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Devonport Municipal Council
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1907
End Date:
31 Dec 1981
Administer the Devonport Municipality~
Legislation Creating:
Local Government Act 1906 6 Edw. VII No.31 Proclamation 19 Aug 1907 (HTG 27 Aug 1907)
Functions Performed:
Local government administration
Controlled Agencies:
Meercroft Hospital (TA454)01 Jan 192510 Jan 1958
Previous Agencies:
Tarleton Road Trust (TA836)01 Jan 186731 Dec 1907

Don Road Trust (TA786)01 Jan 187131 Dec 1907

Devonport Board of Health (TA511)01 Jan 188731 Dec 1907

Devonport Town Board (TA512)01 Jan 188931 Dec 1907
Devonport School Board of Advice (TA1518)01 Jan 192331 Dec 1930
Subsequent Agencies:
Devonport City Council (TA431)01 Jan 1981
Series Created By Agency:
MCC7/21 Water Rate Account Books.13 Feb 190109 Feb 1909

AD815 Minutes of Meetings06 Jan 190823 Mar 1987

MCC7/10 Analysis Books of Sundry Receipts.18 Mar 190821 Jun 1915

MCC7/2 Council Clerk's Letterbooks.11 Mar 190901 Apr 1914

MCC7/15 Registers of the Payment of Fees and Fines Into Municipal Funds.01 Sep 190931 Dec 1943

MCC7/6 Minutes of Various Boards and Committees of the Council, including the Board of Advice.16 Mar 191517 Jul 1923

MCC7/17 Register of the Levying and Payment of the Codlin Moth Tax.01 Jun 191801 Jun 1921

MCC7/5 Reports from the Municipal Engineer.11 Oct 192009 Jul 1923

AD902 Debenture Register01 Jan 192531 Dec 1932

HSD61 Cash Book of the Meercroft Hospital.01 Apr 192531 Dec 1955

MCC7/22 Municipal Inspectors Register.11 Oct 192630 Jul 1929

MCC7/26 Plans of Devonport showing Water and Sewerage Lines.01 Jan 192931 Dec 1956

MCC7/7 Minutes of the Building Committee.20 May 192915 Jul 1937

MCC7/8 Minutes of the Town Hall Committee.11 Jun 193005 Jun 1934

MCC7/18 Balance Book.30 Jun 193031 Jan 1942

AD901 Register of Investments01 Jan 193231 Dec 1948

MCC7/1 Register of Inward Correspondence.02 Aug 193415 Jul 1937

AF500 Building Applications01 Jan 193731 Dec 1975

AF498 Building Applications for Heritage Properties in Devonport01 Jan 193731 Dec 1974

AF503 Register of Building Applications01 Jan 193731 Dec 1975

MCC7/4 Correspondence and associated Papers relating to Financial Matters, Rating.01 Aug 193728 Feb 1939

MCC7/3 Copies of Outward Correspondence.01 Jul 193831 Jul 1944

AF490 Plans28 Jul 194101 Feb 1972

AD905 Form of Instruction for Graves, Devonport Public Cemetery02 Sep 194202 Sep 1948

AD904 Application to Purchase Ground, Devonport Public Cemetery22 Feb 194404 Jul 1947

HSD292 Orders for Admission to the Meercroft Hospital.01 Jan 194530 Jun 1947

AD903 Register of Consumer Use of Water Supply01 Jan 194631 Dec 1953

AF888 Subdivision Registers01 Jan 194831 Dec 1990

MCC7/25 Correspondence, Minutes and associated Papers relating to Organisation of Princess of Wool Competition in Devonport.12 Apr 196003 Aug 1960

AD809 Agenda for Meetings28 Mar 196115 Dec 1986

MCC7/24 Authorisations to Gravedigger to Open Graves for Burials.04 Mar 196412 Nov 1965