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Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment
Agency Number:
Start Date:
18 Sep 1998
End Date:
05 Apr 2006
The major functions of the Department were protection of the environment of the State, management of the Crown Estate and the State's National Parks, Reserves and wildlife resources. Staff also maintained survey records and provided search facilities, conducted scientific studies, planned land use, advised on land use policy, preserved and protected sites of significance to the aboriginal and European heritage of Tasmania, provided a valuation and real estate advisory service, registered land transactions, and developed, reviewed and administered legislation relating to plant and animal health and quality standards.

The Department was created on 18 September 1998 by amalgamating the Department of Environment and Land Management with the Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries and the Government Analytical and Forensic Laboratory from the Department of Community and Health Services. The idea of consolidating all government laboratories overlooked significant operational differences and planning commenced almost immediately to return control of the forensic laboratory to the Department of Health and Human Services. The Parks and Wildlife Service was removed from the Department's control in August 2002 to the Department of Tourism, Parks, Heritage and the Arts. The Environment Division was amalgamated with the Department of Tourism, Arts and the Environment on 5 April 2006.
Information Sources:
State Service (Restructuring) Order 2006 (SR 2006 No 21)
Legislation Administered:
Statutory Rules 1998 Number 124, pages 1321-1326.
Legislation Creating:
Statutory Rules 1998, Number 122.
Legislation Abolishing Agency:
State Service (Restructuring) Order 2006 (SR 2006 No 21)
Controlled Agencies:
Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens (TA1568)01 Jan 1828

Veterinary Board of Tasmania (TA1610)24 Dec 1918

Egg Marketing Board (TA350)01 Jan 194825 Jun 2003

Tasmanian Grain Elevators Board (TA733)01 Jan 195031 Dec 2003

Rivers and Water Supply Commission (TA164)01 Nov 195701 Jul 2011

Tasmanian Dairy Industry Authority (TA1096)01 Jan 1977

Fruit Crop Insurance Committee (TA1982)01 Jan 198231 Dec 1999

State Marine Pollution Committee (TA1984)01 Jan 1987

Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority (TA1551)01 Oct 1987

Office of Energy Planning and Conservation (TA1097)01 Sep 1992

Animal Ethics Committee (TA1993)01 Jan 1993

Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (TA1986)01 Jan 1993

Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal (TA1106)01 Jan 1993

Parks and Wildlife Service (TA1837)02 Feb 1993

Abalone Fishery Advisory Committee (TA1985)01 Jan 1995

Board of Advice and Reference (TA1996)01 Jan 1995

Community Review Committee (Threatened Species) (TA1987)01 Jan 1995

Crustacean Fishery Advisory Committee (TA1989)01 Jan 1995

Recreational Fisheries Advisory Committee (TA1990)01 Jan 1995

Scalefish Fishery Advisory Committee (TA1991)01 Jan 1995

Scallop Fishery Advisory Committee (TA1992)01 Jan 1995

Scientific Advisory Committee (Threatened Species) (TA1995)01 Jan 1995

Marine Farming Planning Review Panel (TA1975)15 Sep 1995

Agricultural, Silvicultural and Veterinary Chemicals Council (TA1945)08 Dec 1995

Resource Planning and Development Commission (TA1583)01 Jan 199801 Sep 2009

Forensic Services (TA2114)01 Sep 199801 Jul 2000

Information and Land Services Division (TA1616)18 Sep 199831 May 2015

Board of Management (Fruit and Nut Industry Research and Development Account) (TA1983)01 Jan 1999

Savage River Rehabilitation Program Management Committee (TA1994)01 Jan 1999

Assessment Committee for Dam Construction (TA1981)27 Oct 1999

Inland Fisheries Service (TA1740)01 Jan 2000

Conservation Compensation Committee (TA1988)01 Jan 2002

Northern Tasmanian Natural Resource Management Regional Committee (TA1979)14 Nov 2002

Southern Tasmanian Natural Resource Management Regional Committee (TA1980)14 Nov 2002

Tasmanian Natural Resource Management Council (TA1977)14 Nov 200231 Jul 2015
Service Tasmania (TA1733)02 Jan 1998