Cover image for Correspondence relating to the Custody and Welfare of Children under Various Acts.
Correspondence relating to the Custody and Welfare of Children under Various Acts.
Series Number:
Agency access only 75 Years (D75)
Start Date:
07 Jul 1887
End Date:
26 May 1954
Tasmanian Archives
Subsequent Series:
AA226 General Welfare Case Files09 Mar 191511 Nov 1994
How to Use:
Series is closed for 75 years from the end of the case. In some instances, the Department followed progress of the individual in an unofficial capacity (eg. noting marriage notices from the local newspaper). Similarly, the Department attached further enquiries which were often made after a case was closed or the individual had been discharged. These later additions to the closed case files have not been considered as an access determinant therefore it is possible to find files on open access which have later additional folios after the official end date of the file.

Many of the open access files in this series have been digitised. Digital images of this record series are available to view online by clicking on the item links below to get to the Item Details pages. Copies may be made for private research/study but any other use requires permission from the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office.
Series notes:
Case files of children brought to the attention of the state. The files comprise correspondence associated with the provision of care for children in a variety of circumstances. A few of these files have administrative titles eg. NCD 3270 Citizens' Committee re Boarded-out Children.

The file titling reflects various periods of government administration. The gaps which appear in the numerical sequence reflect the practice of active files being subsumed into later recordkeeping systems and these files may be found in the subsequent or related series to SWD1. The file titling shows cross references to files that may also be found in subsequent or related series. Some of the abbreviations used by the government departments are: NCD - Neglected Children's Department, CSD - Children of the State Department, CGD - Charitable Grants Department, SSD - Social Services Department, ILP- Infant Life Protection, BTS - Boys Training School

These records are part of the holdings of the Tasmanian Archives
System of Arrangement:
Numerical sequence with gaps.

NCD 86 George M North
NCD 89 Edward R Wilmot
NCD 91 Mary Flanagan
NCD 93 Ada Woods
NCD 94 Victoria M Floyd
NCD 95-97 Scott family-Ellen (aka Nellie), John, James
NCD 99 Henry William Warren
NCD 101 William Berry
NCD 105 William Jones
NCD 106-07 Ford family-Wallace L & Alfred E (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 108 Sarah M Olding
NCD 110 Thomas H McGrath
NCD 111 Emma M Glennon
NCD 113 Rheuben R Ratcliffe
NCD 114 Sarah Pilling
NCD 115-7 Rigney Family-Ruby Florence, Tasman, Fredrick & Eric Kearney
NCD 118 Mary Scurrah
NCD 119 Florence Kinella
NCD 121 Kenneth T Smith
NCD 123-4 Floyd family-George & Thomas
NCD 126 Alice O'Brien
NCD 127 Albert (aka Bertie) Pearce
NCD 128-31 Gildea family-Catherine, Florence, James & Ernest
NCD 134-5 Reader family-Albert & Bertha Emma
NCD 136-140 Parrott family-Mary Ann (aka McDonald), Elizabeth, Vernie E, Linda E & Vera A (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 143 - 4 Murphy family-Lawrence I, Julia May, William John (2 files in one folder)
NCD 146-9 McIntosh family-William, Ellen, Alexander, John (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 152 Ayers family
NCD 155 John Curtis
NCD 156 Eva Jones
NCD 157 William Lilley
NCD 158-9 Weeding family-Walter & Ellen (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 160 Alice Harwood
NCD 163 Edward Kelly
NCD 164 O'Gorman family-Michael W, Joseph H, John T
NCD 166-8 Manghan family- Mary, Catherine, Agnes (aka Maud) (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 175 Ada B Saunders
NCD 179 Elsie McGrath
NCD 180-2 Trinder family-Mary G, William J, Charles H
NCD 183-6 Mazey family-Ernest, Edina, Irene, Robert
NCD 190-2 Boswood family-John G, Margaret, Fanny (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 193-194 Billinghurst family-Robert, Thomas (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 195 Ernest Metcalf
NCD 196-9 Hunt family-Henry, Willie, Roland, Harry (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 202 Albert Clark
NCD 203 Joseph Kemp
NCD 204 Charles Mead
NCD 205 John Mc Ormond
NCD 206 Lizzie Graham Haywood
NCD 207 Robert Butcher (aka Caville)
NCD 208 Percy McGowan
NCD 209 George Seymour
NCD 210 Henry Wilson
NCD 211 Frederick Kirkby
NCD 213 Leslie Green
NCD 212 Alexander Paling
NCD 214 Minnie (aka Mary Anne) Ansell
NCD 217-9 Woolleman family-Marie Clare, Herbert Edward, Frederick Victor
NCD 220-2 Woods family-Edith, Nellie, Thomas (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 223-4 Seymour family, Violet, Lily
NCD 225 Claude O H Ewart
NCD 226 Charles Gordon Artis
NCD 227-8 Gower family-Alfred Phillip, Clifford William
NCD 229 Osmond Eddington
NCD 230 Leslie Carroll
NCD 231 Stephen Eade (aka Vallely)
NCD 232 Phillis Hutley
NCD 235 Thomas Michael Ryan and Henry Wilson (see also NCD 236, Henry Wilson)
NCD 236 Henry Wilson (see also NCD 235, Thomas Michael Ryan)
NCD 237 Herbert Leslie Vicnent
NCD 238 John McPhee
NCD 239 Frank Smith
NCD 240 William Brooks
NCD 241 Ruth Brittian (aka Britton)
NCD 242 Claude Green
NCD 243 Alfred Spicer
NCD 244 Herbert Caville
NCD 245 William Clark
NCD 246 Barbara Wilson
NCD 247 Robert Glyde
NCD 248-9 Partridge family-Roy E, Cyril V
NCD 250 Herbert Slade (aka Miller)
NCD 251-4 Graves family-Ruby, George, Agnes and Albert (3 files in one folder)
NCD 255 Hancock family-John, Florence, Margaret
NCD256 Frederick Woods
NCD 258 Harold Thompson
NCD 260 Leslie Ray Jones
NCD 261 William Benjamin Dell
NCD 262 Gordon Jenner
NCD 263 Ella Williams
NCD 264-5 Jagers family-Mary & Catherine
NCD 266 Elsie Bannister
NCD 267 Mary Dobson
NCD 268 George Jones
NCD 269-70 Townshend family-Claudia Hyacinthe & Zerisha Janetta
NCD 271-4 Hardy family-Kathleen, Herbert Charles, Harold Robert & Madeline Mary
NCD 275 Ada Duffy
NCD 278 William John Worbey
NCD 279 Alfred Salter
NCD 280-2 Bradley family-John, Frances & Thomas
NCD 283 Thomas Lilley
NCD 284 Charles Gledden
NCD 286-7 Hill family-Charles Edward & Elsie May
NCD 288 Maggie Marsh
NCD 289-90 Green family-Ada & Henry
NCD 291 Victor J Montrose
NCD 294 William Sullivan
NCD 295 Whitcombe family-Philip Thomas, Eliza & Bella (aka Sibilea)
NCD 296 Albert Gadd
NCD 298 Catherine Doran
NCD 299 Percival Jubilee Campton
NCD 303 Charles Sorell St John
NCD 304 Hubert Hilary Jones
NCD 305 Eliza Reed
NCD 307-9 McShane family-Alfred Illingworth, Nellie Edith, Lavinia & Allan
NCD 311 Carr family- Florence & Mary Ann
NCD 312 Leslie John Woods
NCD 315 Theodore Foster (see also NCD 333-4)
NCD 320-4 Clark family-Charles, Anna, Frederick, Lousia & May
NCD 326 Woods family-Peter & Frederick
NCD 327-8 Emily Annie Barber & Elsie Brooks
NCD 329-30 Crichton family-Violet & Lila J, (also Ruby Cornish & Margaret Sullivan mentioned)
Ncd 332 Florence Kathleen Roberts
NCD 333-4 Foster family-Theodore (see also NCD 315) & Maud
NCD 335 Thomas Woods
NCD 338-9 Crutchley family-Mary & Annie
NCD 340 Ada Annie Charles
NCD 341-3 Buckney family-Arthur, Charles Walter & Ann Mary
NCD 344-5 Wells family-Claude & Florence
NCD 346 Henrietta (aka Hetty) Liddell (see also NCD 439)
NCD 347-8 Cassidy family-John, Thomas and Frank (see also NCD 473 & 998 re Frank)
NCD 349 Maria Hunt
NCD 350 Irene Doohey
NCD 351 Basil Meredith
NCD 352 Albert Edward Chatters (see also NCD 373-6)
NCD 353-7 Beakley family-Annie,Thomas, Elsie, Arthur & Myrtle (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 358 Walter Kelly
NCD 359-64 Jones family-Gladys,Emily, Alicia, Elsie, Florence, Eva & Robert (6 files in one folder)
NCD 365 Violet Mary Cooper
NCD 366-7 Cutler family-Clifford & Harold
NCD 368-70 Oakford family-John Joseph, William James & Michael Darcy Lee
NCD 371 Rosina Irvine
NCD 372 Augustus Delphin (see also NCD 442)
NCD 373-6 Chatters family-Adelaide Agnes, Ethel Olive, Albert Edward, Christopher John (see also NCD 352)
NCD 377 David Billinghurst
NCD 378 Hilda Hill
NCD 379 Ernwst Pulman Turner
NCD 380 Mildred Marshall
NCD 382 Charles Knowles
NCD 384 Florence Windsor
NCD 385-8 Ford (aka Appleton) family-Violet Evelyn, Alice Darling, Clyde Albert & Clarence Roy
NCD 389-91 Thomas family- Arthur George, Henrietta & Irene Amelia
NCD 392 Charles James Bailey
NCD 393 George Russell
NCD 394 Evelyn Rollins (aka Rawlings or Rowland)
NCD 395 Wilmott family-Ada & Caroline
NCD 399 William Cecil Sanders
NCD 400-2 Quamby family-Henry, John & Leslie (see also NCD 795)
NCD 404 Henry Baker (see also NCD 49)
NCD 405 Henrry William Nicholls
NCD 407 Roy Warne
NCD 408-10 Mawer family-May Maud Madeline, Alice Maria, Florence Mabel (see also NCD 419-20)
NCD 412-18 Tinter family-Joseph, Gertrude Catherine, Ethel Harriet, Ruth Beatrice, Evelyn Sophia, Wilfred Herbert, Frederick Charles)
NCD 419-20 Mawer family-Basil & Ivy (see also NCD 408-10)
NCD 426 Violet Cox
NCD 429 Riley family- Amy Ann, John & Alethea
NCD 430 Benjamin Lilley
NCD 431-4 Williams family-Victor George, Susan Alma, Tasman Frederick William & Selina Mary Ann
NCD 435-7 Ahearne family-Claude, Lilian Florence & Myrtle
NCD 438 Mary May Leahy
NCD 439 Sarah Elizabeth Liddell (see also NCD 346)
NCD 440 Blegg family-Ada Clara, Nora, David Allen & William
NCD 441 John Templeton
NCD442 Delphin family-Daniel & Agnes
NCD 443 Edward George Ramsdale
NCD 444 Annie King
NCD 445 Marsh Lily (aka Hammond)
NCD 446 Archie Trevor Young
NCD 454 Allen family-William, Leslie Henry & Eveline
NCD 455 Lilian Davis
NCD 456-7 Carter family-Leonard & Grace
NCD 459-6 Hancock family-Florence & Margaret (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 461-3 Jagers family-Alfred, Catherine & William
NCD 464 Tasman William Beason
NCD 465-7 Lee family-Edith, Violet, Olive and Frederick
NCD 468-9 Andrews family-Catherine Mary & John Christopher
NCD 470-2 Compton family-Ella Lavinia, Pearly Evelyn & Ruby Nelly
NCD 473 Frank Cassidy (see NCD 347-8 7 & 998)
NCD 474 Adelaide Mansfield
NCD 475-6 Campton family-Victor Richard & Cyril Aubrey
NCD 477-9 Townsend Family-Lilian, Beatrice & May
NCD 481 Charles Alfred Smith
NCD 482-5 Benton family-Jessie, Freda, Elizabeth and Carl
NCD 486 Olive Myrtle Warne
NCD 487 Mabel Nutting
NCD 488 William Benton
NCD 491 James Scott
