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Hobart City Council
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1852
Administer the City of Hobart.
Legislation Administered:
Hobart Sewerage Act 1912
Legislation Creating:
Municipal Acts 16 Vict No.17, 17 Victs No.21 - 1852 - 1853, Hobart Town Corporation Act 21 Vict No.14 1857, Amended 57 Vict No.11 1893; 7 Edw. VII No.19 1907 - Towns of Glebe, Mount Stuart and Wellington included; 4 Geo V No.24 1914 Queenborough included; 10 Geo V No.10 1920 New Town included.
Functions Performed:
Local government administration
Previous Agencies:
Commissioners for the City of Hobart (TA429)01 Jan 184631 Dec 1852

Queenborough Cemetery Company (NG1406)01 Jan 187331 Dec 1917

Glebe Town Board (TA670)01 Jan 188531 Dec 1907

Hobart Board of Health (TA553)01 Jan 188631 Dec 1907

Glebe Board of Health (TA672)01 Jan 188731 Dec 1907

Queens Domain Committee (TA193)01 Jan 188931 Dec 1917

Metropolitan Drainage Board (Hobart) (TA185)01 Jan 189131 Dec 1912

Mount Stuart Town Board (TA674)01 Jan 189131 Dec 1907

Hobart Electric Tramway Company (NG1263)01 Jan 189203 Jun 1913

Queenborough Town Board (TA615)01 Jan 189231 Dec 1914

New Town Municipal Council (TA180)01 Jan 190731 Dec 1920

Queenborough Municipal Council (TA763)01 Jan 190731 Dec 1919
Subsequent Agencies:
Metropolitan Transport Trust (TA355)21 Dec 195402 Feb 1998
Series Created By Agency:
MCC16/60 Draft Council Minutes.01 Jan 184331 Dec 1894

MCC16/1 General Correspondence.01 Jan 184331 Dec 1904

MCC16/166 Index to "Main Road' Minutes.01 Jan 1852

AB835 Plans of Burial Sites at Queenborough Cemetery.01 Jan 185231 Dec 1965

MCC16/88 Tenders and Contracts, Plans and Specifications relating to the Diversion of the Hobart Rivulet.01 Jan 1852

MCC16/86 Copies of Agreements relating to the Rights of Individuals to have Access to the Hobart Rivulet.01 Jan 185331 Dec 1860

MCC16/129 Minutes of Meetings of the Hobart City Council.01 Jan 185331 Dec 1967

MCC16/7 Town Clerk's Letterbooks.11 Jan 185326 Jul 1932

MCC16/196 Register of Drivers (Cab) Licences issued.14 Feb 185304 Feb 1855

MCC16/44 Correspondence Considered by the Police Committee.01 Jan 185431 Dec 1893

MCC16/42 Correspondence Considered by the Public Works Committee.01 Jan 185431 Dec 1904

MCC16/43 Correspondence Considered by the Water Works Committee.01 Jan 185431 Dec 1904

MCC16/9 Legal Opinions and associated Papers.01 Jan 185431 Dec 1956

MCC16/162 Register of Deeds, Agreements and Other Formal Documents.01 Jan 185431 Dec 1951

MCC16/45 Correspondence Considered by the Town Hall Committee.01 Jan 185531 Dec 1904

MCC16/81 Ledger of Expenses Incurred in Street Maintenance.01 Jan 185531 Dec 1867

MCC16/80 Ledger of Receipts and Payments in Various Accounts.01 Jan 185531 Dec 1960

MCC16/119 Ledger of Receipts and Payments to Various Accounts [Srd].01 Jan 185531 Dec 1912

MCC16/161 Bylaws and Acts relating to the Lord Mayors Court.01 Jan 185631 Dec 1856

MCC16/15 Correspondence and associated Papers relating to the proposed Construction of Public Baths, with Regulations for their Conduct.01 Jan 185631 Dec 1866

MCC16/11 Correspondence relating to Municipal Elections and the Appointment of Mayors.01 Jan 185631 Dec 1906

MCC16/10 Correspondence relating to the Passing of Acts and the Approval of by-Laws by Parliament.01 Jan 185631 Dec 1898

