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Kingborough Municipal Council (1)
Agency Number:
Start Date:
20 Aug 1907
End Date:
19 Jan 1960
When proclaimed in 1907 the municipality comprised 3 wards: Kingston, Margate and Longley.~~ On 2 April 1993 Kingborough absorbed the former municipality of Bruny as a single ward.~~
The 1906 Local Government Act stipulated that in certain circumstances the central government could substitute a nominated commission for an elected council. In the case of Kingborough the change from council to commission was initiated by the Auditor General. Hence between 20 January 1960 and 30 June 1971 the Kingborough Municipal Commission acted in place of the Kingborough Council and the council did not regain control until 1/7/1971.

Legislation Creating:
Local Government Act 1906, Proclamation 20 Aug 1907 (HTG 27 Aug 1907)
Functions Performed:
Local government administration
Previous Agencies:
Gordon Road Trust (TA534)01 Jan 185631 Dec 1907

Longley Road Trust (TA807)01 Jan 187431 Dec 1907

Gordon Main Road Board (TA533)01 Jan 188031 Dec 1907

Leslie Main Road Board (TA571)01 Jan 188031 Dec 1907

Longley Main Road Board (TA583)01 Jan 188031 Dec 1907

Kingston Board of Health (TA562)01 Jan 188831 Dec 1907

Leslie Road Trust (2) (TA572)01 Jan 189131 Dec 1907

Kingston Main Road Board (TA563)01 Jan 189731 Dec 1907

Kingston Road Trust (2) (TA564)01 Jan 189731 Dec 1907

Margate Main Road Board (TA587)01 Jan 189731 Dec 1907

Margate Road Trust (TA588)01 Jan 189731 Dec 1907

Bruny Municipal Council (TA97)20 Aug 190702 Apr 1993
Kingborough Municipal Commission (TA1805)20 Jan 196030 Jun 1971
Series Created By Agency:
MCC19/12 Register of the Payment of Charitable Grants.01 Jul 187231 May 1935

MCC19/33 Index to Job Costing Numbers.01 Jan 1907

AE895 Register of Legal Documents20 Aug 190731 Dec 1992

MCC19/1 Index to General Correspondence.01 Jan 190831 Dec 1908

MCC19/19 Minutes of Meetings of the Kingborough Municipal Council06 Jan 190822 Dec 1986

MCC19/16 Butts of Demands for Wharfage for Snug Jetty.24 Apr 190825 May 1918

MCC19/8 Cash Books of Receipts and Payments, Various Accounts.01 May 190830 Nov 1912

MCC19/2 Wardens' and Council Clerks' Letterbooks.18 Aug 190904 May 1922

MCC19/11 Balance Books.01 Jan 191131 May 1959

MCC19/13 Register of Coupons Sold for Sanitary Services.01 May 191131 Jul 1919

MCC19/6 Daily Abstract of Expenditure Record, Various Accounts.01 Jan 191330 Jun 1924

MCC19/14 Contracts Registers.01 Oct 191331 Dec 1973

MCC19/22 Ledger of Receipts and Payments for Jetties.01 Jan 191831 May 1929

MCC19/15 Sanitary Collection Account.01 Jan 192031 Jan 1934

MCC19/27 Minutes and associated Papers of the Woodbridge Recreation Ground Committee.03 Feb 192125 Jan 1941

MCC19/25 Minutes and Accounts of the Sandfly Recreation Ground Committee.24 Jun 192905 Jan 1961

MCC19/26 Minutes of the Sandfly Hall Committee.21 Jun 193205 Jun 1961

MCC19/9 Cash Book of Payments of Wages and Other Allowances.01 Nov 193528 Feb 1942

MCC19/18 Council Clerk's Rough Minutes of Council Meetings.01 Nov 193531 Aug 1938

MCC19/10 Cash Book of Social Service Advances paid.01 Oct 193830 Apr 1941

AE902 Debenture Register01 Jul 193931 Dec 1968

MCC19/23 Cash Book of Receipts for Rent of Kingston Beach Hall.01 Oct 194530 Apr 1950

AE903 Loans Register01 Nov 194623 Sep 1963

AC398 Plans Submitted for Approval to Build.01 Jan 194731 Dec 1975

AE965 Alphabetical Index to Correspondence Files01 Jan 194931 Dec 1988

MCC19/62 General Correspondence.01 Jan 194931 Dec 1984

AE964 Index to General Correspondence01 Jan 194931 Dec 1988

MCC19/17 Registers of Inward Correspondence.01 Jul 195306 Feb 1961

AE894 Register of Employees01 Jan 195431 Dec 1954

MCC19/20 Copies of Commission Agenda, Minutes and associated Papers.01 Nov 195531 Dec 1963

