expandable binders but at time of transfer were loose sheets kept in two metal file boxes. Each sheet is folio numbered at the top right corner. In many cases the number has been amended several times. It is not known what the folio number refers to. The sheets are printed with the Departments name at the top and the title "STAFF RECORD" followed by the person's name in full. Information contained on the sheet includes, from left to right in printed columns

record number [usually an annual single number file reference, probably P1200], a date column that refers to dates of - Birth, Appointment on Probation, due for assurance, Permanent Appointment, effected Assurance, Medical Examinations, Particulars of other examinations and Particulars of Commendable Actions, changes and promotions, including date of first appointment - subdivided into columns entitled

record, number, date, station and salary or wage.

On the reverse side of the record are entries relating to annual, sick and other leave and particulars of offences and punishments. The particulars of offences are sometimes annotated to show cautions or admonitions.

These records cover a wide range of occupations over a period approaching 70 years and provide an important insight into the employment history of one of Launceston's major industries. Amongst these records are those of General Managers, Chief Engineers, permanent, casual and temporary employees and a wide variety of trades and occupations unique to the railways, for example, drivers, motormen, firemen, fitters, boiler makers, blacksmiths and strikers.

Other information sometimes included on the records is the address of the employee upon retirement, the reason service with the railway ceased, confidential pay agreements, fines for breaches of rules, reference to the Service Number used post 1961 to identify railway employees and restrictions or relocations brought about by incapacity.

These records are part of the holdings of the Tasmanian Archives
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