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Office of the Crown Solicitor
Agency Number:
Start Date:
15 Mar 1983
The Office was created to provide an administrative identity for the non-litigation functions formerly performed in the Solicitor-General's Department.~
Legislation Creating:
Administrative action.
Controlling Agencies:
Law Department (TA373)15 Mar 198317 Jul 1989

Department of Justice (1) (TA921)17 Jul 198918 Sep 1998

Department of Justice and Industrial Relations (TA1535)18 Sep 199801 Feb 2004

Department of Justice (2) (TA1646)02 Feb 2004
Previous Agencies:
Solicitor General's Department (TA181)01 Jan 182829 Jun 1983
Office of the Solicitor-General (TA1015)29 Jun 1983
Series Created By Agency:
AD871 Register of Conveyances03 Jan 194711 Jun 1991

AD544 Index to Conveyances01 Jan 195731 Dec 1991