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Department of Environment and Land Management
Agency Number:
Start Date:
02 Feb 1993
End Date:
18 Sep 1998
The protection of the environment of the State, management of the Crown Estate and the State's National Parks, Reserves and wildlife resources, maintain survey records, provide search facilities, conduct scientific studies, plan land use, advise on land use policy, preserve and protect sites of significance to the aboriginal and European heritage of Tasmania, provide a valuation and real estate advisory service and register land transactions.

The Department was created on 3 February 1993 by amalgamating the Department of Environment and Planning with the Department of Parks, Wildlife and Heritage. The Parks and Wildlife Service became a division within DELM. The new Department assumed administrative responsibility for the Local Government Office and the Cleaning Services Branch of the former Department of Construction. On 22 February 1995 the "Services to Government Group" became the administrative responsibility of DELM when the Department of Transport and Works was broken up. This responsibility passed to Treasury on 27 March 1996. The Local Government Office was transferred to the Department of Premier and Cabinet on the same day. These were replaced by the Office of Antarctic Affairs (from the Department of Tourism, Sport and Recreation). 
On 18 September 1998, as part of a general reorganisation of the State Service following a change of government, DELM was amalgamated with the Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries and the Government Analytical and Forensic Laboratory to form a new Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment.
Legislation Administered:
Statutory Rules 1993 No. 8 pp.37-39
Legislation Creating:
Statutory Rules 1993 No. 6
Legislation Abolishing Agency:
administrative action
Series Created By Agency:
AF721 Town Maps01 Jan 182531 Dec 1997

AB567 General Correspondence [3].01 Jan 184231 Jul 2002

AG83 Plans of Developments by Parks and Wildlife Service25 Nov 193823 Dec 2005

AD920 Register of Property Files.01 Jan 194031 Dec 1994

AB786 National Estate Grants Program Files.01 Jan 197331 Jul 2000

AC945 Conservation and Planning Reports01 Jan 199531 Dec 1995