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Taxation Branch (State Revenue Office)
Agency Number:
Start Date:
01 Jan 1957
End Date:
31 Dec 1994
The Taxation Branch was established in 1957 under the newly apointed Deputy Commissioner of Taxation. The Branch was formed by the amalgamation of the Probate and Land Tax Branches and while a Branch of Treasury it operated on a semiautonomous basis. By 1967 the Taxation Branch was the predominant tax collection agency in the State. 

In 1978 the Head of the Taxation Branch became Commissioner of Taxes. During the 1980's the Branch became known as the State Revenue Office (SRO). This term continued to be used after it became the Revenue Branch in 1994 despite the SRO not appearing as such in Treasury's Annual Reports.
Information Sources:
'From Commissariat to Treasury' by Heather Felton
Legislation Administered:
Debits Tax Transfer Act 1990, Deceased Persons' Estate Duties Act 1931, Entertainment Tax Act 1953, First Home Assistance Act 1982, Income Tax Collection Arrangement Act 1948, Land & Income Taxation Act 1910 & 1959, Land Tax Acts (Annual), Licensing Act 1932, Pay-roll Tax Act 1971, Racing & Gaming Act 1952, Stamp Duties Act 1931, Taxation (Recipricocal Powers) Act 1993,
Legislation Creating:
administrative action
Legislation Abolishing Agency:
administrative action
Functions Performed:
Finance management
Controlling Agencies:
Treasury Department (TA91)01 Jan 182417 Jul 1989

Department of Finance (TA915)17 Jul 198909 Nov 1989

Department of Treasury and Finance (TA916)07 Nov 1989
Previous Agencies:
Land Tax Branch (TA1676)01 Jul 194631 Dec 1957

Probate Branch (TA1674)01 Jul 194631 Dec 1957

Entertainments Tax Branch (TA1687)01 Oct 195331 Dec 1957
Series Created By Agency:
TRE76/4 Valuation Rolls, Bruny.01 Jan 191031 Dec 1955

