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Microfilm Committee
Agency Number:
Start Date:
19 Mar 1973
End Date:
31 May 1982
Advise on the purchase and use of microfilm equipment and oversee the operation of a Central Microfilm Bureau. In January 1973 Cabinet approved terms of reference for an inter-departmental committee to coordinate the provision of microfilm services within the Tasmanian Public Service. The Committee was composed of representatives of the Department of Film Production, the Public Service Board, the State Library (Archives), Treasury and the Supply and Tender Department and met for the first time on 19 March. The Public Service Board provided the secretariat for the Committee and the Department of Film Production administered the Central Microfilm Bureau which the Committee established. Due to problems in recruiting a manager was not appointed until October 1974 and the Bureau did not commence operations until the following year. In 1977 when the Department of Film Production was re-established as the Tasmanian Film Corporation the Bureau was transferred to the State Library of Tasmania and the Committee became increasingly redundant thereafter. In May 1982 the Public Service Board was discussing revised terms of reference for the Committee but no further references to it can be found.~
Legislation Creating:
Cabinet decision.
Controlling Agencies:
Public Service Board (2) (TA369)01 Jan 197331 Dec 1984
Series Created By Agency:
AD667 Minutes, Correspondence and Reports.01 Jan 197331 Dec 1982