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Department of Justice (2)
Agency Number:
Start Date:
02 Feb 2004
The Department is the successor of the Department of Justice and Industrial Relations following the transfer of the section dealing with industrial relations policy and operational matters to the Department of Premier and Cabinet. The regulatory and employment award setting organisation, the Tasmanian Industrial Commission stayed within the new Department of Justice.
Legislation Administered:
Access Neighbouring Land Act 1992; Acts Enumeration Act 1947; Acts Interpretation Act 1931; Administration and Probate Act 1925; Admission to Courts Act 1916; Advertisements (Terms of Purchase) Act (Repeal) Act 1993; Age of Majority Act 1973; Aliens Act 1913; Alternative Dispute Resolution Act 2001; Anulled Convictions Act 2003; Anti-Discrimination Act 1998; Anzac Memorial Hostel Act 1924; Appeal Costs Fund Act 1968; Appointments Act 1876; Apportionment Act 1871; Architects Act 1929; Associations Incorporation Act 1964; auctioneers and Real Estate Agents Act 1991; Bail Act 1994; Baker Trusts Act; Bills of Sale Act 1900; Births, Deaths & Marriages Registration Act 1999; Boy Scouts Association Act 1954; Building Act 2000; Business Names Act 1962; Cinema Act (Repeal) Act 1992; Civil Liability Act 2002; Civil Process Acts 1839, 1870 and 1985; Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Enforcement Act 1995; Collections for Charities Act 2001; Commercial Arbitration Act 1986; Commissioner for Corporate Affairs Act 1980; Commissions of Inquiry Act 1995; Commonwealth Powers (Family Law) Act 1987; Companies (Acquisition of Shares) (Application of Laws) Act 1981; Companies (Acquisition of Shares) (Tasmania) Code; Companies (Application of Laws) Act 1982; Companies (Tasmania) Code; Companies and Securities (Interpretation and Miscellaneous Provisions) (Application of Laws) Act 1981; Companies and Securities (Interpretation and Miscellaneous Provisions) (Tasmania) Code; Companies and Securities Legislation (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act 1982; Companies Auditors and Liquidators Disciplinary Board Act 1982; Constitution (Legislative Council) Special Provisions Act 1997; Construction Industry (Long Service) Act 1997; Consumer Affairs Act 1988; Consumer Credit (Tasmania) Act 1996; Contractors' Debts Act 1939; Conveyancing Act 2004; Cooperatives Act 1999; Co-operative Schemems (Administrative Actions) Act 2001; Coroners Act 1995; Corporations (Administrative Actions) Act 2001; Corporations (Ancillary Provisions) Act 2001; Corporations (Commonwealth Powers ) Act 2001; Corporations (Tasmania) Act 1990; Corrections Act 1997; Costs in Criminal Cases Act 1976; Council of Law Reporting Act 1990; Crime (Confiscation of Profilts) Act 1993; Crimes at Sea Act 1999; Criminal Code Act 1924; Criminal Code Amendment (Life Prisoners and Dangerous Criminals) Act 1994; Criminal Offences (Extra-Territorial Offences) Act 1987; Criminal Justice (Mental Impairment) Act 1999; Criminal Law (Detention and Interrogation) Act 1995; Criminal Law (Territorial Application) Act 1995; Criminal Procedure (Attendance of Witnesses) Act 1996; Crown Proceedings Act 1993; Crown Remedies Act 1891; Dangerous Goods Act 1998; Dangerous Substances (Safe Handling) Act 2005; Debtors Acts 1870 and 1888; Defamation Act 2006; Director of Public Prosections Act 1973; Disposal of Uncollected Goods Act 1968; Domicile Act 1980; Door to Door Trading Act 1986; Electoral (Registered Parties) Act 1995; Electoral Act 2004; Electricity Industry Safety and Administration (Consequential and Transitional Provisions) Act 1997; Electricity Industry Safety and Administration Act 1997; Electronic Transactions Act 2000; Energy Ombudsman Act 1998; Evidence (Audio and Audio Visual Links) Act 1999; Evidence Act 2001; Evidence (Children and Special Witnesses) Act 2001; Evidence on Commission Act 2001; Factors Act 1891; Fair Trading Act 1990; Family Violence Act 2004; Fatal Accidents Act 1934; Federal Courts (State Jurisdiction) Act 1999; Financial Transaction Reports Act 1993; Flammable Clothing Act 1973; Forensic Procedures Act 2000; Freedom of information Act 1991; Futures Industry (Application of Laws) Act 1987; Futures Industry (Tasmania) Code; Gas Act 2000; Gas Pipelines Act 2000; Girl Guides Association Act 1957; Goods (Trade Descriptions) Act 1971; Guardianship and Administration Act 1995; Guardianship and Custody of Infants Act 1934; Guesdon Bequest (Administration) Act 1972; Health Complaints Act 1995; Housing Indemnity Act 1992; Independent Order of Rechabites (Agreement) Act 1981; Industrial Relations Act 1984; International Transfer of Prisoners (Tasmania) Act 1997; Judicial Review Act 2000; Juries Act 2003; Jurisdiction of Courts (Cross-Vesting) Act 1987; Justices Act 1959; Justices of the Peace (Validation) Act 2002; Landlord and Tenant Act 1935; Law of Animals Act 1962; Legal Aid Commission Act 1990; Legal Profession Act 1993; Legislative Council (Division of Hobart) By-election Validation Act 1992; Legislative Council Boundaries Expenses Act 1995; Legislative Council Electoral Boundaries Act 1995; Limitation Act 1974; Limited Partnership Act 1908; Listening Devices Act 1991; Local Governemtn (Building and Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1993; Long Service Leave (Casual Wharf Employees) Act 1982; Long Service Leave (State Employees) Act 1994; Long Service Leave Act 1997; Magistrates Court (Administrative Appeals Division) Act 2001; Magistrates Court (Children's Division) Act 1998; Magistrates Court (Civil Division) Act 1992; Magistrates Court Act 1987; Married Women's Property Act 1935; Mercantile Law Act 1935; Minors Contracts Act 1988; Misuse of Drugs Act 2001; Monetary Penalties Enforcement Act 2005; National Literature Board of Review Act 1967; Notaries Public Act 1990; Oaths Act 2001; Occupational Licensing Act 2005; Offshore Waters Jurisdiction Act 1976; Ombudsman Act 1978; Parole Orders (Transfer) Act 1983; Partnership Act 1891; Penalty Units and Other Penalties Act 1987; Perpetuities and Accumulations Act 1992; Personal Information Protection Act 2004; Plumbers and Gas-fitters Registration Act 1951; Police Powers (Public Safety) Act 2005; Prepaid Funerals Act 2004; Presumption of Survivorship Act 1921; Prisoners (Interstate Transfer) Act 1982; Prisoners (Removal of Civil Disabilities) Act 1991; Professional Standards Act 2005; Promissory Oaths Act 1869; Property Agents and Land Transactions Act 2005; Public Interest Disclosures Act 2002; Public Trustee Act 1930; Records of Offences (Access) Act 1981; Referendum Procedures Act 2004; Relationships Act 2003; Repeal of Electoral Regulations Postponement Act 2003; Repeal of Regulations Postponement Act 2005; Residential Tenancy Act 1997; Retirement Villages Act 2004; Royal Society Act 1911; Rules Publication Act 1953; Sale of Goods (Vienna Convention) Act 1987; Sale of Goods Act 1896; Sale of Hazardous Good Act 1977; Salvation Army (Tasmania) Property Trust Act 1930; Sea-Carriage Documents Act 1997; Search Warrants Act 1997; Second-hand Dealers and Pawnbrokers Act 1994; Securities Industry (Application of Law) Act 1981; Securities Industry (Tasmania) Code; Security and Investigations Agents Act 2002; Security-Sensitive Dangerous Substances Act 2005; Senate Elections Act 1935; Sentencing Act 1997; Settled Land Acts 1884 and 1911; Sex Industry Offences Act 2005; Sheriff Act 1873; Shop Trading Hours Act 1984; Solicitor-General Act 1983; Status of Children Act 1974; Statute La
Legislation Creating:
Statutory Rule No. 3 of 2004
Controlled Agencies:
Office of the Coroner (TA1589)01 Jan 1913