NCD 497 Percy Creely
NCD 498 Charles Arthur Blegg
NCD 499 Alfred James Dicker
NCD 500 Lily Miles
NCD 501 Mary Hill
NCD 502 Grace Victoria Lancaster
NCD 503 Henry Rolls & Louisa Rolls (mentioned)
NCD 504 Albyn (aka Edgar) Anderson
NCD 505 William Hayes
NCD 508 Alice Blizzard
NCD 509-13 Anderson family-William, Agnes, James, Thomas & Rose
NCD 514 Alfred Jones
NCD 517 Henry Ernest Millhouse & Eli Thow (mentioned)
NCD 518-9 Gibbs family-Sarah Catherine & Elizabeth Jessie
NCD 520 Alexander James Marston
NCD 521 Patrick Morris (see also NCD 523-4)
NCD 522 Ruby Tennant
NCD 523-4 Morris family-Catherine & Jessie (see also NCD 521)
NCD 528-9 Scholes family-Lulu & Charles Edward
NCD 530-2 Clements family-Fanny Alice Maud, Richard Afosel & Percy Edward Roy
NCD 533-4 Cowell family-Victor William & Arthur Harold
NCD 535 Lucy Rawlins
NCD 536 Florence Dolaher (see also CGD 2084)
NCD 537-8 Newbury family-George & William
NCD 539 Charles Henry Johnson
NCD 540 Louis Simpson
NCD 542 Aubrey Joseph Appleby
NCD 544 Arthur Roy Hosking
NCD 545 Annie Rickards
NCD 546 Alice Caroline (Ivy) Johnson
NCD 547 Ethel Harvey
NCD 548 Elizabeth Griffiths (aka Orron)
NCD 549 Amy Beatrice Webster
NCD 550-2 Derrick family-Kathleen Sarah Jane, Essie & James Joseph Patrick Sherman ( see also NDC 168 re Cath Derrick)
NCD 553 Viola Constance Turner
NCD 554 Frances Myrtle Waters
NCD 560 William Bernard Coghlan & Leslie Shaw (mentioned)
NCD 561A Edward Winter
NCD 561 Gladys Eliza Totham
NCD 562-5 Horne Family-George Ernest, John, James William & Rebecca
NCD 567A Charles Bellchambers
NCD 568 Edward Johnson (aka Gaunt)
NCD 569 Clara May Price Ramsay
NCD 570-1 Lipscombe family-Etheel Eileen & Edith Maud
NCD 572 Fanny Somers
NCD 573 Roland Goscombe
NCD 576 Jessie Marian Kerr & Lizzie Gibb (mentioned) (see also NCD 580-1)
NCD 577 Dorothy Edwards
NCD 578 Doris May Barden
NCD 579 Isma Annie Jane Barwick
NCD 580-1 Kerr family- John Robert Burns & Robert Baden (see also NCD 576) (see also CGD 2870)
NCD 582 Lily Matthews (aka Trembath or Phfue or Pfau)
NCD 583 Jesse Thomas Vincent Wiseman
NCD 584 Carl Butters
NCD 585 Violet Hawthorn
NCD 586-7 Shaw family- William & Leslie Lionel (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 589 Ada Parker
NCD 590-1 Goodall family-Alfred & James
NCD 592 Ruby Donoghue
NCD 593 Frederic McGuiness
NCD 594 Maypril Miller
NCD 595 Harold Atwell
NCD 596 Grace Anderson
NCD 597 Irene May Jagers
NCD 598 Irene Mary Morgan
NCD 599 Arthur Lewis
NCD 601 Gladys Baker (aka Foot)
NCD 601A Ethel Barber
NCD 602 Cyril Campbell & Lily Matthews (mentioned)
NCD 603 Joseph Matson
NCD 604-6 Story family-Ruby, Hilda & Myrtle
NCD 607 Henry Baker
NCD 608 Dessa Ralph
NCD 613 Ernest Turner
NCD 615-7 Purcell family-Elizabeth, Florence & Edith May
NCD 618 Mary Pearl (Polly) Nicholls
NCD 619-20 Maloy family-Elsie & Stanley (see also ODR Hobart 2422)
NCD 621 Arthur Harold Golding Tilyard
NCD 625 Horace Davenport
NCD 627 Joseph Nicholls
NCD 628 Dolly May Shaw
NCD 629-32 Curtain family-Phillis Catherine, Rudolph, Violet & Millicent
NCD 633 Richard Devine
NCD 634 Hazel Ann Knowles
NDC 636 Bruce Scott
NCD 637 Ivy Evelyne Coombe
NCD 638 Edith Mary Rowley
NCD 639 Alfred Davis
NCD 641 William Bert Beasley
NCD 642 Muriel Elma Carlisle
NCD 643 Grace Buckney
NCD 644 Albert Brice
NCD 645 Ethel May Blindell
NCD 646 Sydney Eden Hudson
NCD 647 Eli Hedley Thow
NCD 648 Roy Edward Hume
NCD 652 Leslie Kestle
NCD 653 George Peacock (see NCD 998 & 1005) (No content in file)
NCD 654-5 Fitgerald family-Ruby & Irene
NCD 656 Edward Conacher
NCD 657 Eveline Mary Moss
NCD 660 Edith Griffith (see CGD 3033)
NCD 661 Roy Griffiths
NCD 662 Frances Elizabeth Green
NCD 663 May Frances Smith
NCD 664 David William Witton (see also NCD 830-1)
NCD 668 Leslie Keefe
NCD 668A George Saunderson (see BTS 668)
NDCD 666 Hazel Ormiston (aka Godwin)
NCD 669 Alfred Henry James Boden
NCD 670 Pearl Jagers
NCD 671 Catherine Mary Biddulph
NCD 673 Margaret Brown
NCD 674 Gertrude Allen
NCD 675-8 Quinn family-May, Eilleen Gladys, James Arthur & William Henry Harold ( see NCD 1541)
NCD 679 Doris Atkinson (aka Hyett)
NCD 680-2 King family-Thomas, Arthur & Grace
NCD 683 Ludwick Weaver
NCD 684Lucy Millar (aka Reid)
NCD 685 George Leonard Hardrew
NCD 687-89 Cooper family-Lillian Charlotte, Minnie Elizabeth & Herbert Charles (see also NCD 701-4)
NDC 690 Linda Thomas
NCD 691-2 Littler family-Edith Nellie & Annie
NCD 694 George Charles Matthews
NCD 697-99 Casey family-Clarence, Tasman & Kathleen
NCD 701-4 Cooper family-Lillian Charlotte, Minnie Elizabeth, William Richard & Herbert Charles (see also NCD 687-9)
NCD 705-7 Wood family-Alfred, Francis & Victor
NCD 708-9 Johnson family-Beatrice & Gertrude
NCD 713 Seymour family-Arthur, Ida & Edward
NCD 716 Ida Fahey
NCD 717-8 Roberts family-Frances Emmeline Ethel & William George
NCD720-1 Smith family, Elsie, Gordon, Nora, Jean
NCD 723 Kathleen Devlyn, Wanda May Lindon (child) mentioned
NCD 727-8 Connelly family-Edgar & Frank
NCD 729 Lelia Gildea
NCD 730 Douglas Moore
NCD 736 Charles March
NCD 737-8 Chandler family-Oscar & Archie
NCD 739-40 Richards family-Stanley Alison & Kenneth Rupert
NDC 741-2 Cane family- David & Arnold
NCD 743 Constance Mary Summers
NCD 745-6 Sutcliffe family-Sydney & Percy (see also NCD 824 & CSD 1084) (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 748 Jesse Wiseman
NCD 749 Stella Cunningham
NCD 750 David John King
NCD 751 Guylfa Ramsay
NCD 754-5 Webster family-Mona Theresa & Eileen Maud
NCD 756-7 Green family- Caroline (aka Hines) & Ada (see also NCD 289)
NCD 758 May Hudson
NCD 759-62 Reeves family-Linda Josephine, Amy Evelyn, Henry Robert Clarence & Marion Gladys
NCD 763 Lewis Ricketts
NCD 764-5 Williams family-Lily & Alice
NCD 766-9 Woodruffe family-Bertha, Clifford Harold, Florence & John Alfred
NCD 770-1 Morris family-James & George
NCD 772 Clarence Moaton
NCD 773 Stella Jane Beckett
NCD 774 Victor John Ransley
NCD 775 Josephine Judge
NCD 776 Arthur Leonard Rule
NCD 777 Ernest Henry Langdale
NCD 778 Coffey family-Louisa Mary, Hilda May & Alfred Baden
NCD 779 Elizabet Sellars (see also NCD 842)
NCD 780 Henry Dean
NCD 781-2 Henwood family-Frank & Henry
NCD 783-5 Kernan family-Eileen May, Malvina Jane & Eva Catherine
NCD 786 Edith Ethel May Drake (see also NCD 803-5)
NCD 788-90 Currier family-Cyril Garnet, Edward Clifford & George Ernest
NCD 787 Lionel Clark
NCD 791 John Robert Davies
NDC 793 Christopher Grant
NDC 794 George Henry Sulman
NCD 795 Leslie Quamby (see also NCD 400)
NCD 796-7 Harris family-Minnie & Lucy Jane
NCD 798-802 Webb family-Rose, George, Henry, Arthur & Hedley (see also NCD 961)
NCD 803-5 Heinrich family-Sophia Elsey, Winnie May & Albury Osker (see also NCD 786)
NCD 806 Ellen Gertrude Reade
NCD 807 Lily Johnson
NCD 809 George Anderton
NDC 810 John Zeehan McCormack
NCD 811 Myrtle Risley
NCD 812-3 Moore family-Horace & Norman
NCD 814-5 Moss family-Alice Emily & Elsie May
NCD 816-7 Flaherty family-William & Joyce
NCD 818 Albert Noonan
NCD 819-21 Levy family-Frederick, Joseph & Henry
NCD 822 Gerald Keen (or Verrell Keen)
NCD 823 Alice Hyde
NCD 824 Gladys Florence May Sutcliffe (see also NCD 745-6)
NCD 825 Subreena Hemp (also May Hemp or Brown)
NCD 826-7 Smith family-James Anderson & Lelia Esther
NCD 828 William Wallace Flood
NCD 829 James McGuire
NCD 830-1 Witton family-Claude Rupert & David William (see also NCD 664)
NCD 832 Norman Newbury (see also NCD 892 Lavington Lyell Hunt)
NCD 833 Olive Langford
NCD 834 Florrie Warren
NCD 835 Algernon Harold Daniels (aka Elmore)
NCD 836 Pearl Elizabeth Jane Miller
NCD 837 Kathleen McNamara
NCD 837A Erling Garlick (aka Wright or Andreson)
NCD 838 Florence McKay (aka Young)
NCD 839-41 Wheeler family-Ethel Frances, Alice Jessie & Ellen
NCD 842 Elizabeth Sellars (see also NCD 779)
NCD 843 Gilbert Williams
NCD 844 Myrtle Freeman
NCD 845-8 Gilbert family-Albert, Mary, Thomas & Elsie
NCD 849 Tasman Foster
NCD 850 Joseph Thomas Bates
NCD 850A Herbert Marriott
NCD 851 Wilfred John Nibbs
NCD 852-3 Charles family-Algy & Henry
NCD 854 Ryan (male child)
NCD 856 Lily Fitzpatrick (see also NCD 2819)
NCD 855 Ethel Watkins
NCD 857-9 Taylor family-Rose Evelyn, Camelia May, Victor Leslie
NCD 860 Winnie O'Brien (aka Medcraft)
NCD 861 Leah Fisher
NCD 862 Winnie Lang (aka Minnie Long)
NCD 863 Thomas W W Miller
NCD 864 Charles Daniels
NCD 865 Alfred John Dobson
NCD 866 Oscar Griffiths
NCD 867-8 Clark family-Herbert & Joseph
NCD 872-7 Lynch family-Alice Agnes,Cornelius Joseph, Michael Joseph, Mary Elizabeth & Richard Patrick
NCD 877 John Bailey
NCD 879 Ernest Williams
NCD 880 Thomas Dalton Smith
NCD 881 Thelma Smith
NCD 882 Athol Lockley
NCD 883 Dorothy Irene Daniels
NCD 884 Jean Butler
NCD 885 Vivian Cornelius Carrick
NCD 886 Alice Murray
NCD 887 Wilfred James Manhood
NCD 888 Basil Blizzard
NCD 889 Basil Slade
NCD 890-2 Anderson family-William, Joyce Olive & Thelma
NCD 893 Lavington Lyell Hunt (see also NCD 832 Norman Newberry)
NCD 894 Ethel Florence Kendall
NCD 895 Rita Newitt
NCD 896 Gordon Richardson
NCD 897 Mona Townsend
NCD 898 Joseph Michael Whelan
NCD 899-900 Williams family-Frank & William
NCD 901 Cyril John Collins
NCD 902 Rose Mary Frohmader
NCD 903-9 Drinkwater family-Herbert, George, Charles, Hugh, Mark, Theodore & Stella (see also NCD 1412)
NCD 910 William Arthur Andrews
NCD 911 Montagu Rupert Grainger
NCD 912 Archibald Seymour
NCD 913 Doris Eileen Latham
NCD 914 Archie Griffiths
NCD Evelyn (aka Beulah) Matthews
NCD 916-9 Muncaster family-Huia Charles, Euphemia, Mary & Nancy Gertrude
NCD 919C Thomas Miller
NCD 920-2 Andrews family- Margaret May, Irene Clementine & William John
NCD 924 Cyril Palmer
NCD 923 William Stuart John Graham
NCD 925-7Simmonds family-John, Elsie & Ella
NCD 928 Violet May Leary
NCD 929 John Victor Oakely
NCD 930 Ethel Appleby
NCD 931 Keith Ronald Watt
NCD 932 Stella Griffiths
NCD 933 Victor Strickland
NCD 934-7 Belcher family-Frank, Eric Rudolph, Weamath Elizabeth & George Oakley
NCD 938 Herbert Henry Hughs
NCD 939-40 Richardson family-Ada Irene & Florence May
NCD 941 Maud Buckney
NCD 942 Sylvia Jago
NCD 943 Lucy McArthur
NCD 944 Annie Marshall
NCD 945 Minnie Mary Miles
NCD 946 Blinkworth Jones
NCD 947 Leslie Cyril Frederick Fleming
NCD 947A Victor Miller
NCD 948 Thomas Ryan
NCD 949 Kelvin Woolf
NCD 950 Lawrence Edward Munday
NCD 951 Beryl Jean Brennan (aka Connie McPartlan)
NCD 952 John Randell
NCD 953 Dorothy Mabel Watts
NCD 954 Arnold Keith Donohue
NCD 955-7 Hardwick family-Alice,William Arthur & Frederick Douglas (see also NCD 973 & 1079-1082) (2 files in one folder)
