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Clarence Municipal Council (1)
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1860
End Date:
31 Dec 1957
The administration of the Clarence Municipality. Established as a Rural Municipality it became a Municipality when the Act was consolidated in 1906, at which time it also took over the functions of the Road Trust and Board of Health. On 24 April 1957 a petition was presented to the Governor, signed by more than one third of the ratepayers, seeking that the elected Council be replaced by an appointed Commission. Under Section 13 of the Local Government Act, 1906 a poll of electors in the Municipality was held on 1 June 1957 and a majority supported the proposal. The Council was replaced by a Commission which took office on 1 July 1957~
Legislation Creating:
Rural Municipalities Act 1858 21 Vict. No.50 Proclamation 4 Oct 1860 (HTG 9 Oct 1860) Local Government Act 1906 6 Edw. VII No.31
Functions Performed:
Local government administration
Previous Agencies:
Cambridge Road Trust (1) (TA869)01 Jan 185531 Dec 1860

Ralphs Bay Road Trust (TA825)01 Jan 185531 Dec 1860

Clarence Road Trust (TA505)01 Jan 186031 Dec 1907

Cambridge Road Trust (2) (TA499)01 Jan 186731 Dec 1907

South Arm Road Trust (TA832)01 Jan 187531 Dec 1907

Cambridge Main Road Board (TA498)01 Jan 188031 Dec 1907

Clarence Board of Health (TA503)25 Nov 188614 Nov 1907

Bellerive Board of Health (TA482)01 Jan 189231 Dec 1907

Bellerive Town Board (TA484)01 Jan 189231 Dec 1907

Lindisfarne Town Board (Formerly Beltana) (TA485)01 Jan 189431 Dec 1907

Lindisfarne Board of Health (Formerly Beltana) (TA684)01 Jan 189531 Dec 1907
Subsequent Agencies:
Clarence Municipal Commission (TA757)01 Jul 195710 Jul 1973
Series Created By Agency:
MCC41/37 Annotated by-Laws under the Public Health Act 1903 and the Local Government Act 1906.01 Jan 186031 Dec 1957

MCC41/31 Cash Book, Municipal and Police Funds.01 Jan 186031 Dec 1969

MCC41/30 Ledger of Municipal and Police Accounts.01 Jan 186031 Dec 1969

MCC41/1 Letterbooks.01 Jan 186031 Dec 1901

MCC41/4 Minute Books.01 Nov 186031 Dec 1979

MCC41/14 List of Nominations of Council Elections.01 Dec 186731 Dec 1867

AD454 Photograph.01 Jan 188031 Dec 1880

MCC41/33 Council Clerk's Cash Book.01 Jan 188231 Dec 1924

MCC41/32 Treasurer's Cash Books.01 Jan 188431 Dec 1911

MCC41/10 Quarry Contracts Register.01 Jan 189231 Dec 1914

MCC41/35 Sanitary Cash Accounts.01 Jan 190331 Dec 1907

LA79/3 Journal of Duties of Health, Codlin Moth, Thistle and Rabbit Inspector.01 Jan 190831 Dec 1910

MCC41/5 Minutes of Committees.01 Jan 190831 Dec 1930

MCC41/27 Abstract of Expenditure.01 Jan 191331 Dec 1914

MCC41/26 Ledger of Monthly Accounts.01 Jan 191331 Dec 1935

MCC41/25 Rate Book, Bellerive Ward.01 Jan 191331 Dec 1917

MCC41/13 Agreement, Municipality of Clarence and Hobart Gas Company.01 Jan 191431 Dec 1914

MCC41/28 Daily Abstract of Expenditure.01 Jan 191531 Dec 1920

MCC41/20 Sanitary Roll, Bellerive Ward.01 Jan 191831 Dec 1918

MCC41/21 Sanitary Roll, Lindisfarne Ward.01 Jan 191831 Dec 1924

MCC41/42 Record of the Nursing and Treatment of Patients of the Influenza Epidemic Isolation Hospital.01 Aug 191931 Aug 1919

MCC41/40 Register of Infectious Diseases Reported.01 Jan 192331 Dec 1966

AD467 Miscellaneous Correspondence.01 Jan 192731 Dec 1928

MCC41/19 Register of Sanitary Pans issued.01 Jan 192831 Dec 1929

MCC41/3 Draft Minutes.01 Jan 192931 Dec 1936

MCC41/18 Employment Register.01 Jan 193031 Dec 1931

MCC41/6 Minutes of Bellerive Ward Committee.01 Jan 193031 Dec 1945

MCC41/11 Contracts and Loans Register.01 Jan 193331 Dec 1939

MCC41/9 Minutes of Lindisfarne Ward Committee.01 Jan 193431 Dec 1949

MCC41/41 Register of Cases of Poliomyelitis Reported.01 Jan 193731 Dec 1938

MCC41/38 General Correspondence.01 Jan 193931 Dec 1989

MCC41/15 Nominal Roll of Men Enlisted for War Service.01 Jan 193931 Dec 1945

MCC41/2 Register of Correspondence.01 Jan 194031 Dec 1947

AD971 Building Applications01 Jan 1941

MCC41/22 Press Cuttings.01 Jan 194131 Dec 1952

AF254 Valuation Rolls01 Jan 194131 Dec 1941

MCC41/23 Valuation Rolls.01 Jan 194131 Dec 1947

MCC41/12 Record of Complaints by Residents and Action Taken Thereon.01 Jan 194431 Dec 1977

AD972 Sealed Contracts01 Jan 194431 Dec 1988

MCC41/7 Minutes of Bellerive Ward Building Committee.01 Jan 194531 Dec 1948

MCC41/36 Maintenance Payment Register.01 Jan 194631 Dec 1953

MCC41/43 Subdivision Files.01 Jan 194731 Dec 1971

MCC41/8 Minutes of Ward Committees.01 Jan 194831 Dec 1952

AF252 Subdivisions Registration16 Sep 195230 Jun 1967

MCC41/16 Register of Bellerive Water Connections.01 Jan 195331 Dec 1956

MCC41/17 Register of Lindisfarne Water Connections.01 Jan 195431 Dec 1956

AD453 Statements of Account.01 Jan 195431 Dec 1978