TRE76/9 Valuation Rolls, Deloraine.01 Jan 191031 Dec 1984

TRE76/11 Valuation Rolls, Esperance.01 Jan 191031 Dec 1984

TRE76/12 Valuation Rolls, Evandale.01 Jan 191031 Dec 1960

TRE76/13 Valuation Rolls, Fingal.01 Jan 191031 Dec 1984

TRE76/15 Valuation Rolls, George Town.01 Jan 191031 Dec 1984

TRE76/16 Valuation Rolls, Glamorgan.01 Jan 191031 Dec 1984

TRE76/19 Valuation Rolls, Green Ponds.01 Jan 191031 Dec 1984

TRE76/24 Valuation Rolls, Kingborough.01 Jan 191031 Dec 1984

TRE76/27 Valuation Rolls, Launceston.01 Jan 191031 Dec 1984

TRE76/28 Valuation Rolls, Lilydale.01 Jan 191031 Dec 1984

TRE76/29 Valuation Rolls, Longford.01 Jan 191031 Dec 1984

TRE76/30 Valuation Rolls, New Norfolk.01 Jan 191031 Dec 1984

TRE76/32 Valuation Rolls, Penguin.01 Jan 191031 Dec 1984

TRE76/35 Valuation Rolls, Queenstown.01 Jan 191031 Dec 1984

TRE76/40 Valuation Rolls, Scottsdale.01 Jan 191031 Dec 1984

TRE76/41 Valuation Rolls, Sorell.01 Jan 191031 Dec 1940

TRE76/42 Valuation Rolls, Spring Bay.01 Jan 191031 Dec 1984

TRE76/43 Valuation Rolls, Strahan.01 Jan 191031 Dec 1959

TRE76/44 Valuation Rolls, Tasman.01 Jan 191031 Dec 1984

TRE76/45 Valuation Rolls, Ulverstone.01 Jan 191031 Dec 1984

TRE76/46 Valuation Rolls, Waratah.01 Jan 191031 Dec 1984

TRE76/47 Valuation Rolls, Westbury.01 Jan 191031 Dec 1984

TRE76/48 Valuation Rolls, Wynyard.01 Jan 191031 Dec 1984

TRE76/3 Valuation Rolls, Brighton.01 Jan 191131 Dec 1948

TRE76/6 Valuation Rolls, Campbell Town.01 Jan 191131 Dec 1956

TRE76/7 Valuation Rolls, Circular Head.01 Jan 191131 Dec 1956

TRE76/8 Valuation Rolls, Clarence.01 Jan 191131 Dec 1948

TRE76/10 Valuation Rolls, Devonport.01 Jan 191131 Dec 1950

TRE76/14 Valuation Rolls, Flinders Island.01 Jan 191131 Dec 1955

TRE76/20 Valuation Rolls, Hamilton.01 Jan 191131 Dec 1956

TRE76/23 Valuation Rolls, Kentish.01 Jan 191131 Dec 1941

TRE76/25 Valuation Rolls, King Island.01 Jan 191131 Dec 1957

TRE76/26 Valuation Rolls, Latrobe.01 Jan 191131 Dec 1916

TRE76/31 Valuation Rolls, Oatlands.01 Jan 191131 Dec 1956

TRE76/33 Valuation Rolls, Port Cygnet.01 Jan 191131 Dec 1940

TRE76/34 Valuation Rolls, Portland.01 Jan 191131 Dec 1940

TRE76/36 Valuation Rolls, Richmond.01 Jan 191131 Dec 1940

TRE76/37 Valuation Rolls, Ringarooma.01 Jan 191131 Dec 1940

TRE76/38 Valuation Rolls, Ross.01 Jan 191131 Dec 1959

TRE76/39 Valuation Rolls, St. Leonards.01 Jan 191131 Dec 1959

TRE76/49 Valuation Rolls, Zeehan.01 Jan 191131 Dec 1955

TRE76/21 Valuation Rolls, Hobart.01 Jan 191231 Dec 1955

TRE76/22 Valuation Rolls, Huon.01 Jan 191231 Dec 1941

TRE76/1 Valuation Rolls, Beaconsfield.01 Jan 191431 Dec 1949

TRE78 Affidavits of Assets and Liabilities of Deceased Persons Made in Accordance with the Deceased Persons' Estates Duties Acts 1915 and 1931.01 Jan 191531 Dec 1993

TRE76/2 Valuation Rolls, Bothwell.01 Jan 191531 Dec 1956

TRE158 Registers of Affidavits of Assets and Liabilities of Deceased Persons.01 Jan 191731 Dec 1985

AE518 Crown Law Opinions on Probate Duty27 Aug 192305 Oct 1982

TRE122 Register of Estate Agents' Licences issued.01 Jan 192731 Dec 1960

AE247 Register of Legal Opinions re Legal Opinions re the 'Deceased Persons Estate Duties Act, 1931 and Other Acts.01 Jan 192931 Dec 1975

TRE76/17 Valuation Rolls, Glenorchy.01 Jan 194831 Dec 1948

TRE76/5 Valuation Rolls, Burnie.01 Jan 194931 Dec 1949

TRE76/18 Valuation Rolls, Gormanston.01 Jan 194931 Dec 1958

AF342 Legal Opinions given by the Solicitor General in Relation to Stamp Duty16 Nov 195104 Sep 1991

TRE121 Register of Auctioneers Licences issued.01 Jan 195431 Dec 1960

TRE157 Applications under S 31A, Deceased Persons Estates Act 1931.01 Jan 196031 Dec 1982

TRE159 Record of Tax paid or Land and Property [Srd].01 Jan 196631 Dec 1977

AE296 Record of Duty paid on Deceased Estates under the Deceased Persons Estates Duties Act, 1931.21 Dec 197817 Aug 1991