NCD 958 Stanley Targetts (aka Robert Brumley)
NCD 960 William Hubert Grundy
NCD 961 Hedley Webb
NCD 962 Violet Thompson
NCD 963 Gladys Foreman
NCD 964 Bryan Reginald Harrison (see also NCD 974-7)
NCD 965-6 Guerin family-Dorothy & Myrtle
NCD 967-70 Harrington family-Eileen, Doris, Gladys Mary & Myrtle
NCD 971 Flora Ruth Marie Bailey
NCD 972 Jessie Cross
NCD 973 Florence Jane Hardwick (see also NCD 955 & 1079-82)
NCD 974-7 Harrison family-Maxwell Gregory Hill, Keith Frederick Hill, Mollie Jessie Frances Hill, & Elliott David Hill (see also NCD 964)
NCD 978 Joseph Wedd
NCD 979-80 Pulford family-Mary & Gertie
NCD 983-6 Hill family-Emily, Lorna Hope, Vincent James & William
NCD 987 Martha Alice Thompson
NCD 988 Andrew Herbert Peacock (see also NCD 653 & 1004)
NCD 989 Edgar William Thow
NCD 990 Keith Reginald Burns
NCD 991-2 Dwyer family- Charles & Henry
NCD 993 Edith Hunt
NCD 994-7 Dennison family-Daphne, Olive, Gordon & Hector
NCD 999-1001 Radford family-Wilfred John, Percy Albert & Ernest (2 files in one folder)
NCD 1002 William Harris
NCD 1003 Thelma May Quinn
NCD 1004-5 Peacock family-Roy Albert & George Ernest (see also NCD 653 & 988) (two files in one folder)
NCD 1006 Robert Bawn
NCD 1007 Horace Bertie West
NCD 1008 Ellen Flanagan
NCD 1009-10 Wilson family-Laura Evelyn & Alma May (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1011-2 Bingley family-Trevor Arthur Peter & Selwyn (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1013-16 Duggan family-John Edward, Olive, Ivy & Myrtle (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1017 Robert William New
NCD 1018-22 McDonald family-Alfreda Doris, Walter Roy, Nellie Elsie May, Sydney Hector Clyde & Colin John Wallace (see also NCD 2400) (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1023 Bessie Stopps
NCD 1024 Violet Natty (see also NCD 1026)
NCD 1025 Francis Smith
NCD 1026 Phyllis Fay Natty (see also NCD 1024)
NCD 1027 Lewis Douglas Fenner (aka Cecil)
NCD 1028 George Herbert Butters
NCD 1029 Bertie Nicholls
NCD 1030 Andrew McArthur
NCD 1032 Claude Tyler
NCD 1033 Myrtle Sparks
NCD 1035 Mary Patricia Dillon (aka Howard)
NCD 1036-38 White family- Winson, Julia & Joseph
NCD 1039 Eric Rosier
NCD 1040 John McKenzie Lyng
NCD 1041-2 Grant family-Cecil & Francis
NCD 1043-4 Rathbone family-Edwin & Sylvia Blanch
NCD 1045 Ida Annie Helm
NCD 1046-9 Stubbs family-Susan Valinda, Linsdale Leonard, Lavinia Pearl & Norris
NCD 1050 Leslie Roy Smith
NCD 1051 Byron Augustus Appleby Taylor
NCD 1052 Olive May Blonguest (aka Knowles)
NCD 1053 Eric Lisle Wilkins
NCD 1054 Doris Townsend
NCD 1055 Phyllis Clare Coyle
NCD 1056 John Henry Woods
NCD 1057 Ida Eliza Edna Johnstone (see also 1246)
NCD 1058-9 Clay family-Evelyn Dorothy & James Edward
NCD 1060 Myrtle Norton
NCD 1061 Thomas William Bradley
NCD 1062 Doris Hill
NCD 1063 Janet Green
NCD 1064-66 McQueeney family-Harold Gordon, Jane Frances & Mary Alberta (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1067 Nancy May Hoole
NCD 1068 Stanley Eppingstall
NCD 1069 Annie Munting
NCD 1070 Dulcie Hayes
NCD 1071 Charles Stafford
NCD 1072 Alfred Coffey (see also BTS 645)
NCD 1074 Tasman Wright
NCD 1075-7 Wright family-Frank, Ernest & Charles
NCD 1078 Australia Mason (aka Smith)
NCD 1079-82 Hardwick family-William Arthur, Frederick, Alice & Florence Jane (see also NCD 955-7 & 973)
NCD 1090-94 Liddall family-Ivy, Cecil John, Lilian, James & Evelyn Mabel (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1095 Alma Burns
NCD 1096 Lena Grainger
NCD 1097 Richard Richardson Mills
NCD 1098 Keith Duffy
NCD 1099 Hume family-Mervyn John & Roy (see also BTS 670)
NCD 1101 Ivy Lily Buxton
NCD 1102 Nellie Brereton
NCD 1103 Walter James Cleary
NCD 1104-5 Marley family-Ada & Rose (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1106 Emily Rose McCarthy
NCD 1107 Lily Negus
NCD 1108 Alice May Aston
NCD 1109 Beatrice Eberhardt
NCD 1110-14 Travers family-Florence Adelaide, Sarah, Teresa Amelia Mary, Percy Clarence & William Keith
NCD 1115 Mabel Smith (aka Ashcroft)
NCD 1115A Herbert Winters [previously titled Horace Gordon Roy McWilliams]
NCD 1116 Irene Davis (aka Florence Ida Fahey)
NCD 1117 Harold Etchells
NCD 1118 Lionel Webber
NCD 1119 Pearl Evelyn Gibson
NCD 1120 Tasman Cyril Gurr
NCD 1121 Myrtle Whittaker
NCD 1122 Albert Rubens
NCD 1123-4 Hamer family-Florence Grace & Joseph Charles Edmund
NCD 1125 Dallas Morton Richardson (aka Bannister)
NCD 1126-30 McCormack family-Ethel Victoria, James Thomas, Frederick Joseph, Sarah Emily & Kenneth Alfred
NCD 1131-2 Burge family-Mary Leila & Daphne Beatrice (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1133-4 Bissett family-John & Frank Vivian (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1135 Alfred Stevenson
NCD 1136 Lyons family-Vera May & Isabel Ruby May (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1138 Mavis Mary Floyd
NCD 1139-42 Templar family-Ella, Doris, Lily & Vera (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1143 Leslie Moore Langford
NCD 1145 Mona Lethborg
NCD 1146 Kathleen Maude Williams
NCD 1148 Eric Kearney
NCD 1149 Lionel Gordon Mason
NCD 1152-54 Ayres family-Frederick John, George Alfred & Violet Olive (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1155-7 Miles family-Alfred, Ada Olive & Jessie (see also SSD 8112) (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1158 Louisa May Fletcher (see also NDC 2400/8)
NCD 1159 Jean Searle
NCD 1162-3 Newitt family-Hector & William (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1164 William Phillip Franklin (aka Marshman)
NCD1165-1167 Gracie family-Catherine Myrtle, Florence Annie & Holly Jean (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1171 Victor George Beckitt
NCD 1175 Nola Madeline Prescott
NCD 1176 Leitha Pearl Henderson
NCD 1177 Stanley Jame Halton
NCD 1182 Thomas George Evans
NCD 1184 Lillian May Cullen (aka Marjorie Valerie)
NCD 1185-7 Matson family-George, Cyril & Olive Jean (see also SSD 8863) (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1188 Glady May Doolan (aka Gladys Evelyn Dulin)
NCD 1192-3 Heenan family-William Gordan & Herbert James (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1194-7 Gilbert family-Eric William, Doris Eileen, Phyllis Mary & Frederick John (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1198 Bert Lethborg
NCD 1200 Mervyn Horace Turner
NCD 1201 Charles William Jarrett
NCD 1202 Dyson family-Kingsley Frederick & Henry James (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1204 Eleanor Jacques (aka Blossom Petterd)
NCD 1205 Percy Charles Johnson
NCD 1206 Gwendoline Rankin
NCD 1207 Arthur William Hardy
NCD 1208 Millicent May Smith
NCD 1209 Dora Lydia Casey
NCD 1213 Alice Lacey
NDC 1214-6 Graham family-Eric, Henry Hugh & Gladys (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1217 Roland Leahy
NCD 1218 Clarence Cleaver
NCD 1220 Olive Butler (aka Smith) (see also SSD 7421)
NCD 1221-3 Jarrett family, Ellena Aminda,Florence Maud & Horace John (see also NCD 1648) (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1224-5 Maidment family-Edward &Thomas (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1226 Jean Downie Bryant
NCD 1227 William James Millard
NCD 1228 Henry Charles Shaw
NCD 1230 Phyllis Mary Maddox
NCD 1231A Gerald Roman Alfonso Patrick Saye (see also NCD 1268 & BTS 694)
NCD 1232 Harry Delphin (BTS 695)
NCD 1233 Florence Cullen
NCD 1234-6 Burgess family-Frederick, Ray & Iris (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1238 Olive Edna Singleton
NCD 1239 John Daniels
NCD 1240 Harold Butters (BTS 766)
NCD 1242-3 Draper family-William John & George Thomas (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1244 Amy Rowbottom
NCD 1245 Alice Burgess
NCD 1246 Mary Margaret Johnstone (see also 1057)
NCD 1249 Connie Victoria Knowles
NCD 1250 Albert Edward Jeffrey (BTS 698)
NCD 1251 Katie Ross
NCD 1252 Donald Ross (BTS 699)
NCD 1255-9 McAuley family-Rita Pearl, Edeline Eva, Alma Ina, Clarice Adeline & James Bryson Lyell (see also NCD 2589) (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1260-1 Howard family-Leslie & Mary
NCD 1265-6 Raymond & Montford Jones
NCD 1267 Phyllis Ruby Carlyle
NCD 1268 Baden Saye (see also NCD 1231A)
NCD 1269 Laurel Burgess
NCD 1274 Joseph Meaghan
NCD 1275-6 Arnold family-John & Samuel (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1277-8 Corkery family- Rosina Annie & James (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1279 George Thorne
NCD 1281 Gertrude Mildred Ward
NCD 1283-5 Cohen family-Lily, Florence & Amelia
NCD 1286-Farrelly family- Lisle Bernard, Iris & Kenneth (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1289 Fay Joyce Maher
NCD 1290 Mona Warne
NCD 1292 Mabel Connors
NCD 1293 Dominga Alice Jean Correa
NCD 1294 John Charles Mason
NCD 1295 Joyce Brown
NCD 1297 Pearl Eileen Dobson
NCD 1298-9 Lovett family-Eileen & Vernard James (see also SSD 5177) (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1301 Mona Read
NCD 1304 Walter Dean
NCD 1305 James Goodman
NCD 1306 Raymond Athol Wright
NCD 1308 Amby Willis Gee
NCD 1313 Leonard Raymond Parsons (see Labour Bureau files, July 1931)
NCD 1314-6 Donoghue family-Elizabeth Ida, Cyril & Ivy
NCD 1317-9 Winch family-Myra Jean,May Mary & Olga Mary (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1320 Willaminna Alice Marsden
NCD 1321-2 Young family-Gordon & Eric (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1323 George Francis Marsh (no file - see NCD 2769)
NCD 1324 John William Henshaw
NCD 1327 Thomas Campbell Davenport
NCD 1328-9 Fox family-Linda & Elsie (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1330-1 Windsor family-Laurine Ruby May & Isabel Mary (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1332 Ronald Leo Gerrity
NCD 1333 Charles Hunt
NCD 1334 Leonard Singline
NCD 1335 Violet Stoward
NCD 1337 William Brown
NCD 1338 Herbert James McCarthy
NCD 1339-40 Bailey family-Clifford & Thurza (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1341 Nancy Joan Mitchell
NCD 1342 Basil Robert Young
NCD 1343-4 Kerr family-Winifred & Lily
NCD 1345-6 Jones family-Hubert Colin & Ellen Violet (see also NCD 1399) (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1347 Ethel Surbeena James
NCD 1348 Edith Beryl Smith
NCD 1349 Rex Brown (see also CG Dept 1427)
NCD 1354 Ashley Vincent Benjamin (see also BTS 739)
NCD 1356-8 Miles family-Annie, Edie & Ethel (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1359 Bessie Lee
