Cover image for Applications and associated Correspondence for Compassionate Allowances
Applications and associated Correspondence for Compassionate Allowances
Series Number:
Agency access only 75 Years (D75)
Start Date:
08 Apr 1913
End Date:
22 Dec 1971
Tasmanian Archives
Creating Agency:
01 Jan 187231 Dec 1934

01 Jan 193402 Sep 1961

02 Sep 196128 Feb 1983
Series notes:
Applications for financial assistance and related correspondence. Some file numbers are prefixed SSD others ODR (outdoor relief). Others have no numbers although they relate to assistance. Some files were selected as samples of records destoyed.

These records are part of the holdings of the Tasmanian Archives
System of Arrangement:
Alphabetical by surname.

Allen, Ethel dob c.1884 CGD 363
Ball, Leila Eileen dob c.1915 SSD 6187
Blom, Robert dob c.1843 CGD 367
Bowen, Louisa Emily dob c.1885 CGD 371 see also CSD 3347, 3348, 3349, 3350
Claridge, Amy Maude dob c.1915
Cook, Mary Ann dob c.1865 CGD 372
Crisp, Louisa dob c.1880 CGD 360
Dalgleish, Jane dob c.1854 CGD 368
Dickson, Zillah
Dolhegny, Mary Eileen dob c.1885 CGD 369
Harris, Ivy Marguerite dob c.1899 SSD 6414
Haslem, Emily dob c.1885 CGD 374
Hunt, Constance Isabell dob c.1885 SSD 6398
Jackson, Frances Ann dob 12/9/1878 SSD 5837
Jackson, Frances May dob c.1888 SSD 7204
Johnston, Mary St Clair dob c.1883
Kearney, Grace dob c.1977 CG 373
Morley, Stella Pamela dob c.1891
Moth, Hilda Elizabeth dob c.1890 SSD 7306
Mott, Louisa Charlotte dob c.1909 SSD 6574
Mudford, Clara Ella dob c. 1907 SSD 7186
Muir, Olga Mary aka Elwell, Olga Mary aka Barnett, Olga Mary dob c.1911
Nankivell, Veronica Mary dob c.1909 SSD 7935 see also CSD 4908
Sutton, Mary dob c.1883 CGD 365
White, Ellen Evelyn dob c.1894 CGD 370
White, Myrtle dob c.1881 CGD362
Wylie, Honora dob c.1877 CGD 366