MCC19/21 Copy of Minutes of Taroona and Kingston Water Committee.01 Nov 195522 Jan 1959

MCC19/24 Register of Occupiers of Streets with Details of Water Consumption.01 Jan 195731 Dec 1958

MCC19/35 Correspondence with Department of Public Health.01 Jan 195831 Dec 1964

MCC19/48 Minutes of Meetings of Taroona Recreation and Reserves Committee.04 Feb 195811 Jun 1968

MCC19/34 Correspondence File about Council Clerk's House.01 Jan 195931 Dec 1962

MCC19/37 Correspondence and Papers of Taroona Recreation and Reserves Committee.01 Jan 196131 Dec 1968

MCC19/32 Miscellaneous File kept by Chief Clerk, Mainly about Financial Matters.01 Jan 196131 Dec 1967

MCC19/40 Report, Kingston and Blackmans Bay proposed Sewerage Reticulation and Treatment Plant.01 Jan 196131 Dec 1961

MCC19/41 Survey Plans of Kingston Area by a C Peacock Prepared for Sewerage Scheme.01 Jan 196131 Dec 1962

MCC19/42 Specification and Contract Files for Roads, Footpaths and associated Works.01 Jan 196231 Dec 1976

MCC19/39 Specification Files for Sewerage and Water Schemes in Kingborough Municipality.01 Jan 196331 Dec 1976

MCC19/57 Minutes of Meeting of Kingston Ward Town Planning Committee and Summary of Recommendations to Draft Zoning Scheme.01 Jan 196431 Dec 1966

MCC19/38 Specification, Contract and General Files relating to Buildings and Facilities for Which Kingborough Council has Responsibility.01 Jan 196531 Dec 1971

AE954 Correspondence File relating to the 1967 Bush Fires01 Feb 196731 Dec 1967

MCC19/30 Estimates.01 Jan 196931 Dec 1979

MCC19/43 Southern Metropolitan Master Planning Authority Cemetery Report.01 Mar 196931 Mar 1969

MCC19/31 Rate Estimates.01 Jan 197031 Dec 1979

MCC19/60 Minutes of Meeting of Blackmans Bay Advisory Committee.17 Mar 197117 Mar 1971

MCC19/28 Minutes of the Works Committee.01 Jul 197131 Dec 1979

MCC19/53 Minutes of the Building, Health, Reserves Committee.05 Jul 197125 Mar 1974

MCC19/44 Minutes of the Works and Finance Committee.26 Jul 197115 Apr 1981

MCC19/59 Minutes of Meeting of South Channel Advisory Committee.27 Jul 197127 Jul 1971

AE851 Minutes of the Executive Committee11 Sep 197117 Nov 1975

AB921 Annual Financial Statements.01 Jan 197231 Dec 1991

MCC19/36 Miscellaneous File, Possibly kept by Chief Clerk, for Reference Purposes.01 Jan 197231 Dec 1972

MCC19/50 Minutes of Meetings of the Building Planning Sub-Committee03 May 197220 Mar 1974

MCC19/61 Monthly Financial Statements.01 Jan 197331 Dec 1981

MCC19/51 Minutes of Meetings of Building/planning Committee.29 Mar 197329 Mar 1973

MCC19/45 Minutes of the Planning Building Works Committee01 Apr 197303 Nov 1973

MCC19/54 Minutes of Meetings of the Health, Recreation and Cultural Committee.03 Apr 197317 Mar 1975

AE906 Index to Minutes of Meetings of the Kingborough Municipal Council01 Jan 197519 Aug 1987

MCC19/47 Minutes of the Sports Complex and Special Projects Committee.01 Jul 197931 Oct 1980

AE849 Minutes of the Recreation and Leisure Committee09 Oct 198016 Apr 1981

AE857 Minutes of the Works and Planning Committee28 Apr 198120 May 1985

AE850 Minutes of the Recreation, Health and Welfare Committee29 Apr 198106 Jan 1982

AE905 Index to the Minutes of the Committee of the Whole Council03 Sep 198404 Mar 1986

AE904 Minutes of the Committee of the Whole Council03 Sep 198425 Nov 1985

AE898 Correspondence Register of the Finance Policy and Administration Committee07 May 198609 Mar 1988

AE897 Correspondence Register of the Works and Physical Services Committee19 May 198609 Mar 1988