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Public Offices Committee
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1963
End Date:
31 Dec 1996
The management and provision of Public Office accommodation and furniture and some office buildings.

In early 1963 Cabinet approved the establishment of the Public Offices Committee (POC) to take over from the Government Accomodation Board the major planning and high level policy connected with the proposed new Government offices in Murray Street. However, for some time the Board had not had this role nor had its members been equiped to deal with such major planning. POC operated under the chairmanship of the Minister for Lands and was alternatively known as the Government Offices Committee until mid 1965.

The Accomodation Board continued to operate until mid 1965 when the Government decided to continue POC's role of controlling the planning of new Government office buildings, major alterations to buildings and policy decisions. At this time the Board became a subcommittee of POC (POSC) to consider minor additions and/or extensions to existing accommodation, minor alterations, maintenance of offices generally, and provision of normal furniture and office requisites.

Other subcommittees formed by POC to carry out its functions included the Furniture Advisory Committee in 1978 and the Hobart Accomodation Survey Committee in 1979.

POC ran through to about 1989/90 when it was effectively defunct. In about 1992 it was replaced with a ministerial sub-committee on property management, which ran approximately until the POC secretariat was transferred to Treasury in about March 1996. It then ceased to exist as a separate entity and became part of the Government Building Services Branch within Treasury.
Information Sources:
'A Guide to Tasmanian Government Administration" by RL Wettenhall, Minutes of POC meetings, Dept of Treasury & Finance website & Treasury staff
Legislation Creating:
Ministerial directive
Legislation Abolishing Agency:
Administrative action
Controlling Agencies:
Lands and Surveys Department (TA69)01 Jan 180423 Dec 1970

Lands Department (TA902)23 Dec 197001 May 1987

Department of Treasury and Finance (TA916)07 Nov 1989
Previous Agencies:
Government Accommodation Board (TA200)01 Jan 193430 Apr 1965
Subsequent Agencies:
Department of Treasury and Finance (TA916)07 Nov 1989
Series Created By Agency:
AE314 General Correspondence01 Jan 194324 Oct 1989

AE689 Minutes of Meetings15 Mar 196324 Oct 1984

AE691 Minutes & Agendas of Public Offices Subcommittee Meetings12 Apr 196520 Dec 1977