MCC16/158 Register of Water Rates.01 Jan 185631 Dec 1857

MCC16/48 Correspondence Considered by the City Inspector, and Later by the Health and Sewerage Committees.01 Jan 185731 Dec 1930

MCC16/46 Correspondence Considered by the Lighting Committee.01 Jan 185731 Dec 1898

MCC16/47 Correspondence Considered by the Markets Committee.01 Jan 185731 Dec 1904

MCC16/87 Tenders, Contracts and associated Papers.01 Jan 185731 Dec 1965

MCC16/18 Correspondence and Reports from the City Inspector, Acting As Inspector of Weights and Measures.01 Jan 185831 Dec 1866

MCC16/49 Correspondence Considered by the Finance Committee.01 Jan 185831 Dec 1904

MCC16/51 Correspondence Considered by the Slaughter House Committee.01 Jan 185831 Dec 1904

MCC16/14 Correspondence relating to Creeks and Drains.01 Jan 185831 Dec 1870

MCC16/16 Correspondence relating to the Acquisition and Disposal of Land by the Council.01 Jan 185831 Dec 1898

MCC16/17 Correspondence with the Hobart Marine Board.01 Jan 185831 Dec 1894

MCC16/19 Correspondence, Reports and Returns Forwarded Through or by the City Surveyor.01 Jan 185831 Dec 1904

MCC16/111 Manuscript Assessment Roll of Hobart Properties [Srd].01 Jan 185831 Dec 1859

MCC16/65 Minutes of the Waterworks Committee.01 Jan 185831 Dec 1914

MCC16/118 Vouchers for Council Payments [Srd].01 Jan 185831 May 1958

MCC16/50 Appeals Against Assessments, Requests for Time to Pay Rates , Considered by the Finance Committee.01 Jan 185931 Dec 1869

MCC16/89 Register of Premises to Which Water Is Laid on from the City Water Supply, Classified According to Assessed Value.01 Jan 185931 Dec 1859

MCC16/13 Correspondence relating to the Diversion of the Hobart Rivulet.01 Jan 186031 Dec 1888

MCC16/82 Register of Certain Receipts and Payments and of Certain Licences issued.01 Jan 186131 Dec 1893

MCC16/90 Register of Mortgages issued for Waterworks Finance.01 Jan 186131 Dec 1867

MCC16/21 Correspondence and Other Papers in the Case Corporation V John Hall.01 Jan 186331 Dec 1880

MCC16/20 Correspondence Dealing with the Council's Reserves.01 Jan 186331 Dec 1880

MCC16/178 Plan and Specifications of the Hobart Town Hall.01 Jan 186331 Dec 1894

MCC16/116 Register of the Payment of Rates by Owners and Occupiers of Hobart Properties [Srd].01 Jan 186331 Dec 1863

MCC16/22 Correspondence relating to Elections for the House of Assembly.01 Jan 186431 Dec 1900

MCC16/83 Journals of Income and Expenditure.01 Jan 186431 Jan 1891

MCC16/91 Register of Persons to Whom Mortgages were issued for Waterworks and Town Hall Finance.01 Jan 186401 Jul 1916

MCC16/23 Correspondence relating to Elections for the Legislative Council.01 Jan 186531 Dec 1901

MCC16/52 Applications for Appointment As City Solicitor.01 Jan 186631 Dec 1879

MCC16/53 Applications for Position of Town Clerk.01 Jan 186731 Dec 1905

MCC16/84 Cash Account for Organ Recitals in the Town Hall.01 Jan 186731 Dec 1883

MCC16/150 Draft Minutes of the Health Committee.01 Jan 186731 Dec 1893

MCC16/62 Draft Minutes of the Town Hall Committee.01 Jan 186731 Dec 1883

MCC16/55 Letterbook of the Town Clerk As Secretary of a Committee Appointed to Arrange a Welcome to the Duke of Edinburgh, with Minutes and Inward Correspondence.01 Jan 186731 Dec 1878

MCC16/61 Minutes of the [Public] Works Committee.01 Jan 186731 Dec 1980

MCC16/66 Minutes of the Finance and General Purpose Committee (Earlier Finance Committee).01 Jan 186731 Dec 1976