NCD 1362-3 Peart family-Irene Blanch & Norman Edward (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1364-6 Whately family-Lilah Reta Mildred, Thelma Rowina & Keitha Dorothy
NCD 1367-73 Burden family-Florence May, David, Robert, Phyllis Lucy, Effie Edith, Sydney Clyde & Herbert Henry (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1374-5 Stacey family-Arthur Malley & Lucy Earley (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1376-7 Cohen family-Jean & Leonard
NCD 1378-80 Riley family- Acir Rose, Colin & Leila Amelia Doris
NCD 1381 Clyde Alfred Brown (aka Hamer)
NCD 1383 James Bryant (aka Wilson)
NCD 1384 William Jones
NCD 1385 Harry McFarlane
NCD 1386 Claude Edward Sullivan
NCD 1387-8 Benjamin & George Lawler
NCD 1389 Rex Desmond Singleton
NCD 1390 Irene Gibson Treehee
NCD 1391 Roy Cooke
NCD 1392 Annie Lillian Clark
NCD 1393 Andrew Guy Luckhurst
NCD 1394 James Hennessey
NCD 1395-7 Donohue family-Sylvia Elizabeth, Ellen Eveline & Kathleen Ann
NCD 1398 Vera Elizabeth Powell
NCD 1399 Horace Henry Jones (see also NCD 1345-7 & BTS 749)
NCD 1401 Alice Cook
NCD 1402-3 Wakefield family-Philip John & Erytle Thomas
NCD 1404-5 Summers family- Ernest Charles & Claude
NCD 1408 Owen Sutton (see BTS 753)
NCD 1409 Charles William Dell
NCD 1411 George Eaton (see also BTS 755)
NCD 1412 Winifred Brighta Marsden (see also ILP 2132 & NCD 906)
NCD 1413 Vincent Henry Binns
NCD 1414 Richard George Horsley (see also NCD 2273 & BTS 761)
NCD 1416 Ethel Ida Ross
NCD 1419-21 Edwards family-Gladys, Irene & Elsie
NCD 1422 Mary Balchome
NCD 1423-4 Herbert family-May Eva (aka Eileen) & Olive May (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1426-30 Ayers family-Louisa, John Wallace, Douglas, Linley & Annie (4 files in one folder)
NCD 1431 Mildred Flowers
NCD 1433 Minnie Higgins (see also NCD 2423/316)
NCD 1435 Jessie Main
NCD 1436 Ina Pearl Reeves (see also CSD 5393)
NCD 1437 Isabella Arnold
NCD 1438-41 Ayers family-Edith, Henry Thomas, Mary & Tasman (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1442-4 Griffiths family-Doris May, Phyllis Harris & Ruby Irene
NCD 1447 Lawrence George Whitchurch (see also BTS 782)
NCD 1450 Cecil McKenney (see also BTS 773)
NCD 1452 Douglas John Deacon
NCD 1453 Stanley Rickards
NCD 1454 Pearl Constance Norris (see also NCD 1592-3)
NCD 1458 Major Davenport
NCD 1459 Clifford Norman Moore (aka Hasler)
NCD 1462 Pearl Stacey
NCD 1463 Freda Arnold
NCD 1464 Stanley John Roach
NCD 1465 Amy Louisa Grace
NCD 1466 David Jones
NCD 1467-70 Mihan family-Otto Herman, Dolly Edith, Daphne Jane & Christopher Allan (see also Gordon William Mihan NCD 1570) (see also SSD 5287 re Daphne)
NCD 1471 Eileen Isabel Smith
NCD 1473 Vera Kerslake (aka Davis)
NCD 1476-7 Woods family-Stanley & Leslie (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1478 Leonard Thomas Branch (see also SSD 7450)
NCD 1479 Lottie McNally Drought (see also CSD 1741)
NCD 1480 Robert Albert Burston
NCD 1481 Sydney Richard Richardson
NCD 1482 George William O'Boyle
NCD 1483 Frederick Valentine Roberts
NCD 1484-6 Gerrity family-Evelyn, Richard & Dorothy (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1486A Joan Flowers
NCD 1487 Reid family-Grace & Joyce
NCD 1489-91 Monk family-Lyla, Elvie & Lyall (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1492 Nancy Jean Moss
NCD 1493-4 Carey family-Mary, Catherine & Bridget (see also SSD 7183)
NCD 1496 John Millwood
NCD 1498 Stanley Giles
NCD 1499 Cyril Molloy
NCD 1500 Leslie Arthur George Deacon
NCD 1503 Jean Venice Leary
NCD 1504 George Edgar Hurd
NCD 1508 Winifred Fairbrother
NCD 1510 William John Dolliver
NCD 1511 -2 Saunders family-Amy Louisa & Ena May (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1513-17 Munday family-Ernest John, Percy Albert, May Mary Cordelia, Reuben Allen & Amy Maude
NCD 1518 Lewis Boskell
NCD 1519-21 Broderick family-George Irvine, Emma Verna Daisy & Sweet Lavender Margaret Fay (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1525 Myra Schultz
NCD 1527 Lily Harriet Elliott
NCD 1528 Roy Robert Holness
NCD 1530 Alfred Jarvis
NCD 1531-3 Phillips family-John, Raymond & Geoffrey
NCD 1534 Lillian Grace Blair
NCD 1535 Norman James Bracken
NCD 1536 Ivy Iris Read (aka Clarkson)
NCD 1537 Fox family-George Albert,Trixie & Alice May (see also NCD 2969 & 2980)
NCD 1540 Kathleen Myrtle Cooper Miller
NCD 1542 Gwendolin Edith Crothers
NCD 1543 Albert Edward Wilkinson
NCD 1546 Raymond Tasman Harris
NCD 1547 Elizabeth Irene Brooks
NCD 1548 Thelma Doreen Grant
NCD 1552 Keith Dale Smart
NCD1553-4 & 7 Long family-Thelma May & Florence Elizabeth & Harry (see also CSD 2784 & 2323)
NCD 1555 Cecil Stanley Augustus Douglas
NCD 1556 Norton Perriman
NCD 1558 Beryl Kent
NCD 1559 William Shea
NCD 1561 John Mills
NCD 1562 John Russell Khan
NCD 1564 Lulla Ransome (aka Ellen Pfeiffer, Helen Ransom)
NCD 1565-6 Aubrey family-Eva Mary & Lois Ismay (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1567-8 Markham family-Vera Winifred Alice & Grace Irene Janie (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1570 Gordan William Mihan (see also NCD 1467-70)
NCD 1571 Lionel Edwin Reid (see also BTS 836)
NCD 1572 Harold Lawrence White
NCD 1573 Joseph Goodman (see also BTS 838)
NCD 1575 Bernard Terrance Smith
NCD 1576-7 Lovett family-Cyril Charles George & Oswald
NCD 1578 Lorna May Sullivan (see also NCD 2265, 1673,1627&1631)
NCD 1579 Minnie May Stacey
NCD 1580 Errol Mervyn Newling
NCD 1581 James Latham
NCD 1582-5 Milton family-Edna Mavis, Archibald Carl, Dulcie Muriel & Iris May
NCD 1587 Harold Pearson (see also BTS 898)
NCD 1589 Edward Rowland Purcell
NCD 1590 Lance Mc Kenny
NCD 1591 John Henry Fisher
NCD 1592-3 Norris family-Doreen & Sheila
NCD 1594 Arthur Edward Neil Tyson (see also BTS 844)
NCD 1595 Patricia Mary Thelma Cullen
NCD 1596 William Maher (see also BTS 845)
NCD 1597 Gordon Alexander McDevitt
NCD 1598 Max William Batt
NCD 1599 Eric Bowerman
NCD 1600-1 McLeod family-Rose Millicent & Olly Clara (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1602 Alma Alice Torphy
NCD 1603 William James Herny Jenkinson
NCD 1604 Mary Elizabeth Jones
NCD 1605 Lawrence Ashley Cedric Whelan (aka McKie)
NCD 1606 Olga Stewart
NCD 1608 Harold James Higgins
NCD 1609 Frank Williams
NCD 1610-1 Brooks family-Reg Claude, Dallas Searle & Joseph Sage
NCD 1613 Gladys Mary Watt (see also Russell N/R file 772)
NCD 1614 Henry George Duggan (see also BTS 850)
NCD 1615 James Muir
NCD 1616-7 Howell family-Sylvia Joyce & Gertrude Jean Howell
NCD 1619 Robert William Smith (see also BTS 854)
NCD 1618 Roy Arthur Barrett (BTS 853)
NCD 1620-1 Mervyn Lindsay Stagg & Reggie William Risk
NCD 1622-3 Jacobson family-Edith Constance & Robert Henry
NCD 1624 Thomas William Freeman
NCD 1626 Dallas Frederick Murrell
NCD 1627-31 Sullivan family-George Thomas, Mary Elizabeth, John Joseph, Gertrude Elizabeth & Susan Mary
NCD 1633 William Patrick Tuttle (see also BTS 859)
NCD 1634 Frank Bowerman
NCD 1636 John Henry Patience
NCD 1637 Kathleen Veronica McCormack
NCD 1638-9 Dunlop family-Maisie Elizabeth & Winnie
NCD 1640 Colin Richard Stacey
NCD 1641-2 Whitcombe family-Dinah Ivy Annie & Cecelia Joyce (see also Connie Whitcombe NCD 1809 & ILP 1934)
NCD 1643 Alice May (Mollie) Smith
NCD 1644 Albert William Blackwell Hanson
NCD 1645-6 Briggs family-Olive & Ivy
NCD 1647 Allan William Sproule (aka Jack Berry)
NCD 1648 Horace Jarritt
NCD 1649 Raymond John Stanley (see ILP 1003) (No content in file)
NCD 1650 Eric Ford
NCD 1651 George Stevens
NCD 1653 Harry Laredo
NCD 1658 Myra Daphne Lockett
NCD 1659 Isabella Rickards
NCD 1660-3 Ford family-Winnie, Thomas, Clyde, Alfred (Eddis) & Eric Wilfred
NCD 1664 Charles James Norton (aka Corbett) (see also BTS 864)
NCD 1666 Irene May Fisher
NCD 1668 Keith Dudley Whelan
NCD 1669 Claude Victor Lovell
NCD 1670 Roy Lahey (see also BTS 869)
NCD 1671 Ellis D'arcy Waller
NCD 1673 Norman Rayner Anderson
NCD 1675 Charles Robert James McShane
NCD 1676 Henry Garrett
NCD 1676A William Charles Purton (see also BTS 875)
NCD 1679 Leslie Francis Hardy
NCD 1680 Phylis May Shepherd (aka Phipps)
NCD 1681-4 Ware family-Gladys Pearl, Walter George & Eric John
NCD 1685-7 Jones family-Sarah Frances, Doris Evelyn & Charles William
NCd 1688 Florence Wetherall Johnson
NCD 1689 Ivy Jean Ware
NCD 1690 Joan Lorraine Jacques
NCD 1692 Walter Frederick Dossett (see also BTS 880)
NCD 1697 John Samuel Smith
NCD 1698 Lesly Royce Philipp
NCD 1700 Stewart Stubbings (see also BTS 857)
NCD 1701 Patricia Jacques
NCD 1702 Phyllis Edna Brown
NCD 1703 Oswald John Broderick
NCD 1708-9 Warn family-Bertha Myrtle May & Gladys Madeline (see also CSD 3666 & 3868)
NCD 1711 Cyril Francis Harris
NCD 1712 Lindsay Gordon Alder (aka Richardson)
NCD 1715 Gordon William Dossett (see also BTS 894)
NCD 1716-7 Smith family-Beryl Elizabeth & Olive Mary (aka Gadd)
NCD 1718 Keith Burdon (see also NCD 2986)
NCD 1719-22 Stewart family-Doris, Charles, John Barry & Isabel Josephine (see also NCD 3449)
NCD 1723 Eleanor May (Nellie) Baker
NCD 1724 Violet Russell
NCD 1727-8 Enshaw family- Henry James & David Charles (see also BTS 901-2) (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1729 Vernon Arnold Powell ( aka Fisher) (see also NCD 3280) (No content in file)
NCD 1730 Robert Walker (see also ILP 913)
NCD 1731 Leila May Challis
NCD 1732-4 Brooks family-Florence, Elvie & Susie (see also SSD 6354 & NCD 2542)
NCD 1735 Alfred Peardon
NCD 1736 Henry William Oliver Williams
NCD 1738-42 Millhouse family-Minnie Myrtle, Lena Margaret, Alexander Thomas, Catherine Rebecca & Frank William Henry (see also SSD 9716 & Horace Millhouse; NCD 1747 & 1479)
NCD 1743 Bernard McKenny (see also BTS 908)
NCD 1744-5 O'Reilly family-Cyril & Arthur
NCD 1746 Margaret Chilcott
NCD 1747 Reginald Stanley Horace Millhouse (see also NCD 1738-42)
NCD 1748 May Madge Freeman
NCD 1749-50 Platt family-Lloyd Allan & Jean
NCD 1751 Victor Douglas Kelly
NCD 1752-3 Mary Katherine Cecilia Birchall & Ellen Jane Hyland
NCD 1754 William Gordon Harris (aka Cruse)
NCD 1755 John Vivian Farmer (see also BTS 906)
NCD 1756 George Arthur Smith
NCD 1757 Richard Daley
NCD 1758-60 Purcell family-Alicia, Clarice & Linda
NCD 1761-4 Rushton family-Arthur Edward George, Ernest Albert, Robert Joseph & Hilda Elsie Irene (see also NCD 3230 & SSD 343 & 634)
NCD 1765 Herbert Blindell
NCD 1766 Eddington Willmott
NCD 1777 Rutherford Ira (aka McCarthy & McGuire)
NCD 1779 Audrey Joan Lawler
NCD 1780 Ernest John Miller