Poppy Advisory and Control Board. (TA1108)01 Jan 1972

Office of the Crown Solicitor (TA1022)15 Mar 1983

Office of the Solicitor-General (TA1015)29 Jun 1983

Tasmanian Industrial Commission (TA290)01 Jan 1985

Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (TA1014)09 May 1986

Corrective Services Tasmania (TA907)06 Apr 1987

Office of Consumer Affairs (TA682)14 Dec 198824 Nov 1999

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages (TA923)17 Jul 1989

Supreme Court of Tasmania (TA1615)17 Jul 1989

Tasmanian Electoral Office (TA988)17 Jul 1989

Business Affairs Office (TA1537)01 Jan 199131 Dec 2001

Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal (TA1106)01 Jan 1993

Office of Legislation Development and Review (TA1943)01 Jan 1994

Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Tribunal (TA1667)16 Aug 1995

Tasmanian Planning Commission (TA1822)01 Jan 1997

Port Arthur Attorney-General's Discretionary Fund (TA1514)01 Apr 199730 Jun 1998

Guardianship and Administration Board (TA1668)01 Sep 1997

Resource Planning and Development Commission (TA1583)01 Jan 199801 Sep 2009

Equal Opportunity Tasmania (TA1666)10 Dec 1999

Victims Support Services (TA1929)01 Jul 2001

Workcover Tasmania (TA1828)01 Jul 200101 Oct 2013

Monetary Penalties Enforcement Service (TA1937)09 Dec 2005

Tasmanian Forensic Tribunal (TA1928)20 Feb 2006

Workplace Standards Tasmania (TA1711)05 Apr 200601 Oct 2013

Office of the State Architect (TA1935)01 Jan 2009

Sentencing Advisory Council (TA1961)01 Jun 2010

Asbestos Compensation Tribunal (TA1944)04 Oct 2011

Building Standards and Occupational Licensing (TA2063)01 Jul 2013

Worksafe Tasmania (TA2053)01 Oct 2013

Royal Commission Response Unit (TA2185)01 Jan 2018
Previous Agencies:
Department of Justice and Industrial Relations (TA1535)18 Sep 199801 Feb 2004
Legal Ombudsman (TA1798)01 Jan 199331 Dec 2007

Legal Profession Board of Tasmania (TA1799)01 Jan 2007