MCC16/63 Draft Minutes of the Police Committee.09 Nov 186725 Mar 1898

MCC16/24 Correspondence relating to the Tasmanian Public Library.01 Jan 186831 Dec 1880

MCC16/145 Minutes of the Lighting Committee.01 Jan 186831 Dec 1898

MCC16/143 Minutes of the Slaughterhouse Committee.01 Jan 186831 Dec 1898

MCC16/149 Minutes of the Parliamentary Committee.01 Jan 187031 Dec 1905

MCC16/147 Register of Notices to Begin Building.01 Jan 187131 Dec 1875

MCC16/6 Town Clerk's Transmission Register of Internal Correspondence.01 Jan 187131 Dec 1897

MCC16/148 Register of Permits to Open Paths.01 Jan 187231 Dec 1875

AB317 Register of Burial Plots in the Queenborough Cemetery with Details of Burials and Removals.01 Jan 187331 Dec 1959

MCC16/112 Register of Stock Slaughtered [Srd].01 Jan 187431 Dec 1878

MCC16/198 Printed Copies of Estimates and Ways and Means.01 Jan 187631 Dec 1941

MCC16/141 Draft Minutes of the Finance Committee.01 Jan 187931 Dec 1894

MCC16/56 Letterbooks of the City Surveyors.01 Jan 187931 Dec 1906

MCC16/146 Register of Agenda Items for the Committees on Public Works Sewerage and Waterworks.01 Jan 187931 Dec 1883

MCC16/142 Draft Minutes of the Sewerage Committee.01 Jan 188031 Dec 1890

MCC16/25 Correspondence and Estimates relating to the Administration of Council Finances.01 Jan 188131 Dec 1939

MCC16/114 Daily Register of the Number of Stock Bought by Various Butchers at the Slaughterhouse [Srd].01 Jan 188431 Dec 1888

MCC16/59 Draft Business Papers for Council Meetings.01 Jan 188431 Dec 1904

MCC16/41 Correspondence and associated Papers Considered by the Council with Draft Business Papers.01 Jan 188531 Dec 1896

MCC16/58 Letterbook of the Building Surveyor.01 Jan 188531 Dec 1888

MCC16/121 Vouchers for Payments from Debenture Fund [Srd].01 Jan 188531 Dec 1885

MCC16/117 Alphabetical Register of Owners and Occupiers, showing Payment of Sanitary Rates [Srd].01 Jan 188631 Dec 1887

MCC16/113 Register of Noxious Trade Establishments and of Dairies [Srd].01 Jan 188631 Dec 1905

MCC16/67 Minutes of the Council Meeting As a Committee of the Whole.01 Jan 188931 Dec 1914

MCC16/68 Minutes of the Health and Sanitary Committee.01 Jan 188931 Dec 1959

MCC16/163 Newspaper Cuttings concerning Council Matters.01 Jan 189231 Dec 1969

AA707 Hobart Municipal Tramways - Daily Route Receipts.01 Apr 189430 Jun 1927

MCC16/127 City Surveyors Department - Weekly Returns of Expenditure [Srd].01 Jan 189631 Dec 1900

MCC16/26 Correspondence relating to the Auditor- General's Queries and Council Stocktaking.01 Jan 189631 Dec 1944

MCC16/92 Register of Licensed Milk Vendors and Dairies.01 Jan 189631 Dec 1906

MCC16/156 Daily Register of Fish Market Revenue.01 Jan 189731 Dec 1915

AF962 Employee Record Cards05 Aug 189731 Dec 1970

MCC16/4 Index to Correspondence Register.01 Jan 189831 Dec 1899

MCC16/69 Minutes of the Burial Ground Committee.01 Jan 189831 Dec 1902

MCC16/3 Register of Correspondence.01 Jan 189831 Dec 1900

MCC16/144 Minutes of the Executive, Finance, Entertainment and Reception Committee for the Citizens Demonstration on Declaration of Peace.01 Jan 190031 Dec 1900