NCD 1781-2 Prestage family-John James & Edward (see also BTS 910) (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1783 Raymond Roy Williams
NCD 1784 Leonard Joseph Summers
NCD 1785 Ella Mabel Woodworth
NCD 1786-8 Tonks family-Russell, Douglas Gordon & Dorothy May
NCD 1789 Hilton Sheppard
NCD 1791 George Deacon
NCD 1792 Charles Christopher George
NCD 1794-6 Partridge family-Leita Emily, Stanley William & Leslie Walter
NCD 1797-8 Fyfe family-Albert John & Malcolm George
NCD 1799 Eric Henry Charlton
NCD 1800 George Horace Pinner
NCD 1802 James Flaskas Cooper
NCD 1803 Isabel Jean Poke
NCD 1805 Hazel Nellie Paterson (see also SSD 9145)
NCD 1806-7 Fogarty family- Charles & Gordon
NCD 1808 William Hill
NCD 1809 Connie Mary Ann Whitcombe (see also NCD 1641-2)
NCD 1810 Bernard Keith Neville
NCD 1811 William John Grace
NCD 1812-6 Osmond family-Vera Rosalie, Amy, Victor Hughie George, Alfred Basil & Lila Mabel
NCD 1817-20 Maher family-Margaret Heather, Isabel Thelma, Jean & Willie
NCD 1821 Edward Vernon Davis
NCD 1822 John Henry Parkinson
NCD 1823 Thomas Bissett
NCD 1824 Doris Annie Osmond
NCD 1825-9 Gadd family- Myrtle, Eric, Hilda, Phyllis & Trevor
NCD 1830 Stanley John Cook
NCD 1831 Bruce Young
NCD 1832 Percival Higgins
NCD 1833 Frederick Arthur Noble (see also SSD 8078)
NCD 1834 Francis Duggan
NCD 1835 Clarence Pullen (see also BTS 697)
NCD 1836 Fay Crawford
NCD 1837-8 Bissett family-Adeline & Maud
NCD 1839 Leonard Meigh
NCD 1840 Olga Unita Brown
NCD 1841 Rex Mawer
NCD 1843 William Millwood
NCD 1846-50 Dobson family-Myrtle Violet Lavinia, Elsie Isabel, Thomas Henry, Walter John & Clarence Basil (see also SSD 8502 & 8696)
NCD 1851 Clenco Mary Calloghan
NCD 1852 Nancy Olive Huxley
NCD 1853 Rita Mudge
NCD 1854 Stanley Henry Brown
NCD 1855 Keith Raymond Garrett
NCD 1856 Cecil George Bentley Sims (aka Mather) (see also SSD 1964)
NCD 1859 Ada Wells
NCD 1862 Charles Henry Pauley
NCD 1863 Hazel Dewhurst (aka Poulting)
NCD 1864 Leslie Samuel Smith
NCD 1865 Sydney Sparks
NCD 1866 Frank Rigney
NCD 1867 Linden Trevor Kelly
NCD 1868-70 Saunders family-Eileen, Doris & Grace
NCD 1871 Kathleen Gilligan
NCD 1872 Marjorie Frances Webster Murray
NCD 1873-5 Beech family-Amelia Irene Pearl, Florence Maud & Irene May
NCD 1876 Francis George Grant
NCD 1877-8 Harris family-Irene May & Clarence
NCD 1879 Madge Harris
NCD 1880-4 Reid family-Joyce Beryl, Sadie Freda Clove, Derrell Vivian Evedre Percy & Daisy Jean
NCD 1885 Helen Amelia Clark
NCD 1886 Ray Muir
NCD 1887 Una Molloy
NCD 1888-9 Rushbrook family-Stanley & Hector
NCD 1890 John Smallbon
NCD 1891 Jean Isobel Jenkinson
NCD 1892 Elizabeth Freeman
NCD 1893 Jessie Marchant
NCD 1894 Joseph Smith
NCD 1895-6 Atkinson family-Raymond & Basil
NCD 1897-8 Ireland family- Nisa & Frederick (aka Flynn)
NCD 1899-1900 Lidster family- Frederick Thomas & Frank William (see also NCD 1914)
NCD 1901 Frederick Charles Parsons
NCD 1902-3 Cunningham family-Arthur Ivory & Ivan John ( aka Trethewie)
NCD 1904 Norman Hunter
NCD 1905 Frank James McDermott
NCD 1906 Susan Doris Johnson
NCD 1907 Daphne Jones (aka Henigan)
NCD 1908 Sydney Raymond Davis
NCD 1909 Joy Cordwell
NCD 1910 Tasman Vivian Lee
NCD 1913 Rhona Muir
NCD 1914 Olive Margaret Lidster (see also NCD 1899-1900)
NCD 1915 Percy Ewart
NCD 1916-23 Lowe family-Maude Susie Lanisa, Walter, Albert, George, Mary, Linda May, Kathleen & Charles Frederick (aka Smith, Jago or Mullins)
NCD 1924 Walter Bannister
NCD 1925 Francis Coghlan
NCD 1926 Thomas Kearns
NCD 1927 Albert James Cox
NCD 1929 Joseph Vincent Connors
NCD 1930 Eric Albert Charles Tennant
NCD 1931 Arthur Charles Ratcliffe
NCD 1932 Arundel Norman Ernest Broderick
NCD 1936 Frank George Bourke
NCD 1937-41 Shea Family - annie careleme Susan, Ronald Miles and John Arthur (see also CGD 737)
NCD 1942 Harold Augustus Douglas
NCD 1943 Leonard Edward Jones
NCD 1944 Raymond Manser
NCD 1945 Reginald Clyde Stowards (see also NCD 1726, 3028 & 3180 & SSD 6930)
NCD 1946 Vera May Donohue
NCD 1947 Allan Roy Webb
NCD 1949-50 Abel family- Basil & Charles
NCD 1952 Edward George
NDC 1953 James Mark Heaver
NCD 1957 George Henry Dobson
NCD 1958-60 Binns family-Winifred Ruth, Ivy Vera and Roy Gilbert
NCD 1961 Allan Vernon Garrett
NCD 1963-4 Somers family- Trevor James & Charles Hanuel
NCD 1962 Douglas William Joseph Mansfield
NCD 1965-68 Hudson family-Elizabeth, Thomas Joseph, William Thomas & Rosanna Dinah
NCD 1969 John Percival Fowler
NCD 1970 Milford Henry Bell (see also BTS 769)
NCD 1971-77 Bowerman Family - Irene May, Rowland Lewis, Dorothy Edith, Bertrand David, Rita Gladys, Flossie and Edna Pearce (aka Langridge)
NCD 1978 Eunice Avis Knowles
NCD 1979 Dorothy Mabel White (See also CSD 5066)
NCD 1980 Lillie White
NCD 1981 William Percy Adams
NCD 1982 Nellie Best
NCD 1983 Olga Minnie Schmizotz
NCD 1984 Stella Corfield (aka Caulfield)
NCD 1985 Frank James Earley
NCD 1986 Bertram Howard
NCD 1987 Jack Treloggan
NCD 1988 Freda Madge Curtis
NCD 1989 Harold Henry Wade
NCD 1990 Raymond Stanley Earley
NCD 1991-2 Smith family-Albert Henry & Francis Robert (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 1994 Eric George Badcock
NCD 1995 Doris Gertrude Fairbrother
NCD 1996-9 Jeffrey- Josephine Ellen, William Joseph Francis, Alphonsus Bernard Antony & Vincent Alexander Daniel
NCD 2000 Malcolm Prior
NCD 2001 Claude Henry Williams
NCD 2002 Frances Lavinia Pearl Gillam
NCD 2003-6 Finn family-Kathleen, Herbert & Sheila
NCD 2007 Cecil Bertram Black
NCD 2008-9 Creely family-Helen Mary & Walter William
NCD 2010 Margaret Close (see also NCD 2135-8)
NCD 2011 Barry William Jones
NCD 2012 Elsie Johnson
NCD 2013 Lawrence Cromwell McKenny
NCD 2014 Walter Charles Lang
NCD 2015-16 Hardy family-Bertie Gillington Keith & Walter Rowan (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 2017 Betty Chubb (see also ILP 1016)
NCD 2018-20 Alder (aka Richardson) family-Roy Hermyn, Brida May & Cecil George (see also NCD 2144)
NCD 2021 Victor Allen Aldridge aka Chaffey (see also NCD 2264)
NCD 2022 Eileen Bilton
NCD 2023-4 Reardon family-Alice Mary & Jack
NCD 2025-7 Sheridan family-Mary Agnes Caroline Ann, Millie Isabel & Nellie (see also NCD 2206-7)
NCD 2028 Clarence Henry Trevor Hanson
NCD 2029-30 Johnson family-Minnie Elvina & Alice Mary (see also NCD 2088 & 2344)
NCD 2031 John Lawrence Near
NCD 2032-5 Westergreen family-Francis, Myrtle Lillian, Eileen & Jean May (see also SSD 7460)
NCD 2036 Basil Stanley Perriman
NCD 2037-41 Whyman family-Audrey Kyra, Marjorie Eunice, Amy Joyce, Leslye Dana & Elma Patricia
NCD 2043 Sydney Robert Hay
NCD 2044 Dulcie Helena Margaret Gabbedy
NCD 2046 George Douglas Woodward
NCD 2047 Alfred Richard William Mansfield
NCD 2048 Lionel Ray Bakes
NCD 2049 Frances Beatrice Branch
NCD 2050-1 Nankervis family-Cyril Harold & Olive Daisy
NCD 2053 Charles David Jenkins (see also NCD 2055)
NCD 2054 William Henry Purcell
NCD 2055 Owen Jenkins (see also NCD 2053)
NCD 2056-7 Taylor family-Robert & Roy (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 2058 Charles Leslie Marvel Rice
NCD 2059 Albert Matthew Mark Hopwood
NCD 2060 Archibald Royal Brown
NCD 2061 Williams child
NCD 2062 Veronica Horsley
NCD 2063 Walter Tasman Woods
NCD 2064 Phoebe Phyllis Smith
NCD 2065-6 Bayliss family-Harold Alfred & Hazel May (aka Bales)
NCD 2067 George Goodson
NCD 2068-9 Cooper family-Myrtle & Ruby
NCD 2070 Albert Edward Marchant (see also CGD 4773)
NCD 2071 Raymond James Woodworth
NCD 2072 Victor James Leslie Gregs (aka Artis)
NCD 2073-6 Claridge family-William John, Robert Henry, Stanley Thomas North & Victoria May
NCD 2077 Beatrice Yvonne Barker
NCD 2078 Goss family
NCD 2079 Lorna Eveline Mc Pherson
NCD 2080 Molly Dungan
NCD 2087 Reginald McKenny
NCD 2088 Hedley Johnson (see also NCD 2029-30 & 2344)
NCD 2090 Robb child
NCD 2091 Sydney Johnson
NCD 2092 Laurice Joan Taylor
NCD 2093 Noel Stewart Palmer
NCD 2094 Carnes child
NCD 2095 George Edward Barker
NCD 2096 Lily Love
NCD 2097-9 Bakes family-Jocelyn Ellen, Gwendoline May & Mona
NCD 2100 Hedley Martin
NCD 2101-2 Munday family-Lionel David & James Darrell
NCD 2103-4 Williams family-Walter Ernest Joseph & Arthur Charles (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 2111 Jean Rigby
NCD 2112 Thomas Sage
NCD 2113 Athol John Pilsbury
NCD 2114 Allan Bertram Rigby
NCD 2116 Kenneth Richard Bailey (aka Kelly)
NCD 2117-9 Roberts family-William James, Albert John & Harold George
NCD 2120 Trevor Bruce
NCD 2125-8 Heffernan family-Mulvaney, Corrie, Mollie & Pauline
NCD 2129 Stanley Enos Frederick Franklin
NCD 2132-3 Brooks family-Eric Harold Victor & John George
NCD 2134 Eric Raymond Henricks Wright
NCD 2135-8 Close- Allan John, Millie Evelyn, Esther & Gordon Charles
NCD 2139 Lloyd Manville Palmer
NCD 2140 Mason family-Frederick, Fanny, Selina, Edward, Mary & Elsie
NCD 2141 Harriet Maud Summers (see also CGD 555)
NCD 2142 Benjamin Shaw Cordwell
NCD 2143 Chamberlain family-Hubert, Monica & Reginald
NCD 2144 Lilian Frances May Alder (see also 2018-20)
NCD 2145 Dorothy Lane
NCD 2146-7 Charlton family- Harold Joseph & Victor Roy (see also NCD 3207-90)
NCD 2148 Cyril Thomas Lyell Hull
NCD 2149-52 Watt family-James, Irene Agnes, Annie Rita & Thomas Edwin Bock
NCD 2153 Smith child
NCD 2154 Beatrice D Hyland (see ILP 1318) (No content in file)
NCD 2156 James Henry Dixon
NCD 2159 Grace Elizabeth Kavanagh
NCD 2160 Jack Steel Rogers
NCD 2162 Cecil William Freeman
NCD 2163 Lenna Frances Roach
NCD 2164 John Ernest Milton Hill
NCD 2165 Albert Frederick Bourke
NCD 2166 Albert Allen Arnold
NCD 2167 Trevor Keep
NCD 2168 Hankin child
NCD 2169 Lilian Ruth Gee (see also NCD 2081/5)
NCD 2170 Clarence Williams
NCD 2171 Joyce Murray
NCD 2172 Wilger Harry Hay
NCD 2173 Cyril Horace Edgar Evans
NCD 2174 Reginald Alfred Cox
NCD 2176 Olga Ireland
NCD 2177-8 Dean family-Alfred John & Mary Joan (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 2179-80 Steer family-Elsie Elizabeth & Dorothy May (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 2182 Lynton Ernest Machen
NCD 2183 Roberts family- Stanley & Alex
NCD 2184 Clarence Ernest Powell
NCD 2185 Alfred Leigh Spaulding
NCD 2186 Eric William John Atkinson
NCD 2187 Arthur Frederick Merchant
NCD 2188-90 Claudia Mary Cooper
NCD 2191 Henry Hobart Langford
NCD 2192 James Frederick Samuel Corbett
NCD 2193 Reeta Battley
NCD 2195 Dorothy Joyce Talbot
NCD 2196 Ethel Mary Bailey
NCD 2197 Bertha Maingay
NCD 2198 child, no name
NCD 2199 Raymond John Stanley
NCD 2200 Peter Francis John Major
NCD 2201 Geeves child
NCD 2202 Lily Appleby
