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Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries
Agency Number:
Start Date:
03 Feb 1993
End Date:
18 Sep 1998
Provide expert advice, reports and policy recommendations to Government. Develop, review and administer legislation relating to plant and animal health and quality standards. Implement Government policy relating to living marine resources. Manage, control, regulate and protect sea fisheries, salmon fisheries and fisheries in inland waters. Conduct scientific research, market research and consumer education. Provide extension services, economic information and marketing advisory services. Provide veterinary clinical services in areas not normally serviced by private practitioners. Licence and control commercial fish farms, eel fishing, whitebait fishing and the importation of fish into Tasmania. Assess groundwater resources. Establish and maintain water supply, irrigation, drainage and river improvement schemes. Licence and inspect the taking of water from streams and lakes and the construction of farm dams. Assist and advise drainage trusts. Examine proposed municipal water, sewerage and drainage works. Measure stream flows and flood levels. Provide statistics. Investigate the availability of water for future use. Implement the fluoridation of water supplies. Superintend the bulk supply of water to cities and municipalities in the Hobart region. On 18 February 1992, following the change of government, the Department of Primary Industry (except for the Inland Fisheries Commission) was amalgamated with the Water Resources and Energy Resources divisions of the former Department of Resources and Energy. On 27 March 1996 Office of Energy Planning and Conservation was transferred to the Department of Transport (SR1996/31) and the Tasmanian Racing Authority (from the Department of Tourism, Sport and recreation) came under the administrative control of Primary Industry. On 18 September 1998, following another change of government, the Department was amalgamated with the renamed Department of Primary Industry, Water and Environment. In addition to the legislation committed to the Department three acts were administered directly by Boards associated with the Department. The Egg Marketing Board administered the Egg Industry Act 1988 and the Tasmanian Dairy Industry Authority administered the Dairy Industry Act 1976 and the Herd Improvement Act 1977.
Legislation Administered:
Statutory Rules 1993 No. 8 pp. 40-41
Legislation Creating:
Statutory Rules 1993 No. 6
Functions Performed:
Primary industries
Hydro-Electric Commission (TA314)01 Jan 193030 Jun 1998