MCC16/130 Minutes of the Town Hall Committee.01 Jan 190031 Dec 1902

MCC16/93 Copy of the Transcript of Evidence before the Royal Commission on Local Government of Hobart and Suburbs.01 Jan 190131 Dec 1901

MCC16/27 Correspondence relating to Addresses Presented to Governors and to Civic Recognition of Other Public Events.01 Jan 190131 Dec 1938

MCC16/101 Report of the Royal Commission on Local Government of Hobart and Suburbs.01 Jan 190131 Dec 1901

MCC16/54 Reports of the Engineering Inspector.01 Jan 190131 Dec 1903

AA709 Hobart Municipal Tramways - General Ledger.01 Jan 190231 Dec 1944

MCC16/70 Minutes of Various Special Committees of the Council.01 Jan 190231 Dec 1939

AA708 Hobart Municipal Tramways - Journal.01 Aug 190230 Jun 1947

MCC16/2 General Correspondence, Subject Files.01 Jan 190331 Dec 1988

MCC16/78 Rate Ledgers.01 Jan 190331 Dec 1907

MCC16/64 Draft Minutes of All Committees.01 Jan 190531 Dec 1906

MCC16/57 Letterbook of the City Surveyor relating to Abattoirs.01 Jan 190531 Dec 1909

MCC16/28 Correspondence and associated Papers relating to the Raising of Public and Private Loans.01 Jan 190631 Dec 1939

MCC16/71 Minutes of a Committee Appointed to Further an Appeal for Buying a Dreadnought for the Royal Navy.01 Jan 190631 Dec 1910

MCC16/138 Register of Postal Votes.01 Jan 190631 Dec 1952

MCC16/159 Weekly Expenditure Analysis of the Water Works Department.01 Jan 190631 Dec 1908

MCC16/72 Minutes of the Reserves Committee (Earlier Mountain Park Committee).01 Jan 190731 Dec 1973

MCC16/155 Minutes of the Local Authorities Conference on Infectious Diseases Hospitals.01 Jan 190831 Dec 1908

MCC16/29 Correspondence with the Hydro-Electric Commission relating to Street Lighting.01 Jan 190931 Dec 1936

MCC16/128 Letterbook of the Stock Inspector.01 Jan 190931 Dec 1928

MCC16/30 Correspondence relating to Public Subscriptions for the Erection and Maintenance of Public Memorials.01 Jan 191031 Dec 1929

MCC16/31 Correspondence relating to the Position of City Solicitor.01 Jan 191031 Dec 1919

AA705 Hobart Municipal Tramways - Manager's Diary.01 Jan 191031 Dec 1917

MCC16/151 Minutes of the King Edward Memorial Committee.01 Jan 191031 Dec 1922

AF844 Photographs of Ridgeway Dam and North-West Bay Pipeline01 Jan 191031 Dec 1917

MCC16/153 Reports, Agreements and Papers concerning Complex Ores Ltd (City Lighting Contractors).01 Jan 191031 Dec 1912

MCC16/33 Correspondence relating to the Operation of the Municipal Tramways.01 Jan 191131 Dec 1944

MCC16/32 Correspondence relating to the proposed Transfer of the Metropolitan Drainage Board to the Hobart Corporation.01 Jan 191131 Dec 1913

MCC16/73 Minutes of the Tramways Committee.01 Jan 191231 Dec 1955

MCC16/165 Notes of Items of Historical and General Interest to the Council (Notes Compiled).01 Jan 191231 Dec 1915

AA711 Hobart Municipal Tramways - Purchases Ledger.01 Jan 191331 Jan 1917

AA710 Hobart Municipal Tramways - Sales Ledger.01 Jan 191331 Dec 1934

MCC16/85 Journals of Income under Various Accounts.01 Jan 191330 Jun 1917

MCC16/74 Minutes of the Officer and Servants Committee.01 Jan 191331 Dec 1920

AF846 Minutes of Meetings of the Joint Committee of Management, Hobart Rivulet Diversion26 Mar 191308 Dec 1915