NCD 2203-4 Smith family- Marjorie Lorain & Douglas Tasman
NCD 2205 Joseph Harold Lear
NCD 2208 James Kenneth Lyons
NCD 2209 James Frederick Harding
NCD 2210-1 Smith family Albert Thomas & Maxwell Jack (see also NCD 2465) (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 2212 Harold Leslie Risely
NCD 2213 Ernest Nolan
NCD 2214 Susan Madeline Gleeson
NCD 2215 Cooper family-Gilbert, Albert & Kathleen
NCD 2216 Leonard Arthur Elliss
NCD 2219 Estella Mansell
NCD 2221Albert Edgar Rollington Sturzaker (aka Baxter)
NCD 2222 Leo Cyril Gibbons
NCD 2223 Harris family-William Henry & Arthur James
NCD 2224 Leslie Thomas
NCD 2225 Leslie Clarence Roy Boxall
NCD 2226 Maynard Frank Manvers Stockdale
NCD 2227 Doreen Nichols
NCD 2228-30 Lonergan family-David Alfred, George & Betty (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 2231 Lily Marcella Randall
NCD 2233 Phyllis Mary Smith
NCD 2234 Gwendoline Doris Bailey (aka Winwood & also Martin)
NCD 2236-7 Leslie family- Allen & Maxwell (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 2240 Violet Pearl McInroy
NCD 2241 William Alfred Hurbert Applebee
NCD 2242 Basil Lawrence Moles
NDC 2243 Freda Sjoberg
NCD 2244 Hilda Ellen Lilley
NCD 2245 Eric William Good (aka Richards)
NCD 2246 Ella May Marsden
NCD 2247 Vera May James (see also IPL 1257 & NCD 3021))
NCD 2249-54 Mortimer family-Robert Walker, Harry, Florence, Dorothy Madge, Viola Ethel & Velma Lillian Joyce (2 files in one folder)
NCD 2255 Randolph Cubitt
NCD 2256 Basil Harold Nichols
NCD 2257 Alfred James Wells
NCD 2258 William Henry Dugmore
NCD 2259 Daly family- Grace, George & Ashton (see also SSD 5475)
NCD 2260 John Henry Harold Lewis (aka Trott)
NCD 2261 Rita Irene Townsend (aka Wilkinson & Oakley) (see also NCD 477)
NCD 2262 Gatenby family- Thomas, David, Rita & Albert
NCD 2263 Jack Dudley Taylor
NCD 2264 Francis Lindsay Aldridge (aka Sawford) (see also ILP 1305 & NCD 2021)
NCD 2267 Wilfred Thomas Cowell
NCD 2268 Osmond family-Jack, Lyall, Gladys, Edna, Maxwell, Aubrey & Sadie
NCD 2269 Kenneth George Atkinson
NCD 2270 Theodore John Muhlnickel (see also CGD 469)
NCD 2271 Herbert James Hortle
NCD 2272 Ronald Oscar Bakes
NCD 2273 Harold Hercules Horsley (see also NCD 1414)
NCD 2274 John Edward Dunlop
NCD 2275 Joan Rita Turner
NCD 2276 Bertram Thomas Smith
NCD 2277 Keith Harrison
NCD 2278 Maida White (also ILP 1004)
NCD 2279 Eric Theodore Wood
NCD 2280 Hedley Edward Radford
NCD 2281 Charles Bonwick
NCD 2282 A-B Smith (aka Stewart) Children)- William Henry John, Allan Douglas & Eva Edith (aka Greta) & Joyce Jacobs
NCD 2283 Jean Pearl Hill (aka Elsie Eileen Gillow)
NCD 2284 Eric Abraham Evans
NCD 2285 Banks family-(two girls, un-named)
NCD 2287 Sydney Elliott Davies
NCD 2288 Frederick Archibald Edward Boucher
NCD 2290 Ernest William Enslow
NCD 2291 William Lewis Pilsbury
NCD 2292 Beryl Myrtle Danker
NCD 2293 Leslie Charles Tilley
NCD 2294 William Robert Glennon
NCD 2295 Berresford family-Lizzie & 2 other un-named girls
NCD 2296-9 Wilson family-George, Edna Myrtle, Dorothea & Ruby Anzac
NCD 2300 Olga Jean Poke
NCD 2301 William Perrin Thompson
NCD 2302 Raymond Herbert Edwin Rice
NCD 2303 Charles Wilfred Ewart (aka Taylor)
NCD 2304 Evans family-9 un-named children
NCD 2305 Arthur Henry Somers
NCD 2306 William Gordon Webb
NCD 2308 Leonard Cornelius Riley (see also NCD 2342 & 3185)
NCD 2309 Oswald Brodie (see also CGD 628)
NCD 2310 Lindsay Leo Everett
NCD 2311 Ruby Higgins
NCD 2312 Cyril Douglas Saunders
NCD 2313 Leonard George Powell
NCD 2314 Lolla Dillon (aka Laurel Nita Beattie
NCD 2315 Dorothy Millie (aka Doris) Chaplin
NCD 2316 Reginald William Marney
NCD 2317 Claude St John Douglas
NCD 2318 Sydney Tasman Calder
NCD 2319 Frederick Leslie Cleaver
NCD 2323 Victor William Seivers (see also NCD 1553-4 & 2784)
NCD 2328-9 Roberts family-Elsie (aka May Murphy) & Albert Robert
NCD 2330 William Henry Donaldson
NCD 2331 Steve Frederick James Poole
NCD 2332 Clarence Arnol White
NCD 2336-7 Munday family-Alice Maud & Annie Elizabeth
NCD 2338 May Jeffrey
NCD 2339 Walter Charles Claridge
NCD 2340 Alfred Samuel Petts Jones
NCD 2342 Riley family-Elvin Alfred, Athol John & Frederick Allan (see also NCD 2308 & 3185))
NCD 2343 Boddington family-Stanley & Llewelyn
NCD 2344 Amos Samuel Johnson (see also NCD 2029-30 & 2088)
NCD 2348 Montagu Gordon Leith Turnbull
NCD 2349 Basil Adlard
NCD 2350 Beryl Jan Eastoe
NCD 2351 Cecil Ivan Burles
NCD 2352 Edward Kelly
NCD 2353-4 Eames family-Alfred Tasman Harold & Richard Henry
NCD 2356-7 Hoggins family- Marcus Stanley & Yvonne
NCD 2360 John Royce Healy
NCD 2361-2 Robbins family-Allan Lionel Kenneth & Vera Ida Winifred
NCD 2363 Myrtle Frances Maud Jones
NCD 2364 Allan John Rushton
NCD 2365 Geoffrey Maxwell Waldie
NCD 2366 Sydney Muir
NCD 2367-8 Johnson family-Leonard Fallon & Francis Edward
NCD 2369 Robert Norman Brabant Tilley
NCD 2370 George Stokoe (aka Leonard Howard)
NCD 2371 Norman Darcy Munday (see also NCD 2954) (No content in file)
NCD 2372 Lila Mary Gunton
NCD 2374-6 Reilly family-William Francis Joseph Eugene & Allan George
NCD 2377 John Archibald Tempany
NCD 2378 George Frederick Munday
NCD 2380-1 Raymond John & Eric Ronald Marney
NCD 2382 Pearl Daphne Whatley
NCD 2383 Charles Frederick Robinson
NCD 2384 Mary Jane Isabella Harrison
NCD 2385 Roy Hector Delphin
NCD 2386 Dulcie Patterson
NCD 2387 Alfred George Cannell
NCD 2388 Thelma May Kurzman (aka Valma Fay Wright)
NCD 2391 Nellie Jessie Julia Upton
NCD 2392-3 Bates family- Henry Edward & James Tasman (aka Free)
NCD 2394 Edith Hallett
NCD 2396 Percival Ernest Cooper
NCD 2397 & 2397A Hopwood family-Doreen & Irene (see also CGD 4052)
NCD 2402 Smith Samuel Richard Thomas
NCD 2403 Jack Ellis Hill
NCD 2404-5 Childs family-Norman Francis Hilton & Raymond
NCD 2406 & 2406A McCrimmon family-Iris Rosaline & Thelma Joyce (see also CGD 1522)
NCD 2408 Ray Bricknell
NCD 2409 John Short
NCD 2410 Rex William Downes (see also CGD 387 & 2300)
NCD 2412 Lyall Charles Savage (aka Hill)
NCD 2413 Ivan John Floyd
NCD 2414-5 Singleton family-Emily Joyce & Winifred (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 2416-7 Gunton family-Kenneth George & John Charles (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 2418 William Thomas Malcolm Johnson
NCD 2419 Mervyn St Clair Salisbury (aka Wilson)
NCD 2420 Edith Beryl Jarmon
NCD 2421 Sydney James Smith
NCD 2422 Leslie Neil Birkett
NCD 2423 William Nathaniel Vernie Curtis
NCD 2424 Ernest Frederick Richardson
NCD 2425 Albert Smith
NCD 2426 Nancy Ann Doreen O'Rourke
NCD 2428 Herbert Allen
NCD 2429 Colin Stewart Smith
NCD 2431 Richard James Smith
NCD 2432 Queenie Irene Fitzallen (see also NCD 2742 & CSD A16773647)
NCD 2435 Nancy Patricia Gilligan
NCD 2436-7 Stockdale family- Renee & Edward Arundel Clarke
NCD 2438 Philip Arnold Wise (aka Smith)
NCD 2440-1 Banks family-Doris & Lorna (aka Wright)
NCD 2443 Patrick Barry
NCD 2445 Travers family-unnamed
NCD 2446 Taylor family-Joan, Willie & Bertie
NCD 2447 Atkison family-Mary Annie, Dorothy Ethel & William Claude
NCD 2448 Hedley Clarence Berry (aka Campbell)
NCD 2449 Reginald Norman Conway
NCD 2450-1 Dore family-Minnie Elizabeth & Herbert Nicolas
NCD 2452 Kathleen Joyce Daphne Hawkes
NCD 2453 Smith family-Gwendoline Vivian & Dorothy Jean
NCD 2454-5 Sturzaker family-Marjory Kathleen & Rita Victoria
NCD 2456 Max Burles
NCD 2457 Wentworth Brandt Watson
NCD 2458 Raymond Maurice Hughes
NCD 2459 Agnes Tamson James
NCD 2461 Edward William Povey
NCD 2462 Lawrence Keith Harris
NCD 2465 Valmai Florence Smith (see also NCD 2210-11)
NCD 2466 Vera Josephine Higgins
NCD 2468 Lawrance Leonard Marshall
NCD 2469 Mark John Ireland
NCD 2470 Gearge (Clarence John) Lilley
NCD 2471 Horace Reginald Lawrence Keep
NCD 2472 Cecil John Andrew
NCD 2473-5 Atkins family-Donald George & William Enos
NCD 2477-9 Wells family-Alice May, Lorna May Isabel & Winifred Irene
NCD 2480 Alan Dunstan (aka Nunn)
NCD 2481 Anthony Herbert Brewer
NCD 2482 Alan Grimilda Eaves
NCD 2483 Reginald Mervyn John Tilley
NCD 2484 Gertrude (Ella May) Pugh
NCD 2488 Donald Jager
NCD 2489 Ray Davenport (aka James)
NCD 2490 Charles Henry Griffiths
NCD 2491 Patrick Purcell
NCD 2492 Joyce McQueen
NCD 2493 Tasman Grant Mckechnie (aka Hilary Fulton)
NCD 2494-5 Stockdale family-Mavis Alfreda & Ilford Laura
NCD 2498 Jack Mcintyre (aka Killday or Callaher or Kelleher)
NCD 2499 Alick Martin Pyke
NCD 2500 Donald Ian Scott
NCD 2502 Edward Mason
NCD 2503-5 & 2509-10 Breen family-Bernard Daniel, Kenneth Joseph, Arthur Michael, John Patrick Francis, Olive Mary,
NCD 2506-8 Marshall family-John Arthur, William Henry & Douglas Alfred
NCD 2511 Edward Wentworth Bonner
NCD 2512 Arthur Williams
NCD 2513 Allan Victor Kremmer
NCD 2514 Maxwell John Grant
NCD 2515 Faith Amanda Maidie Ethel Garwood
NCD 2516 James John William Harding
NCD 2518-21 Marshall family-Cyril, Gladys Victoria, Gordon Montague Verdun & Una Beatrice
NCD 2522 Freda Sylvia Rigby
NCD 2523-4 McConnell family-Lily May & Stella Louise
NCD 2526 Gwendoline Craig (see also NCD 3213-4)
NCD 2527 Ada Edna May Swan
NCD 2533-4 Stenning family-Joyce & Ellen
NCD 2535 Elsie Caroline Brown
NCD 2536 Thomas Edmond Eiszle Koppleman
NCD 2537 Faith Hannah Munting
NCD 2541 Leslie Arthur Cowen
NCD 2542 Jack Brooks (see also NCD 1732-4)
NCD 2543 Malcolm William John Smith
NCD 2544 Reginald Cyril Colgrave (aka Garrett)
NCD 2545 Morrell family-Lorna Victoria B, William Henry, Frances Mary, Daphne Linda, James Egbert, Winfred Rosalind, Rosie, Ralph, Darby & Gwendoline (see also NCD 3012)
NCD 2546 Keith Harrison (aka Baily)
NCD 2547 Leo Search
NCD 2548 Jack Polley
NCD 2551 Rita Turnbull (aka Bette Rimon)
NCD 2552 Valma Winsome McDonald
NCD 2553 Gerald Heaver
NCD 2555-6 Whitney family-Amy Pearl & Francis Charles
NCD 2557 Elsie Pearl Smith
NCD 2558 Herbert Mathew Richardson
NCD 2559 John Manson
NCD 2560 Leonard Moriaty
NCD 2561 Vena Sarah Gillam
NCD 2562 Joyce Munro Maycock
NCD 2564 Aileen Phyllis Fitzgerald
NCD 2566-8 Povey family-Leslie Lyal, Marie Maud & Valda Mary
NCD 2569 Jones family-Jack, Charles & Lorna
NCD 2570-1 Armstrong family-Alfred Francis & Leo Edward
NCD 2576 Ransall James Edwards (see also NCD 2690)
NCD 2583-4 Hill family-Cyril Thomas & Stewart Mervyn
NCD 2585-6 Jarvis family-Edna & Doreen May (see also NCD 2717)
NCD 2587 Howard Reginals Pullen
NCD 2589 Albert Edward McAuley (see also NCD 1259)
NCD 2590-3 Parsell family-Koomulea, Cecilie Carmilla, Phoebe Lillian & Margaret Grace
NCD 2602 Samuel John Eyles
NCD 2603 Colin Ashton Maycock
NCD 2604-6 Newman family-Gladys May, Leslie Charles & Clarence Robert
NCD 2607-10 Cordwell family-Donald Ozric, Beavis Reginald, Cyril Norman & Violet Isabella
NCD 2611 George Henry Foster
NCD 2612-3 Hardy family-Edward Alfred & Reginald
NCD 2614 William Medcraft
NCD 2615-7 Nuttall family-Rosligh Jasmine, Elsie Laura May & James Charles (aka Watson & Arnold)
NCD 2618 Stanley John Howard (aka White)
NCD 2620 Gordon Ronnie Wilfred
NCD 2621 William Burn
NCD 2622 Lyall Bernard Berry
NCD 2623-6 Davenport family-John Charles, Lorraine, Maxwell & Raymond
NCD 2627 Mavis Florence Graves
NCD 2631 Sheila Sylvia Blanch Monk
NCD 2632 Benjamin Oakley
NCD 2633 Raymond Bruce Dennis
NCD 2634 Lionel Joseph Allsbrook Kirkby
NCD 2635 Raymond Darcy Taylor (aka Allen)
NCD 2636 Archibald Charles Wellesley Davis
NCD 2637 Frank Ernest Eaton
NCD 2638 Victor Albert Maurice Enman
NCD 2639 Alma Molly Heron
NCD 2640 Herbert John Higgins
NCD 2642-3 Kernan family-Michael Sydney Thomas & Allen Walter
NCD 2644 Tasman Paul Long
NCD 2646 Maxwell Geoffrey Hardman
NCD 2647-50 Near family-Ada Mildred, Alice, Florence Irene & Stanley Walter
NCD 2652 Nancy Seymour (aka Evorall)
NCD 2653 Edna (Eva) Mary Barton
NCD 2654 Dorothy May (aka Gertie) Cox
NCD 2656 Lila Elvina Harper
NCD 2658 Harry Ambrose Males
NCD 2659 Jean Thomas
NCD 2660 David Ronald Welsh
NCD 2661 Ruth Stephenson
NCD 2662 Dorothy Amy Gaffney
NCD 2663 William Franklin Anderson ( see also NC 3407)
NCD 2664William Thomas Bailey
NCD 2678-9 Murray family- Doris & Kyra Doreen aka Noreen
NCD 2682 Kenneth Leslie Marsh (see also 2669-72 & 3006)
NCD 2683 George Victor Elliott
NCD 2684 William Sydney Mathews
NCD 2685-6 Harrison family-Percy Richard & Leslie Douglas (aka Morgan)
NCD 2687 David Richard Jacobson
NCD 2689 Bernard O'Neill
NCD 2690 Sylvia Amy May Edwards (see also NCD 2576)
NCD 2691-2 Bellis family-Sydney George & Mervyn Douglas
NCD 2693 Marjorie King
NCD 2694 Harold Garnet Cornish
NCD 2697 Matthew Herlihy
NCD 2698 Roy Keefe
NCD 2699 Reginald Kenyon
NCD 2704 Henry Bernard Eugene Campbell
NCD 2705 Robert Henry Gordon Fair (aka Lawler)
NCD 2706 Robert Lewis George Moss (aka Vimpany)
NCD 2707 Alfred Charles Walker
NCD 2708 Robert Henry Monk
NCD 2709-11 Wittison family-Dorothy Kathleen, Geneva May & Ella Daisy
NCD 2712 Leslie Arthur Grant
NCD 2713-16 Halfhide family-Edna May, Gwendoline Rudy, Alan Gilbert & Keith Watson
NCD 2717 Cyril Wilfred Jarvis (see also NCD 2585-6)
NCD 2718 Joseph Edward Johnson
NCD 2719-22 Edwards family-William Richard Donald, Stela Hony (Honneth), Geoffrey Hector Tasman & Terrance Algie (see also NCD 2719)
NCD 2723-5 Ion family-Harold Christopher, Gordon Stanley & Mervyn William
NCD 2726 Arthur Maurice Michael Barnett
NCD 2727-8 Geltner family-Frederick Leonard & Harold John
NCD 2729 Mervyn Thomas George Merchant
NCD 2733 Reginald Joseph Ritchie
NCD 2734-6 Walker family-Janet Vivienne, Charles Lindsay & Edith Valerie
NCD 2741 Winfred Violet Cooper
NCD 2742 Vera Lily Fitzallen (see also NCD 2432 & CSD 3647)
NCD 2748 Arthur William George Digney
NCD 2749 Dorothy May Ellen
NCD 2750 Ada Rose Harper
NCD 2751 Ronald Banks
NCD 2757 Selina Jane Amelia Ann Mason
NCD 2761 William Dolphus Hales
NCD 2762 Ray William Colgrave
NCD 2763 William Lindsay Turner
NCD 2764-5 Mollie Clarise Watson
NCD 2767 Michael Lord
NCD 2769 George Francis Marsh (aka Ryder) is also NCD 1323
NCD 2770 Arthur William Bolch
NCD 2771 Reginald Francis Jones (aka Burling)
NCD 2772 Edna Mackay
NCD 2773 Herbert Alfred Marriner
NCD 2774 George Arthur Charles McCandish Watson
NCD 2779 Blanch Appleyard
NCD 2780 Hazel Mary Collins
NCD 2781 Henry George Spencer Foster
NCD 2782 Linda Mary Hind (see also NCD 3002)
NCD 2784 Nancy Louisa Roberts (aka Long) (see also NCD 1553 & 2323)
NCD 2785 Leslie Nolan
NCD 2787 Vernon Vinson Smith
NCD 2788 Myra Lillian Viney
NCD 2789 Gladys Aileen May Harper
NCD 2791 Douglas Henry Jones
NCD 2792 Frances Brasher (see also NCD 2573-5, 2831 & 3029)
NCD 2794 Harold Victor Reid
NCD 2797 Lawrence Walter Victor Burns
NCD 2798 Joseph Vernon Croxson
NCD 2799-801 Ackroyd family-Joyce Lola Margueretta, Ina Amy & Roy Jack,
NCD 2803 John (aka Edward) Cornelius
NCD 2804 Clifford Alfred Broomhall
NCD2805-6 Hampton family-Jack & Leita May
NCD 2808 Catherine Barker
NCD 2809 Winifred Emsley
NCD 2815 Masie Linda Jones
NCD 2816 Neil Mogford
NCD 2817 Trevor Charles Pilsbury (see also NCD 2528)
NCD 2818 Albert James Smith
NCD 2819 Douglas Maxwell Fitzpatrick (see also NCD 856)
NCD 2820 Victoria Rebecca Huett
NCD 2824 George William Harris
NCD 2825 William Thomas Mansfield
NCD 2831 William George Brasher (see also NCD 2573-5, 2792 & 3029)
NCD 2832-3 Mullins family-Reginald Roy Francis, Leslie Osmond (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 2834 Harold Ross
NCD 2835 Annie Lavinia Lane
NCD 2836 Lima Best
NCD 2837 Frederick George Stokes
NCD 2838 Eva Nunn
NCD 2839 William King Peardon
NCD 2840 William Joseph Joyce
NCD 2841 Dorothy Christian
NCD 2842 Allan Roy Glover
NCD 2843 Eric Stanley Williams
NCD 2844 Mabel Sproule
NCD 2848-9 Cuttriss family-Leonard Morris & Howard Edgar (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 2852 John William Thomas Fitzpatrick
NCD 2853 Allan Eric Vivian Jackson
NCD 2856 Sylvia Lovegrove (aka Mc Ewan) A1615(see also NCD 2289)
NCD 2857 Aubrey Lewis Heinrich
NCD Desmond Elton O'Flaherty (see also NCD 2719)
NCD 2859 Harold Cyril Poultney
NCD 2863 Allen Wyndham Burns
NCD 2865 Baden Roy Cooper
NCD 2867-8 Markham family-William Raymond & Kenrick Albert Jay (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 2869 Emily May Harrison
NCD 2870 Beatrice Rose Neeman (aka Wallace)
NCD 2873-6 Turner family-George Alexander, William James, Olga Ruth & Winifred Jean
NCD 2877 William John Allen (aka Allen Smith)
NCD 2878 Vernon William Ralph Dodge
NCD 2879 Lorna May Mortimer
NCD 2880 Harold Vincent John Smith-Wilton
NCD 2882 Emma Gwendoline Andrews
NCD 2883 Edna May Cousins
NCD 2884 Harold Wilfred Sydney French
NCD 2885 Betty Kennedy
NCD 2886 Charles Connor
NCD 2889 Lionel Leonard Whitcombe (aka Davis)
NCD 2890 George Albert William Gibson (known as Walter John) (see also NCD 3496 & CSD)
NCD 2891 Eileen Louisa Neenan
NCD 2894 Mona Ellen Richards
NCD 2896 Helga Lorna Doreen Quist
NCD 2897 John Albert Edward Hudson
NCD 2898 Clarence Mabel Smith (see also NCD 3364)
NCD 2899 Clara Anderson
NCD 2900 George Arnold Richardson
NCD 2901 Harry Hedley Wood
NCD 2902 Mary W Woodberry (aka Alexander)
NCD 2913-5 Kohl Doris, Arthur Henry & Florence May
NCD 2916 Nello Brunton Miles (aka Harry Francis Robinson)
NCD 2917 Maurice John Smith
NCD 2918 Thelma May Colgrave
NCD 2919 Reginald Goodman
NCD 2920 Jack Lancelot Merton Hodges
NCD 2921 John Ernest Joseph
NCD 2927 Gladys Smith
NCD 2928-28A Cahill family- Julie May & Gladys (aka Thorpe)
NCD 2929 Verna May Ryan
NCD 2931 William Brettingham Williams
NCD 2932 Ira McNab Lee
NCD 2933 Edward Michael Kelly
NCD 2934-8 Lucas family-Walter Edward Norwood, Muriel Nita, Kenneth Bromwell Duncan, Nerida Evelina & Patrick Lucas
NCD 2941 Dorothy Mollie Alexander
NCD 2943 Horace Francis Roy
NCD 2944-5 Nunn family- Leslie Edric & Raymond Roy (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 2946 Cyril Robert Wilson
NCD 2949 Henry Philip Lindus
NCD 2950 Maxwell Williams Tennant
NCD 2951 Harold Clark
NCD 2952 Jasper James Hogan
NCD 2956-7 Mary Jane Bailey
NCD 2958-9 Nunn family-Bernice Margaret & June
NCD 2960 Phillip Archibald Howell
NCD 2966 Freda Victoria Manning
NCD 2967 Victor Leech
NCD 2968 Geoff Usher
NCD 2974 Dorothy Maureen Marsden
NCD 2975 Lionel Van Driel
NCD 2976 Eva May (aka Eileen) Johnson
NCD 2978 Mary Ellen Hunter (aka Howard)
NCD 2981 Frederick Howard Johnston (see also NCD 2995-7)
NDC 2984 Grace Lillian Collins (see also NCD 3011)
NCD 2985 Christopher Montague Simpson
NCD 2986 Daphne Eileen Williams (see also NCD 1702)
NCD 2987-8 Kerr family-Alan Douglas Haig & Leonard Mason
NCD 2990 Archibald John Dunham
NCD 2991 Maurice John Howard
NCD 2992 Gertrude Annie Wilson
NCD 2993 Willis Graham Summers
NCD 2994 Ronald Amos Elliott
NCD 2998 Estelle May Lockwood (see also NCD 1456-7)
NCD 2999 Lawrence Henry Hankey
NCD 3000 Nacie Johnston
NCD 3003 Harold Keith Mason
NCD 3004-5 Smith family-Alfred Joseph & Sydney James (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 3007 Josephine Esmay Williams
NCD 3008 Kate Florence Lang
NCD 3009-10 Jean Paice (see also NCD 2235)
NCD 3012 James Egbert Morrell ( see also NCD 2545, CGD 3906 & SSD 8335)
NCD 3013-14 Landmark family-Lily (aka Davidson) & Mary Winifred (see also CGD 974) (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 3015 Frederick John Courtney
NCD 3016 Stanley Raymond Dance
NCD 3017 Rupert Ozone Murray
NCD 3018 Elsie May Reeder
NCD 3019 Ronald Alfred Savage (aka Wiffen)
NCD 3020 Frank Malcolm Holmes
NCD 3021 Evangaline Rogers (aka Rose James) (see also NCD 2247)
NCD 3022 Estcourt family-Darrell & Frederick (CGD 1474) (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 3024 Arthur Bell (aka Carlett)
NCD 3025 Jack (known as Basil) Butters
NCD 3026-7 Byrne family-Phyllis & Sylvia
NCD 3028 Kenneth Henry Stoward (see also SSD 6930, MR 981 & NCD 1726, 1945 & 3180)
NCD 3030 Rose Howard
NCD 3031 Olga Needham
NCD 3032 Ernest William Archibald Rigby
NCD 3033 David Griffiths
NCD 3034-5 NCD John Vivian Burns and family
NCD 3036 Donald Charles Anderson
NCD 3037 Hilda May Brown
NCD 3038 Dorothy Doucett (aka Pelham)
NCD 3045 Albert Newitt
NCD 3046 Donald Cleater
NCD 3048 Lancey Verden Cartledge (see also NCD 3179) (No content in file)
NCD 3049 Victor Edward King
NCD 3050 Alfred John Burns (see also CSD 4233)
NCD 3051 Marie Gertrude Savage
NCD 3053 Zillah May Latham
NCD 3056 Pauley family-Vernon Jack & Iris Jean
NCD 3059 Alfred Jack Heron
NCD 3062 Thomas William Keating (aka Illingworth)
NCD 3063 Robert Charles Kitchener Maloney
NCD 3069-70 Jetson family-Gwenneth May & Joyce Klye (aka Rainbird)
NCD 3074 Frances Benora Jean Pinkus
NCD 3076 Wilfred Theo Heffernan (known as Stevenson)
NCD 3080 Beryl Doreen Oxley
NCD 3081 Frederick Alan Riley
NCD 3082 Ian McInnes
NCD 3083 Jean Ellen Smith
NCD 3084 Gwenneth May Butler
NCD 3087 Lilian Mavis Wright
NCD 3097 David Keneth Munday
NCD 3095 Ronald Ernest Coates
NCD 3096 Joy May Jenkins
NCD 3097-8 Smith family-Hamilton French Kitchener & James Bernard Terence (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 3099 Ronald Ray Stewart
NCD 3100 Francis John William Ryan
NDC 3101 Ronald Alfred Campbell
NCD 3102 Leonard Harold Morris Lowe
NCD 3103 Wallace Charles Bruce Miller