AG136 Statements of Accounts30 Jun 191330 Jun 1994

AA721 Hobart Municipal Tramways - Press Cuttings.01 Jul 191330 Nov 1949

MCC16/12 Correspondence relating to Municipal Elections.01 Jan 191431 Dec 1939

MCC16/34 Correspondence with Employees' Organisations relating to Industrial Agreements.01 Jan 191431 Dec 1941

MCC16/75 Minutes of the Water and Sewerage Committee.01 Jan 191431 Dec 1929

MCC16/191 Minutes of Meetings of Local Authority.25 Jan 191518 Sep 1950

MCC16/94 Plan and Section of a proposed Pipeline from Ridgeway Reservoir to North-West Bay River.01 Apr 191630 Apr 1916

MCC16/140 Index to Regulations, Statistics and Procedures relating to Activities of the Council.01 Jan 191831 Dec 1924

MCC16/99 Letterbook of the Secretary, Mayor's Patriotic Fund.01 Jan 191831 Dec 1920

MCC16/95 Register of Burial Rights in Queenborough Cemetery and associated Papers.01 Jan 191831 Dec 1928

AA713 Hobart Municipal Tramways - Cashbook.01 Jul 191830 Jun 1947

AE417 Building Applications01 Jan 191931 Dec 1990

AF845 Index to Registers of Building Applications05 Apr 191920 Nov 1928

AF842 Register of Building Applications05 Apr 191922 Oct 1984

MCC16/35 Correspondence relating to the Internal Organisation of the Council.01 Jan 192031 Dec 1938

AB415 Record of Inscriptions C.1810 - C.1872 on Tombstones in St. Davids Park - Compiled.01 Jan 192031 Dec 1920

MCC16/96 Register of Tests Made by the Inspectors of Weights and Measures.01 Jan 192031 Dec 1925

AA712 Hobart Municipal Tramways - Journal of Sales.07 Oct 192028 Feb 1936

MCC16/36 Correspondence relating to by-Laws.01 Jan 192131 Dec 1944

MCC16/194 Minutes of Meetings of Advertising Committee.06 Sep 192113 Aug 1931

MCC16/177 Correspondence and Reports re the Hobart Water Supply Scheme.01 Jan 192231 Dec 1935

MCC16/76 Minutes of the Markets and Abattoir Committee.01 Jan 192231 Dec 1932

AA681 Hobart Municipal Tramways - General Correspondence.01 Jan 192331 Dec 1979

MCC16/183 Hobart Municipal Tramways - Plan of proposed Extension of Tramway in Elizabeth Street - No 3 Scheme.01 Jan 192331 Dec 1923

MCC16/174 Hobart Municipal Tramways - Six Plans of Double-Deck Cars.02 Mar 192302 Mar 1923

MCC16/77 Minutes of the Building Committee.01 Jan 192431 Dec 1959

MCC16/37 Correspondence relating to the Proceedings of Parliament, with Particular Reference to Corporation Acts and Amendments.01 Jan 192531 Dec 1940

MCC16/157 Rent Register.01 Jan 192531 Dec 1947

MCC16/107 City Treasurers' Department - Register of Details relating to the Consumption of, Payment for Water [Srd].01 Sep 192530 Jun 1926

AA716 Hobart Municipal Tramways - Journal of Purchases.01 Sep 192630 Jun 1933

MCC16/38 Correspondence relating to the Creation of the Lord Mayoralty and the Mayoral Chain.01 Jan 192731 Dec 1934

MCC16/120 Letterbook of Instructions to Council Officers [Srd].01 Jan 192731 Dec 1928

MCC16/125 City Treasurers' Department - Register of Remissions of Rates granted [Srd].01 Jul 192830 Apr 1930

MCC16/5 Lists of Filing Titles used for General Correspondence.01 Jul 192830 Jun 1937

MCC16/181 Hobart Municipal Tramways - Tender Documents received from Siemens Australia for Electric Traction Motors.01 Jan 192931 Dec 1929

MCC16/115 Cash Receipts and Statements for the Payment of Rates [Srd].01 Jan 193031 Dec 1930

MCC16/180 Hobart Municipal Tramways - Tramcar Register, including Servicing Details.01 Jan 193031 Dec 1936

AF879 Reserves Committee - Map of Mount Wellington01 Jan 193031 Dec 1930

AF847 Register of Inscribed Stock and Deceased Estates01 Jan 193131 Dec 1964

MCC16/97 Transcript of Evidence before a Special Committee of Enquiry on Economy and Efficiency in the Council, and associated Papers.01 Jan 193131 Dec 1932

MCC16/152 Report of the Special Committee on Administration.01 Nov 193130 Nov 1931

MCC16/39 Correspondence relating to the Council's Superannuation Scheme.01 Jan 193231 Dec 1937

MCC16/182 Hobart Municipal Tramways - Correspondence concerning, and Specifications of the Collins Automatic Point Controller.01 Jan 193231 Dec 1932

MCC16/179 Hobart Municipal Tramways - Register of Tramcars and Other Vehicles Owned by the Hobart Municipal Tramway.01 Jan 193231 Dec 1947

MCC16/8 Copies of Outward Correspondence.31 Aug 193231 Dec 1969

MCC16/164 Cutting Book of Advertisments Publicising Hobart.01 Jan 193331 Dec 1934

MCC16/139 Registers of Donations to Charitable Appeals.01 Jan 193331 Dec 1951

AB417 Letters Patent issued by King George V Raising the Title of Mayor of the City of Hobart to Lord Mayor.30 Jan 193430 Jan 1934

MCC16/106 City Treasurers' Department - Register of Stores Purchased [Srd].02 Jul 193411 Sep 1934

AB416 Record of Inscriptions C.1835 - C.1871 on Tombstones in the Presbyterian Burial Ground, Church Street - Compiled Dec 193401 Dec 193431 Dec 1934

AA706 Hobart Municipal Tramways - Notices and Instructions.01 Jan 193531 Dec 1948

MCC16/102 Analysis Sheets of Stores issued by the City Treasurers' Department [Srd].30 Jun 193530 Jun 1935

MCC16/108 City Treasurers' Department - Sundry Debtors' Ledger Cards [Srd].01 Jan 193631 Dec 1942

MCC16/40 Correspondence and associated Papers relating to the Royal Commission on Local Government.01 Jan 193931 Dec 1939

AB430 Staff Files01 Jan 193931 Dec 1981

AC154 File Index and Street Number Index.01 Jan 194031 Dec 1985

MCC16/154 Population Surveys of Hobart Evacuation Area.01 Jan 194031 Dec 1940

AC287 Applications for Milk Vendors' Licences.01 Jan 194131 Dec 1945

AC247 Immunisation Records.01 Jan 194131 Dec 1965

AC285 Applications for Stable Licences.01 Jan 194231 Dec 1944

MCC16/122 City Treasurers' Department - Cashiers' Duplicates of Receipts issued for Payments Made [Srd].01 Jan 194231 Dec 1942

AC286 Applications for Ice Cube Licences.01 Jan 194431 Dec 1945

AA715 Hobart Municipal Tramways - Daily Returns of Traffic on Tram and Bus Routes.01 Sep 194431 Oct 1961

MCC16/100 Works Report, City Engineers Department.01 Jan 194531 Dec 1948

MCC16/104 City Treasurers' Department - Notices Lodged with the Council As to Changes in Ownership or Occupancy of Property, or in Addresses of Owners [Srd].01 May 194530 Jun 1945

MCC16/126 Hobart Milk Investigation: Report and Recommendations.01 Jan 194631 Dec 1946

AC559 Citizens Roll.01 Apr 194601 Apr 1948

MCC16/109 City Treasurers' Department - Receipts for Cash Payments to the Council [Srd].01 Jun 194630 Jun 1946

MCC16/134 Minutes of the Town Planning Committee.01 Jan 194731 Dec 1978

MCC16/103 Employees' Weekly Time Sheets, City Treasurers' Department [Srd].04 Mar 194704 Mar 1947

MCC16/124 City Treasurers' Department - Sundry Debtors' Proof Sheets [Srd].01 Jun 194930 Jun 1949