NCD 3104 George Edward Cleaver Newlings
NCD 3106 William Harold Klye (aka Geard)
NCD 3107 Eli Hedley Herrick
NCD 3108 Douglas Hudson (aka William Redgate)
NCD 3109 Reginald Shepherd
NCD 3110 Gordon Harold Spurr (aka Williams)
NCD 3112 Neil Gray
NCD 3113 William Alfred Deeks
NCD 3114 Terence George Smith
NCD 3115 William Henry Stewart
NCD 3117 Ernest Charles Salter
NCD 3122 Wallace Maxwell Mason
NCD 3125 Anne Grace Douglas (aka Griffiths)
NCD 3126 William Thomas Donnelly
NCD 3129 William Milburn
NCD 3130 Marcus David Harris
NCD 3131 John William Wilton
NCD 3132 Raymond Alexander Applebee
NCD 3134 Nancy Curtis
NCD 3135 Denis Harrison (aka Basil Theo Priest)
NCD 3136 Nancy Jean Hardy
NCD 3140-2 Carpenter family-Eileen Amy, Maud Evelyn & Leonard George (see also NCD 3388-91 & CSD 3930)
NCD 3143 Arthur Lindsay Smith
NCD 3145 Lionel Eric Daley (aka Excell)
NCD 3146 Robert Clarence Featherstone
NCD 3147 Allen Gordon Hawthan
NCD 3148 Reginald William Charles Trinder
NCD 3149 August George Neilson
NCD 3151 William Henry Foster
NCD 3152 Eric Butters
NCD 3154 Verna Verona Venus Daniels (see also SSD 2986 & NCD 3319, CSD 3586, 4088, 4091-2, 4547)
NCD 3155 Jean Donaldson
NCD 3156 Herbert Raymond Winch
NCD 3157-8 Hall family-Minnie Florence & Jean Edith (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 3159 Leslie Roy Martin
NCD 3164 Doris Jean Lockley (aka Priest)
NCD 3165 Elizabeth Louisa Haywood
NCD 3166 Raymond Allen Standage
NCD 3172 Nancy Fay Quillerat
NCD 3173-5 Fitzgerald family- Kenneth Hames, Henry William & Joness Everett (aka Tony) (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 3179 Lancey Verden Cartledge (see also NCD 3048)
NCD 3181 Eric Herbert Murphy
NCD 3182 Richard Jones Fox
NCD 3183 Sydney George Blake
NCD 3186 Leonard Charles Glover
NCD 3185 Elvin Alfred Riley
NCD Mervyn Athol Charles Pelham
NCD 3188 Harry Joseph Bond
NCD 3189 William Young
NCD 3195-6 Buxton (aka Baxter) family-Gordon Carl & Nancy Pearl
NCD 3197 Marie Lowrie
NCD 3198 Ronald Lance Reardon
NCD 3199 Arthur Jeffery Hall
NCD 3200 Reginald Stanley Knight
NCD 3201 Patrick Neville Allwright
NCD 3202 Henry Claverhouse-Dundee
NCD 3206 Cyril Andrerw Green
NCD 3209 Ian Calder Spence Irvine (see also CGD 2243 & NCD 2147)
NCD 3211-2 Brown family - Melbena Madeline Brown and Agnes Mary (see also CGD 3035 & 8487)
NCD 3213-4 Jacobs family-Mavis & Edward Henry (see also NCD 2526 )
NCD 3217 Nancy Joy Manning-Anderson
NCD 3218 David Schultz (aka Scott)
NCD 3220 Neil Leslie Hodge
NCD 3221 Terence Percival Pinkus
NCD 3222 Frederick George Williams (see also NCD 3281)
NCD 3226 John Andrew Hadfield
NCD 3231 Agnes Rachael Bingham
NCD 3232 Beverly Thelma Shaw
NCD 3233 Bertie Albert McConnon
NCD 3235 Mavis Joan Payne (aka Hubbard &/or Gall)
NCD 3237 Gwenneth Mavis McBain
NCD 3238 Joan Tilyard
NCD 3239 Grace McHugo
NCD 3240 Gerald Fry
NCD 3241 Jack Sydney Gerald Rainbird (see also CSD 3700)
NCD 3243 David John Clarke
NCD 3244 Keith Maxwell Nunn
NCD 3245 William Henry Jackson
NCD 3246 Joan Williams
NCD 3247 Sylvia Dawn Butters
NCD 3248-9 Hudson family-Sydney George & Eileen Myrtle May
NCD 3250 Grace Myrtle Willicombe (see also NCD 2695-6 & 2766)
NCD 3251 Nancy Jean Crawford
NCD 3254 Arthur Frederick Cox
NCD 3255 Vernon James Mason
NCD 3256 Ivan Harry Kingston
NCD 3257 John Mons Anzac Oakley
NCD 3258 Frederick Percy Shaw
NCD 3260 Dennis Bannister
NCD 3263 Hubert Kennelly Smith
NCD 3264 Ivy May (Maisie) Jones
NCD 3265 Robert William Guy
NCD 3270 Citizens' Committee re Boarded-out Children
NCD 3271 Ronald Edwards (aka Keith Moore)
NCD 3272 Sarah Elizabeth Mary Williams
NCD 3273 Arthur Lewis Bellinger
NCD 3274 John Joseph Margan (aka Maughan)
NCD 3275 Maxwell Eric Squires (aka Rose)
NCD 3276 Betty Joan Ibbott
NCD 3278 Frances Rushton
NCD 3279 Lionel Barry Goodrick
NCD 3280 Vernon Arnold Powell (aka Fisher) (see also NCD 1729)
NCD 3282 Ernest (known as Arthur) Butters
NCD 3283 George Edward Sweet
NCD 3284 Jossie Ray Hynes
NCD 3285 James Norman Edward Summers
NCD 3286-90 Brooks family-Myrtle May,Gloria Eileen, Thomas Ambrose, Joseph Edward & Roy Augustus
NCD 3295 Albert George Medhurst
NCD 3300 Terence Wheatley O'Donnell
NCD 3301 Douglas Bernard Hankin (aka Tuttle)
NCD 3302 Molly McCormack
NCD 3303 Alice Freeman
NCD 3304 William (Edgar) Matthews
NCD 3316 Kenneth Duggan
NCD 3317-8 Leary family- Francis James & Kenneth Edward (see also NCD 3329-31)
NCD 3319 Lila Joan Daniels (see also NCD 3154, 3319, CSD 3586,4088 & 4091/2)
NCD 3320 Claude Patrick Floyd
NCD 3321 David Errol Smith
NCD 3322 Annie Alice Blackwell
NCD 3324 Arthur Leonard Featherstone
NCD 3325 Eva Joyce Brown
NCD 3327 Clara Kirby Grace
NCD 3329-31 Leary family-Vida Jean & Dorothy Elizabeth (see also NCD 3317/8)
NCD 3332 Roy Frederick Whitchurch
NCD 3333 Frederick Charles Abel
NCD 3334-6 Hall family-Joyce Esther (Gwenna), Alice Muriel & Kenneth Malcolm (see also CSD 5249)
NCD 3337 NCD Corrie May Bowerman
NCD 3338 Isaac Burgess
NCD 3341-3 Brown family-William George, John &Trevor Keith
NCD 3344 Archibald George Harris
NCD 3351 William Francis Lyons
NCD 3352 William James Robertson
NCD 3353 Betty Dyke
NCD 3354 Ronald Leslie Palmer
NCD 3355-7 Carr family-Cecil Clyde, Robert Arthur & Charles Sydney (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 3358 Gwendoline Violet Nunn
NCD 3359 Robert Walter Campbell
NCD 3360 Jessie Pettman
NCD 3363 Gordon Trevor Raymond
NCD 3366 Charles Gillie McKenzie (aka Charles James Eric Smart)
NCD 3367 Thomas Maxwell Richards
NCD 3369 Thomas Abraham Polly
NCD 3375 James Vernon Gillies (see also NCD 3500-1)
NCD 3376 Sheila Alberta Brown
NCD 3377 Trevor Vernon Cousins
NCD 3385 Timothy John Cassidy
NCD 3386 Clement Coombe (aka Gurr)
NCD 3387 Arthur John Johnson
NCD 3392 Cyril Alfred Brown
NCD 3393 Eric Leonard Steele
NCD 3394 Jules Denton
NCD 3395 Veronica Margaret Lilian Gray
NCD 3396 Eric Norman Kaye
NCD 3398 Alice Joan Harbottle
NCD 3399 Ronald Charles Tregartha
NCD 3400 Phyllis Helen Clark
NCD 3401 Cyril Joseph Hathaway (aka Leslie)
NCD 3404 Keith Bruce
NCD 3405 David Johnston
NCD 3406 George Noel Hans Roussow
NCD 3408 Marjorie Jean Barber
NCD 3409 Allan Ernest Lowe
NCD 3410 Reginald Wesley Broomhead
NCD 3412 Vera Cleary
NCD 3413 Cyril Monte West (see also CGD 1885)
NCD 3415 Sydney Walter Johnson (aka Wilmott)
NCD 3416 Lambert Victor John Marley
NCD 3418-9 Slater family-Jack Douglas & Ronald Dudley (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 3420 Geoffrey Keith Terry (aka Arthur Edward Reynolds)
NCD 3421-4 Peters family-Veronica Millicent, Elizabeth Rose, Joan Irene & Patricia Beverly (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 3427 Merle Frost (adoption order no. 563, C & E Purvis)
NCD 3428 Reginald John Spaulding
NCD 3429 Clarence John Plummer
NCD 3432 Albert Henry Burn (adopted by T E & L M Radcliffe)
NCD 3434 Lloyd Asquith Kitchener Eaton (see also CGD 788)
NCD 3435-9 Batchelor family-Francess Theodora Mabel, James William Reginald, Allan Murloc, Clifford Lionel & Guy Stephen (see also CGD 2462) (a file for each family member in one folder)
CSD 3440 Kathleen Mary Grubb
NCD 3441 Vida June Sinnitt
NCD 3442 Leonard John Howroyd
NCD 3443 Cyril Cubit
NCD 3444 Maurice Nelson
NCD 3445 Wheatley Tennyson Eric (see also CSD 3611 & CGD 933)
NCD 3447 Edwin George Allen (see also CGD 3296)
NCD 3448 Harold Leslie Templar (see also CGD 3777)
NCD 3449 Mary Edna May Bennett (aka Stewart) (see also NCD 1719-22 & CGD 3092)
NCD 3451 Leonard Edward Weston
NCD 3452 Ian De Villiers Burrell
NCD 3453 Catherine Hoare (aka Cassidy)
NCD 3455 William Angus McCandish Watson
NCD 3456 Richard Robert Matthews (see also ILP 2056)
NCD 3457-8 Wells family- Richard George & Thomas William (see also CGD 491) (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 3459 William John Parnell (see also CGD 4304 & L/B 166)
NCD 3460 Terence William Brangan (see also CGD 2026)
NCD 3461 Jack William Horace Horne
NCD 3462 Mavis Hayes (see also CGD 3002)(adopted by E R Phillips)
NCD 3463 Basil Keith Rock (see also CGD 2627)
NCD 3465 Francis Rolin Hyde (see also CGD 1009)
NCD 3468 Sylvia Olga Silburn
NCD 3470 Ivan Henry Clark
NCD 3471 William Foggo
NCD 3472 Olive Redshaw (adopted by A W Wilson)
NCD 3481 Harold Patrick Fitch
NCD 3483 Lois Jean Redman (aka Alison Mary Bisdee)
NCD 3484 Mavis Gertrude Smith (see also SSD 3093)
NCD 3485 Thomas Arthur Bennett
NCD 3486 Arthur William Triffitt
NCD 3487Albert Ernest Loone
NCD 3488 Allan John Lynch (see CGD 1896)
NCD 3490 Thomas Walker
NCD 3491 William Thomas Nossiter (aka Joyce)
NCD 3493 Harry Maxwell Larner (see also CSD 4036)
NCD 3494 James Patrick Joseph Hogan
NCD 3495 Harold Dawson Walker (see also CSD 3630)
NCD 3496 George William Gibson (see also NCD 2890 & CSD 4611)
NCD 3497-3499 Taylor (aka Ross) family- Katherine Joyce, Leonard Francis & Maxwell Cyril (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 3500-1 Gillies family- Walter Robert & Arthur Edward (see also NCD 3375) (a file for each family member in one folder)
NCD 3502 Olive Doris Appleby (see also CSD 3696)
NCD 3503 Grace Maidment (see aslo CGD 3310)
NCD 3515 Arthur Charles Dyke (see also NCD 3512-4 & CGD 2675)
NCD 33516 David William Pyke (see also CGD 1377)
NCD 3517 Lillian May Brown (aka Horney)
NCD 3519 Albert Henry William Walford (see also CGD 2826)
NCD 3520 Mervyn John Denison (see also CGD)
NCD 3521 Desmond Maxwell Hankin (see also CSD 4360)
NCD 3522 John George Wilson (see also CGD 301)
NCD 3523 Arthur John Shields (adopted by E M Forward)
NCD 3524 Lorna Ellen Poynter (see also NCD 3527)
NCD 3525 Owen Jeffrey Wright (see also ILP 2302)
NCD 3526 Reginald James Langham
NCD 3529 William Robert Moore
NCD 3530 George Vincent Daley
NCD 3531 Raymond Patrick George Limbrick (CGD 1712)
NCD 3532 Charles Albert Victor Stone (CGD 417)
NCD 3533 Lilla Daphne Grundy (see also CGD 2960)
NCD 3534 James George Jackson
NCD 3538 Ernest Renault
NCD 3539 Cadman Maxwell Henry
NCD 3540 Freda Jane Leary
NCD 3548 William Maxwell Irvine
NCD 3549 Raymond Allie (see also CGD 2499)
NCD 3553 Frederick Maxwell Reid
NCD 3554 Dorothy Beatrice Taylor
NCD 3554 William Henry Fisher
NCD 3555 Vernon Jack Hinds (aka Waddington) (see also CGD 2807)
NCD 3556 John (aka Jack) Edward Jarvis
NCD 3558 Vernon Cross
NCD 3559 Harold Oswald Hird
NCD 3560 Henry Walter Mervyn Ashcroft
NCD3193 Reginald Thomas Fitzgerald
NCD 3060 Michael Lewis (aka Knight)
NCD 3057 Iris Jean Pauley
NCD 1538 Trixie Fox (see also NCD 2969 & 2980)
NCD 1538 Alice Fox (see also NCD 2969 & 2980)