MCC16/110 City Treasurers' Department - Slips from Rate Demands As Receipted by Cash Register on Payment of Rates ("rate Credit Slips", [Srd]).25 Nov 194925 Nov 1949

MCC16/197 Transcript, Correspondence and associated Papers relating to Public Enquiry Into Tramway Routes.01 Jan 195031 Dec 1950

MCC16/123 City Treasurers' Department - Roll of Property Owners showing Amounts by Which They Are Debited for the Payment of Rates [Srd].01 Jan 195131 Dec 1952

MCC16/192 Minutes of Meetings of Superannuation Committee.25 May 195121 Dec 1983

MCC16/105 City Treasurers' Department - Rates Ledger Cards [Srd].01 Jul 195230 Jun 1954

AB413 Record of Inscriptions C.1864 - C.1942 on Tombstones in Queenborough Cemetery.01 Jan 195331 Dec 1955

AB418 Letters Patent Granting Arms and Crest to the City of Hobart.01 May 195301 May 1953

MCC16/136 Minutes of the Halls Committee.01 Jan 195431 Dec 1955

MCC16/132 Minutes of the Parking Committee.01 Jan 195531 Dec 1976

MCC16/131 Minutes of the Parking Meter Committee.01 Jan 195531 Dec 1961

MCC16/176 Progress Reports on the Implementation of Changes to Council Organisation and Procedures.01 Jan 195531 Dec 1955

MCC16/175 Report on the Hobart City Councils' Organisation and Procedures.01 Jan 195531 Dec 1955

MCC16/193 Minutes of Meetings of Harbour Pollution Committee.19 Apr 195625 Aug 1960

AF843 Letterbook of Overseer, Sports Grounds18 Jun 195819 Jul 1963

MCC16/135 Minutes of the Health and Building Committee.01 Jan 195931 Dec 1976

MCC16/167 Lord Mayors Flood Relief Fund - Applications.01 Jan 196031 Dec 1961

MCC16/171 Lord Mayors Flood Relief Fund - Correspondence Files.01 Jan 196031 Dec 1961

MCC16/172 Lord Mayors Flood Relief Fund - Expenditure Cash Book.01 Jan 196031 Dec 1960

MCC16/170 Lord Mayors Flood Relief Fund - Index to Relief Fund Files.01 Jan 196031 Dec 1961

MCC16/173 Lord Mayors Flood Relief Fund - Letters of Credit and Cash Relief.01 Jan 196031 Dec 1960

MCC16/169 Lord Mayors Flood Relief Fund - Register of Relief Fund Files.01 Jan 196031 Dec 1961

MCC16/168 Lord Mayors Flood Relief Fund - Relief Files.01 Jan 196031 Dec 1961

MCC16/133 Minutes of the Joint Advisory Committee on Parking.01 Mar 196131 Mar 1961

AB414 Record of Graves removed from Queenborough Cemetery to Cornelian Bay.01 Jan 196531 Dec 1965

AF849 Register of Preliminary Building Proposals27 Jul 196914 Sep 1984

AF848 Register of Plans Submitted for Approval and Building Notices received03 Nov 196914 Jul 1986

MCC16/189 Minutes of the Parks and Recreation Committee.01 Jan 197331 Dec 1981

MCC16/184 Minutes of the Administration and Health Committee.01 Jan 197631 Dec 1980

MCC16/185 Minutes of the City Planning Committee.01 Jan 197631 Dec 1980

MCC16/187 Minutes of the Finance and Parking Committee (Earlier Finance and Business Activities Committee).01 Jan 197631 Dec 1981

MCC16/190 Minutes of the Policy and Budget Committee (Earlier Policy Committee).01 Jan 197631 Dec 1980

MCC16/186 Minutes of the Development Control Committee.01 Jan 197831 Dec 1979

MCC16/188 Minutes of the Joint Works and City Planning Committee.01 Jan 197831 Dec 1979

AD409 Films and Videos Produced or Acquired by the Council.01 May 197831 Oct 1978

AB788 Photogrammatic Survey of the Queen's Battery.01 Jan 199031 Dec 1990

AB787 Photogrammatic Survey of the Town Hall and Council Chambers.01 Jan 199031 Dec 1990